Why can piglets gnaw boards


In the process of breeding livestock, farmers often have a number of problems, for example, when faced with inadequate animal behavior, it is necessary to find out why the piglets gnaw at boards. Such actions not only perplex, but often even scare the breeders. This may occur for several reasons, which will be described in detail in this article. Also, users will be offered tips that will help ensure that pigs no longer spoil the board or do it less often.

Changes in animal behavior

When piglets dramatically change their behavior - it always worries breeders. Quite often, they suddenly begin to gnaw boards. The most common reasons pigs begin to damage wooden floors are as follows:

  • natural animal instincts;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • boredom;
  • hunger.

Regardless of what caused the animals to change their behavior, the problem must be solved, since it will not evaporate by itself. There are cases when pigs calm down themselves, but this is less common than we would like.

Natural instincts

Domestic pigs are descended from wild boars, which have a number of natural instincts.

One of the characteristics of freedom-loving animals is the habit of marking the territory with saliva.

Thus, individuals prove their elevation above their relatives - the higher the mark is left, the higher the superiority. Therefore, the pigs tend to make a mark, and simultaneously also gnaw a tree. In order to save wooden structures, additional boards can be stuffed on the walls, allowing individuals to satisfy their instinct. As you gnaw, just replace them with new ones.

Often the walls in the pig houses are made of brick or concrete, and the floors are mainly made of environmentally friendly material - wood. Individuals are attracted by the smell of wood, so they pay attention to it and also try to nibble or pick up a badly adjacent board between their cases. As a rule, her pigs pull out completely.

Animal breeding and, in particular, pig breeding is a painstaking process, which is distinguished by some nuances. And one of them - pigs addiction to the destruction of wooden structures. We tell what to do if it is impossible to force animals not to gnaw the boards. In such circumstances, we recommend "marked" pieces of wood is better not to throw, and use them for the restoration of the floor. In the cells, you can also create small partitions of wood - the structure will attract the attention of individuals.

Over time, the animals will pass the desire to bite off the new boards, and they will feel comfortable.

Red bricks for snack

Most often, a change in the behavior of individuals is observed in the off-season, when pigs rarely consume fresh vegetables. The main reasons that piglets chew on boards may be that animals do not receive proper care or there are not enough vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Under such circumstances, it is necessary to revise the diet of animals - it is recommended to add grass to the feed. By the way, sometimes pigs gnaw at the boards because they are hungry.

For sows and piglets, shell food is required, as well as charcoal. Many vitamins are contained in high-quality white river clay. Pigs can become more relaxed if they are fed with fish or they add bone meal from fish.

Another good type of dressing is red bricks. They need to break into smaller pieces and scatter on the pen. They contain such a useful mineral as red clay. Therefore, pigs with pleasure they regale.

Develop boredom

In the process of breeding pigs, breeders most often pay attention to the conditions in which livestock are kept and in what conditions it is better to keep livestock. These nuances are certainly key, but there are also side occupations of individuals.

Pigs love to spend time with their relatives and run across the expanses of the pen. When there are no such opportunities, the pigs begin to look for additional activities, such as gnawing boards. In some cases, in order to get rid of an unpleasant problem, it is enough just to make a toy for them in the form of hanging tires that can be torn.

A good game for piglets is also a game with plastic bottles, therefore, if animals are bored, it is recommended to throw empty containers from under mineral water or milk over the pen.

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