Why do rabbits gnaw each other's ears


When rabbits gnaw each other's ears, eating pieces of the opponent's body, it seems strange. However, there is an explanation for everything. In this article we will deal with the reasons for such inadequate, at first glance, behavior. After all, these animals - true vegetarians who eat only plant food. But it turns out that there are certain factors that push them to engage in cannibalism. We will also tell how breeders deal with this phenomenon and fights between eared ones.

Why eared animals conflict with each other

In nature, representatives of the same species often eat their relatives, so cannibalism in rabbits is not an exceptional phenomenon. Such aberrant behavior is characteristic of more fertile animal species.

For example, sows can eat their offspring. In a chicken herd, birds often peck wounds in weaker or sick individuals. Often, such behavioral responses are associated with stress and nutrient deficiencies. It happens that the reason is associated with a lack of territory.

Even herd species of animals need individual space. With crowded content, rabbits often fight for free space "under the sun" among themselves. They can nibble on rivals. In some cases, males are able to bite opponents in such a way that they even tear off their testicles.

Such aggressive behavior is not characterized by the cannibalism of animals in its pure form, because they do not eat each other in the literal sense of the word. It looks more like natural selection, when only the strongest individuals survive and are allowed to breed.

There will not be peace in crowded

Lack of living space can provoke stress in eared animals. Because of this, their aggressiveness increases, which is manifested in the bloody injuries of the backs of their relatives.

Thus, too much crowding can be one of the reasons why rabbits gnaw each other, causing damage to the health of opponents of varying severity, even death.

For different rabbit breeds there are different norms of landing in the home content. One adult animal needs 50-80 square meters. see the area depending on the cell structure. Small rabbits are grown inside spacious cells 2-3 m long with the calculation of 10-20 square meters. see one cub.

At the same time, a pregnant or lactating rabbit, a breeding male, an aggressive animal that tends to fight constantly, must be kept separately from other animals.

The female as a source of threat to the young

Against the background of the fact that rabbits gnaw each other's ears due to competition and lack of living space, there is another problem associated with the reproduction and feeding of young animals.

In such situations, the main active individuals are cannibal rabbit, eating their young. This behavior manifests itself most often in young females, but experienced mothers sin with this. The reason for such phenomena is often the improper feeding and lack of drinking water, which is necessary for the accumulation of milk by the mammary glands.

If the mother has nothing to feed the brood, then she can start eating her babies. In addition, this happens with a large number of rabbits.

In such a situation, there is not only a shortage of food for the young, but also an increase in the stress of the bunnies themselves. Under such conditions, adult females also eat other small relatives.

The most common causes of rabbit aggression

With the massive rearing of eared pets, it is often seen that rabbits bite their ears to each other. Why they do it, how much the ear problem is relevant and dangerous for animals, it should be understood in more detail. In addition, cannibalism of these animals is of equal concern.

Summarizing the main causes of aggressive behavior of rabbits:

  • too high concentration of animals in a limited area;
  • stressful condition;
  • defective feeding;
  • deficiency of vitamins, minerals;
  • inadequate drinking water from pregnant, nursing rabbits;
  • too large brood;
  • competition of adult males in the process of struggle for leadership in natural selection.

Taking into account the whole range of the above reasons, at home it is possible and necessary to ensure a complete diet, to organize the most favorable conditions for the animals. To become rabbits true friends, you should always put their actual needs in the center of relations with animals.

How to prevent aggressive rabbit behavior and fight it

In no case cannibalism should not be allowed in eared animals. From the very beginning it is necessary to arrange sufficient living space. This article will help you "On breeding rabbits at home for beginners."

It is important to take care of compliance with all norms of feeding, enrichment of the daily diet with nutrients, vitamins, minerals. Read more in the article "How to feed rabbits."

It is necessary to identify and isolate infected individuals in a timely manner. All useful information can be found in the article "Symptoms and treatment of diseases of rabbits."

With the slightest sign of aggression, you need to take active measures. If rabbits gnaw each other's backs, then the aggressors should be identified and transported to another place. Affected animals need urgently treat. Aggressive individuals also want to give complex vitamins, sedatives, such as "Phenibut."

It is advisable for a pregnant rabbit to be deposited inside a cage in a quiet place, to provide her with a secluded corner protected from the outside world, fresh food and drink. If the female shows increased aggression, then it is better not to allow her to breed.

In cases where a nursing rabbit throws babies around the cage, you should check the condition of her mammary glands. In addition, if there are signs of sexual activity, then mating with a male may be necessary. Often, such measures normalize the feeding of the young.

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