Why crawls knocking hind legs


The behavior of animals reflects their mood, well-being, character traits, so you should carefully understand why the rabbit knocks with its hind legs. This behavior carries an encrypted message, and understanding the body language of the wards will help to establish close contact with them. In addition, among the reasons for such actions may be stress or illness of animals. These manifestations require increased attention from the owners. This will allow pets to create a comfortable environment.

Rabbit behavioral responses

Their feelings, emotions, states of eared animals are expressed through a certain behavior. In this case, the same movements of individuals may have different reasons.

For example, knocking an animal with its paws on the floor in different situations can mean fear, excitement, irritation, and discontent. In some cases, the rabbit, therefore, strive to attract the attention of the owner, to warn relatives about the imminent danger.

Some behavioral manifestations indicate unfavorable conditions of detention and feeding. Until now, it is impossible to unequivocally interpret the different behavior of these animals, since it often changes in accordance with the different conditions of their habitat.

Various bodily signals and the behavior of eared animals is a means of their expression. Only by understanding animals can one find the most appropriate approach to them.

The value of bodily movements

The attentive host will notice a good mood, manifestations of rabbit joy by chaotic jumps. Increased activity, recklessness, interest in various things and toys also indicate an increased tone of animals. Such playfulness is often an offer to play with him.

Caution, anxiety, indicative activity of rabbits are expressed on the hind legs, alert ears, intensive nose work. On the other hand, such an interest may be a request for a treat, a walk.

Cuddling to the floor, lowered ears and fading indicate the fear of the animal, tense needs, stress. A manifestation of relaxation and satisfaction is rolling from the back to the tummy, spread out to the sides of the legs. Lying on your back, open stomach speaks of confidence in a person, a sense of security.

Careless neglect of the pet often causes him aggressiveness, which manifests itself in the desire to bite.

A stomping rabbit that hits with its hind legs on the floor tries to attract attention for various reasons.

What does knock hind legs on the floor

If a person is just beginning to engage in rabbit breeding, then he will inevitably encounter various behavioral phenomena of animals. It is necessary to understand the possible sources of deviant behavior, which at first seems difficult to explain. Internal and external factors can influence this.

There are several important reasons that make it clear why rabbits are beating their hind legs:

  • the dissatisfaction of the animals, caused by sharp changes in the usual conditions of detention, feeding;
  • stressful, frightened, when an animal hits the floor due to confusion or fear;
  • warning of external danger with the help of loud noises caused by beats of a rabbit;
  • sexual arousal, willingness to mate;
  • need for communication with a person.

Understand why eared animals produce a kind of "drum roll" can only be subject to the totality of conditions. In different situations, the cause of this behavior is fear, aggressiveness, agitation, anxiety. Caring for the wards will allow time to notice changes in their condition, to quickly take measures to improve the external conditions of detention.

Measures to prevent night rattles of domestic rabbits

If the ornamental rabbit is noisy at night, emitting separate knocks or a fraction, in this way it attracts the attention of its owners to its problems, expresses discontent when it feels lonely, hungry, lack of attention.

To prevent such negative manifestations, you need to spend more time with your pet during the day. It is desirable to maintain the purity of the cage and the usual arrangement of all objects inside it. Care must be taken to ensure that the rabbit always has access to clean drinking water and food.

If the animal is released for night walks, then the cage door should be left open so that at any moment it can return to its usual conditions and take shelter in a safe place.

Night knocks may be evidence that the animal needs to pick up a pair. If this is not possible, then soft, rubber toys, a ball can help brighten up the rabbit’s loneliness.

Caring attitude, understanding of their needs, body language will help to get close to your beloved pets. Sometimes you need to call a veterinarian, but most often you can solve the problem of keeping yourself.

If your pet shows aggression, then the article "How to stop a rabbit to bite."

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