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If you read the instructions for use of Ivermek in veterinary medicine for piglets and pigs, it becomes clear that this drug effectively protects animals of any age from helminth infections. It comes in the form of a 1% colorless solution, 1 ml of which contains 10 mg of ivermectin, vitamin E and auxiliary substances. Before use, you must carefully read the instructions and comply with personal safety measures.

General information about the drug

Ivermek has been used successfully to treat swine. It helps with the following diseases:

  • sarcoptosis;
  • hematopinosis;
  • Stefanuroz;
  • strongyloidiasis;
  • esophagostomiasis;
  • metastrongylosis;
  • ascariasis;
  • trichuriasis.

The drug is excreted from animals during bowel movements. It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, after which it is spread through the tissues and organs. Ivermek's 1% solution is anti-parasitic. It deals with nematodes and cestodes that affect the liver, heart, and gastrointestinal tract of animals. In addition, the drug is used to protect cattle from fleas, ticks, gadflies, lashes.

The tool should be stored in sealed packaging and prevent it from falling into food and animal feed. It is best to keep the medicine in a dark, cool place. Ivermek in unopened packaging is usable for 2 years from the date of manufacture. The shelf life of the opened bottle should not exceed 42 days.

The drug quickly loses its effectiveness in the external environment.

Rules of application

The drug is injected intramuscularly once into the inner surface of the thigh or neck. At 33 kg of animal weight you need no more than 1 ml of solution. With scabies, treatment is carried out twice with a mandatory break of 1.5 weeks. If you need to enter more than 10 ml of the drug, it is injected in several places.

Ivermek is also used to prevent nematodoses. For this, an injection is made in the autumn before the introduction of the stall regime, and then in the spring before grazing. From waterborne invasions, pigs are treated after the end of the season of gadflies. In other cases, the tool is used when infecting livestock.

The drug is not used to treat pigs with infectious pathologies, with a strong depletion, pregnancy and lactation. After the last injection of the solution, it is possible to kill an animal for meat at least in a month.

Overdose and side effects

An overdose of Ivermek adversely affects the condition of animals. They begin to have diarrhea, poor appetite, weakness, tremor of the limbs, and excessive salivation. In this case, care should be provided by a veterinarian. There are no special means to eliminate overdose.

The specialist flushes the stomach of the pig, then prescribes medication to relieve symptoms. There is no withdrawal syndrome, however, if you break Ivermek’s regimen, it may act less effectively. If you skip the next processing of livestock, you need to hold it as soon as possible.

With strict compliance with the instructions and the use of the indicated dosage, there will be no side effects. It is possible that urine and bowel movements become frequent in pigs, and excessive salivation will begin. However, there is no need to apply any measures, since these signs will pass by themselves.

If an animal develops an allergic reaction, the veterinarian prescribes antihistamine medications and symptomatic treatment. Symptoms of allergies are manifested in the form of a rash, edema, inflammation of the skin.

Preventive measures

When using the medication must comply with safety and hygiene. While working with him, one should not eat and drink water so that drops of the drug through the mouth do not enter the human body. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves, and after the injections, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If Ivermek still gets on the skin or in the eyes, you should rinse them with clean water and monitor their health. With a strong reddening of the eyes or a rash on the skin, an urgent need to sign up to the therapist. At the reception, it is recommended to take a label with a medicine. Empty bottles must not be washed and used for household purposes. They must be disposed of immediately after use.

When prophylactic treatment of the drug can not be prick all animals on the farm at once. First you need to process about 8 goals and follow their reaction within 3 days. If everything went well, you can process the whole herd.

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