On the castration of Vietnamese piglets


In-time castration of Vietnamese piglets allows large pigs with excellent quality meat to be raised. This reduces the aggressiveness of animals and eliminates the resulting product from an unpleasant smell. Ideally, an operation to remove the gonads from the pigs should be carried out by veterinarians. But in most cases, livestock breeders prefer to do it on their own, relying on the accumulated experience and recommendations of experts.

Castration prevents the accumulation of toxic substances

Castration is called medical operations aimed at removing the sex glands in males or stopping their activities.

In viscerae boars, such operations are carried out to reduce the aggressiveness of the animal and stop its production of the hormone testosterone. In the body of an uncastrated, mature male, testosterone activates the accumulation of the toxic substance skatol, which gives the meat and fat an unpleasant taste and smell.

In some cases, this makes the meat of pigs absolutely unsuitable for human consumption, nullifying all the efforts of the breeder, and causes serious material damage.

Timely castration allows you to avoid these problems, as well as to calm the animal, which becomes docile, does not conflict with other boars, has an excellent appetite and quickly gains industrial conditions.

Easy operation for experienced breeder

To stop the work of the testes, you can use various methods, ranging from radioactive and chemical therapy, the use of hormones, and ending with complete surgical removal of the testicles. The first three methods are quite expensive and should be carried out exclusively by representatives of the veterinary services.

Complete removal of the testes is not considered a difficult operation and is available to the breeder himself. He can carry out the procedure of castration with his own hands, using the advice of veterinarians and colleagues

Most often castrated milk hogs, under the age of 1.5 months. They are easier to carry the operation, quickly calm down and recover, eating mother's milk. With this surgery does not require the use of painkillers, and blood loss is minimal. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the body of babies is quickly rebuilt to a new hormonal background, without giving negative complications.

Better castrate suckling piglets

If you are a beginner breeder and have no experience in performing such operations, then it is best to seek the assistance of a veterinarian. He will examine newborn hogs and advise at what age to castrate them.

Ideally, such a procedure is carried out before the piglets reach the age of 5 weeks.

The suckling pig lacks a thick layer of fat in the region of the sex glands and it is possible to get to the testes, with minimal trauma to the animal.

In addition, Vietnamese pigs, emasculated at an early age, will have no sexual instincts. This is not always possible to achieve by castrating feed pigs in 4-6 months.

The most important condition for the successful operation is the absence of any animal disease.

It is strictly forbidden to castrate a fish with a boar for two weeks after any medical procedures.

Without careful preparation is not enough

If you decide to perform the operation yourself and know how to castrate piglets, then, first of all, you should take care of the availability of special tools that can improve the safety of this procedure. Need to cook:

  • at least two scalpels;
  • the presence of anatomical, surgical and hemostatic forceps;
  • scissors;
  • needles and needle holder;
  • silk thread and bandage;
  • machine for fixing the animal and emaskulyator (surgical instrument for castration of males).

Prior to the operation, nails should be trimmed and agnails removed, which can injure the delicate body of the pig. You need to carefully check your hands for any injuries and cuts. If there are those, postpone the surgery for several days.

Before surgery, hands are washed in a soap solution for five minutes and treated with antiseptics. Only then can they wear sterile gloves and proceed with the operation.

Use pain relief and antiseptics

Traditionally, livestock breeders practice the complete removal of the seminal gland. With the closed method of conducting the operation, the Vietnamese piglet is securely fixed in a special machine. Local anesthesia with novocaine is carried out, and the pigs' genitals are washed with soap and treated with antiseptics, the most common of which is ordinary iodine.

With a scalpel, an incision is made in the scrotum, the testes are extracted, unscrewed and removed. Most often just pulled out. Catgut is applied to the seed canals, and the wound is treated with iodine.

Most often, the seams around the cuts are not sewn, although recently many humane livestock breeders have been practicing this procedure.

It is best to carry out the operation on castration of the visor-free boar pigs in the morning to observe their condition during the day. If any complications are visible, and the pig feels bad, you should immediately contact a veterinarian.

The specialist will identify the problem and make the necessary injections with the use of anesthetic medications or antibiotics.

Preparation for castration of adult boars

Often, livestock breeders have to be castrated by discarded boar-producing boars, which are prepared for slaughter. In most cases, their meat has an unpleasant smell and it is very difficult to implement it in the trade network.

To reduce the amount of toxic substance in the product of the skatole, the castration procedure should be carried out at least two months before the slaughter of the animal. Although the full guarantee of the absence in the meat of an unpleasant smell will still not be.

It is best to carry out such an operation in early spring, when there are no annoying insects that can tolerate dangerous infections.

The day before the operation, the Vietnamese visblast boar is transferred to a diet, feeding only grass, hay and giving plenty of drinks. It should be hard to drive on the pen, which will allow better cleansing of the intestines from fecal masses. It is advisable to pre-give the animal anti-stress drugs that reduce its aggression.

It is better to entrust the operation to a veterinarian.

The castration of an adult Vietnamese wild boar should be entrusted to a specialist who accurately calculates the dose of pain medication. Before the start of the operation, the boar is placed in a special machine and tightly fixed in it.

Boar genitals are thoroughly treated with soapy water, antiseptics, including iodine and alcohol. Local anesthesia is required, for which novocaine is traditionally used.

An accurate incision is made on the scrotum, trying not to injure the vaginal layer.

Seed is grasped by the hand, the skin of the scrotum moves up. The vaginal membrane is twisted around its axis. Catgut is placed on it at the maximum possible distance from the groin.

The seed channel is tied up and cut off together with an integument.

A special antiseptic ointment is mandatory applied to the wound.

An adult animal is much harder to tolerate the process of castration than the suckling pig. He may develop various complications. Therefore, for the boar that had undergone the operation, thorough care is needed, including the giving of anti-stress medications.

Postoperative care and observation

Castrated animals should be separated from the main herd for a while, and dairy piglets should be allowed to go to the sow only for the period of feeding. The litter must be solely made of straw and not have a fine structure that can fill the wound.

For the first three to five days, wounds are regularly treated with iodine or other antiseptic agents. No mucus or other liquid should be excreted from the operated area.

Particular attention should be paid to the oppression of the Vietnamese pig, which may indicate inflammatory processes in his body. Redness and swelling of the operative field may also indicate that the animal is infected, or an improper operation.

Usually complete healing is completed after 6 days, and if this does not happen, you should immediately seek advice from a veterinarian.

After the wounds are fully tightened, the fish-tailed boar can be released outside, allowing you to walk and eat with other pigs.

Piglet should have a good appetite and start to gain weight quickly. At the same time, Vietnamese hog meat will have excellent taste and no unpleasant smell.

In the article "Sexual organs and the reproductive system of pigs" you can find other details in the continuation of this topic.

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