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Unpretentious piglets karmala for breeding is the best possible way. This breed appeared in animal husbandry as a result of the crossing of two others: the Vietnamese vislobryukhoy and the Korean herbivore. Experts highly appreciate its chances for wide distribution. This is due to the good adaptability of these pigs to different conditions. In addition, they can reasonably be called early ripening, which makes this species in the field of pig farming attractive from an economic point of view.

The appearance of the breed

Karmal is a breed of pigs that is the result of interbreed and hybrid crossing. The basis for it was the Vietnamese vislobryukhie, mangalitsy and Korean herbivorous pigs.

At the moment, there are two varieties of this breed. The first - simple hybrids, the first generation, which appeared from the crossing of braziers and Asian pigs.

The second is the royal karmaly, which is the result of more complex hybridization in a ratio of 3 to 1 in favor of barbecues.

In the second case, the Hungarian and Asian breeds are first crossed with each other. The resulting offspring are crossed again, now with barbecues and the result is the appearance of individuals with an enlarged physique and better meat indicators.

Key features and specifications

Meat productivity is one of the main features of karmal pigs. Like other breeds with a similar orientation, they have a lightweight head, massive hams and deep breasts.

Making a description of other characteristics of the exterior, you can also note the broad back and sacrum, strong legs, powerful neck and elongated face. Another key characteristic of the breed is its fur, it is thick, curly and differs in length.

When the piglets of the Karmala breed are born, there are stripes, but subsequently they disappear. Motley or gray-colored babies can turn into ashen or brown animals.

But most often pigs of breed karmal have a black coloring.

The productivity of animals depends largely on the type of breed. Regular pigs weigh about 150 kg, representatives of the royal type can reach 220. The rate of weight gain is directly related to feeding the animals, for example, the weight of an adult boar can reach 250 and even 300 kg upon reaching three years of age. Females are distinguished by high fecundity, they can produce up to 20 piglets in one farrow

Advantages and disadvantages

I must say that the Carmel pigs are well suited for home breeding. This is due to their merits:

  • beautiful fertility;
  • high growth and puberty;
  • the ease of farrowing, able to pass without the mandatory participation of the person;
  • high rates of survival of the young;
  • resistance to weather changes;
  • unpretentious content and nutrition;
  • meat has excellent taste.

But there are drawbacks to the breed. Due to their hybrid origin, further reproduction is characterized by the splitting of characters. Individuals of the royal species demonstrate care in the direction of barbecues, and simple subspecies can give offspring in the form of a pure barbecue or an Asian lop-eared pig.

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Tips for acquiring a healthy individual

Good health pigs karmal can rightfully be called an incentive when making a purchase. But there is a risk of buying a sick pig who will die in a few days. This implies that the buyer must remain vigilant when choosing and rely on the tips below.

For example, a tail will be an excellent indicator of health status: if a piglet is healthy, then it is dry, not shabby and not close to the body. It is also worth paying attention to breathing. If it contains wheezing, then it is an indication of problems in the lungs. To live such a pig is not long, its purchase is not justified by anything.

Another important point is the bristle of a pig. If gaps are found in it, then such an individual has serious health problems. Naturally, the issue of buying a completely bald pig is categorically not subject to consideration, its life expectancy will be minimal.

As well as representatives of many other breeds of pigs, karmalah at a young age are characterized by mobility and even fussiness. You should not be afraid of it, such young growth is most preferable to purchase.

About breed productivity

The breed of karmal pigs is distinguished not only by excellent weight characteristics, but also by the excellent taste of meat. Recalling that adult individuals can reach a weight of 250-300 kg, it is necessary to agree that these pigs can rightfully be called productive.

The meat orientation of the breed is obvious, it is grown precisely for this purpose.

The taste of meat is excellent, they are very different from products obtained from other breeds, their uniqueness and originality.

Karmalov meat has a pleasant smell and is characterized by juiciness. If it is cooked properly, you will get a dish with a refined taste, reminiscent of young veal.

But to grow these pigs for fat is not worth it, because they do not have a thick fat layer. Yes, sometimes an individual can form a very dense layer of fat under the skin, which is unusual for them, but this is a great rarity.

Conditions of detention and care

The simplicity of the Karmales and their high resilience make it possible to contain them without any particular difficulties. They do not need any special care, they are able to stay year-round in an open pen, enclosed with a net or fence.

These pigs have a soft character and do not break the fence. At the onset of extreme cold, animals must be transferred to a closed room that does not require heating. However, it should be noted that the frost resistance of the Karmales does not apply to drafts, they do not tolerate them.

It is worth noting other features of the breed, in particular, strong immunity. Naturally, this does not mean that sanitation and hygiene issues can be neglected. Animals need care, they should change the litter, keep their drinkers and feeders clean. For the prevention of diseases, it is imperative to carry out regular examinations and vaccinations.

A little about the diet and the process itself

For minimal feeding karmal enough porridge and fresh grass. In the event that the breeder sets the goal of increasing meat productivity, the diet will need to be diversified.

In order for the meat of this breed to be juicy and tender, feeding with the addition of dairy products should be carried out, but vegetables, cereals and fish should be excluded from the diet. This is due to the effect on the meat, which have these groups of products.

For example, the abundance of cereals and vegetables will deprive him of a delicate and fragrant taste, the use of fish will give it its taste, and the addition of low-grade feed, the same cake or soy, will lead to a serious drop in the quality of karmal meat.

The maximum proportion of feed in the diet should not exceed 70% of the total. The rest of the feed ideally contains herbal and plant foods. Every day, pigs of this breed should also be given a little chalk and salt, this is especially important if the diet of animals is dominated by natural feed.

The focus on natural food is rationally done in the summer, green grass is best suited here, it is permissible to use tops and carrion of fruit trees. In winter, the feed must dominate, it is also important to make the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals, which should be enough before spring.

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