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Pig breeders need not only a competent approach to the choice of animal breed, housing conditions, feed, and it is also important to determine the best vitamins for pigs. Useful trace elements are vital for the normal well-being of piglets. Supplements should be an integral part of daily feeding - this is a guarantee of rapid growth and strong immunity. With a lack or absence of important components in the body, the health and fecundity of individuals may sharply deteriorate.

About the benefits of vitamin complexes

For the effective development of pigs should be added to their food a variety of vitamin complexes. In the animal organism, there is no independent production of these elements. And in the case of their lack in adult individuals, their well-being significantly deteriorates and the risk of various diseases increases.

Today, vitamins for piglets are often made in the form of an enriched feed additive, but it can also be injections. Daily feeding of pigs is done according to their need for nutrients.

However, a surplus of vitamins will cause the health of pigs as much harm as their deficiency. Therefore, the number of useful components required for the body of a pig is determined according to the developed standards and recommendations of specialists in the field of agriculture.

Element to element - the path to animal health

One of the main elements that ensure the quality growth of piglets is vitamin A. Its deficiency leads to loss of appetite, impaired vision and dry skin of the animal, as well as diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs.

The proper development of the skeletal system depends on the consumption of vitamin D. This component is able to be synthesized by the body of the pig under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Especially it is necessary for the pigs kept in the closed premises of farmer complexes and suffering from a lack of sunlight.

When taking vitamin E, pig muscle tissue is protected from possible degeneration and the subsequent formation of necrosis. With a lack of substance on the skin spots of various sizes appear.

B1 deficiency can cause paralysis in the animal with convulsions, and if there is a B2 deficiency, the pig will limp. From the regular intake of vitamin H depends on the rate of protein synthesis.

Iron Solution Injection

The injection of a preparation containing iron is one of the first after the birth of a pig. Breeders can give injections on the fourth day after the baby is born.

Iron piglets can be prick and personally at home with the advice of an experienced veterinarian. This procedure is carried out to prevent the development of iron deficiency anemia.

Often, 2 ml of Ferranimal is used per pig. It is necessary to put a prick daily intramuscularly, for an ear. The duration of vaccination of young stock is 3 days.

For the treatment of anemia, in conjunction with vaccination, animals need to add 15 g of ferrous sulphate solution and 1.5 g of copper sulfate to the daily feeding of pigs. These substances should be diluted in 1 l of water and given to the piglets 5 ml daily.

Adults can drink a solution from the trough. In addition, the sow requires additional enrichment of the diet with Tetravit vitamins with chalk and fish oil.

If you are interested in information about compulsory vaccination of young pigs, then be sure to read the article "Vaccinations of pigs from birth."

Nutritious natural combined feed

During the feeding of pigs are widely used a variety of feed. They are produced in the form of granules.

In the feed there are many useful trace elements that will provide increased in 2 times the increase in live weight of pigs and their full development.

Thanks to the granulated concentrate, the productivity of animals is increased by 30% when compared with those who eat pasture.

The composition of feed includes various cereals, limestone, enzyme substances, antioxidants, toxin adsorbents, salt and flavorings to improve the taste. Applied feed for pigs helps to strengthen the natural resistance to diseases. Small individuals should be given concentrated feed containing a minimum percentage of moisture. It improves digestive processes and has a high nutritional value.

Quality American BMVD

One of the most popular compound feeds is considered "Purina". This American drug makes it possible to quickly feed up various groups of animals in any conditions of detention. The feed consists of wheat, corn, oats, oilcake and soybean meal. It also contains vitamins A, B, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, methionine, L-lysine, 6-phytase enzyme, flavors and antioxidants.

In this feed almost no synthetic substances. Due to the presence of the enzyme 6-phytase, the process of digesting food improves markedly and the growth of live weight is stimulated.

The amino acids present in Purine are actively involved in the synthesis of proteins and catalyze most metabolic processes.

It is necessary to consume the concentrate after reaching two months of age, when the weight of piglets will be equal to 10 kg. And for pigs from 25 to 70 kg feed must be given at the rate of 15 kg of concentrate per 100 kg of live weight.

Premixes for the effective development of individuals

The use of the premix makes it possible to enrich the feed for pigs with a variety of beneficial trace elements. The active substances are well mixed with food and equally distributed throughout the volume.

As part of the premixes, there are crushed wheat bran, grass meal, oil cake, limestone, probiotics, amino acids, antibiotics. This biocomplex helps improve the health of pigs and the proper development of tissues, muscles and bones. Supplements are of the following types:

  • vitamin;
  • vitamin and mineral;
  • mineral;
  • vitamin and mineral with amino acids.

One of the components of the premix are tranquilizers, which quickly relieve nervous tension and eliminate the effects of stress. To use the biocomplex, it must be added to the feed, as recommended by the manufacturer.

BMVD for weight gain

Protein-mineral-vitamin supplements (BMVD) consist of a large number of useful trace elements and amino acids. They are special balanced by useful ingredients blends.

Feeding pigs with BMVD helps to significantly increase the growth of individuals and improve product quality. After adding these supplements to the diet of animals, the piggy quickly gains weight, becomes more active and less sick.

BMVD animals are used together with dry food or cooled mash. Supplements are completely harmless and are 30% active ingredients, and the rest is bran, mixed with salt. Due to their use in pigs, food is much better absorbed, and its consumption per 1 kg of growth is significantly reduced. Eat supplements should be daily for 1.5 tablespoons per head.

Anabolics and antibiotics for fast fattening animals

Hormones and non-hormonal stimulants are often used for intensive growth of animals in pig breeding. These drugs help to improve the absorption of food, as well as improve immunity, help accelerate the weight gain of piglets. Anabolic steroids containing female and male hormones are hormonal stimulating drugs. Means are used monthly in quantities of 100 ml for each pig. Substances injected with injections under the skin behind the ear.

Non-hormonal stimulants include antibiotics with strong antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. Often for pigs use:

  • Biovit;
  • Ginromycin;
  • Grisin;
  • Biomitsin.

Thanks to their use, young animals do not expend energy to fight against viral infections and various microorganisms. Drugs should be given to animals when they begin to eat solid feed. Read more in the article "About growth stimulants for pigs."

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