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The timely detection and treatment of pork tapeworm involves fighting the parasite at certain stages of its life cycle. Hares, dogs, wild and domestic pigs are intermediate carriers of the parasite larvae. There is no worm development in their bodies. However, it is necessary to fight them, otherwise the parasite will go unpunished. In the article we will analyze the possible ways and find out how and in what cases it should be done.

Helminth armed with powerful hooks

To understand how to get rid of the parasite, it is necessary to carefully study its life cycle, finding out how it is transmitted to carriers, in which organs it is localized and due to which its development takes place in the host organism.

The main carrier of the larval stage of the disease are wild and domestic pigs, dogs, hares and rabbits, as well as camels. The helminth eggs enter their bodies along with food and contaminated water, where chitinous cover is destroyed by the action of gastric juice, enabling the already formed larvae to begin a new life cycle.

The larvae have up to 32 hooks on the head, due to which they are able to attach to the intestinal walls and pierce them, penetrating the bloodstream. That is why the parasite was named armed chainhead.

Together with the bloodstream, the helminth spreads through the host and is localized in its muscle tissues. Then the parasite larva is encapsulated, turning into a Finn, inside of which there is already an adult individual in the embryonic state. More information about all this can be found in the article "On the structure of pork tapeworm".

It is almost impossible to identify the larvae and cysticercus in the tissues of live pigs, so it is necessary to secure the farm as far as possible from the ingestion of parasite eggs carried by humans.

Extreme resilience

By consuming the meat of animals infected with a tapeworm, a person absorbs parasite Finns, from which pork tapew is developed in his body. Helminth is attached to the walls of the small intestine and begins to parasitize in it, constantly increasing in size.

The parasite can reach 6 m, but usually does not exceed 2-3 m in length. Due to the suction cups and hooks, the chain is attached quite tightly and it is very difficult to remove it from the body.

Pigs act as intermediate carriers. Infected individuals at the same time can lose weight, become aggressive, they can be in a fever and sway when walking. Usually, no preparations are prescribed by the veterinarian to the sick piglets, since treatment for animals is not developed. And the diagnosis itself becomes apparent only after the slaughter of an animal examining its meat in the laboratory.

The possibility of infection with the pig chain not only in its adult form, but also in the larval one, is its main feature. Being the main carrier of the tapeworm, a person can again become infected with the larval form of the parasite by swallowing eggs with the food and polluted water from the tapeworm that is already living in the body.

There is a stage of the disease, called cysticercosis, and the parasite larvae enter the brain, nervous system, heart, liver and other vital organs. Read more in the article "The life cycle of the development of pork chain".

In the event that the larvae and eggs of the pork tapeworm are detected in the patient’s feces, the treatment is prescribed immediately. A person who is a distributor of a dangerous disease is isolated and prescribed a special course of treatment and rehabilitation.

Penetrates unnoticed

At the stage of direct infection with the pig chain, no external manifestations of the disease occur. Only after some time (2-3 months) may some signs appear that indicate pathology.

The main signs of infection of pigs with tapeworm larvae are:

  • fever;
  • breathing quickens;
  • pale mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth;
  • when feeling the belly, the pig is worried because of the pain;
  • the stomach looks swollen.

By timely contacting the veterinarian and conducting laboratory studies of pork produced, you will significantly increase the chances of getting rid of the pork tape on your farm.

Although pigs usually are not treated for the diseased, but are being destroyed, the doctor may recommend the drug Praziquantel. It is given inside at the rate of 50 mg per 1 kg of animal weight for two days. The principle of its action is based on the destruction of membranes, which begin to pass calcium ions, which leads to paralysis of adult parasites and their larvae.

But since the larvae are contained in the muscles of the pig and the diagnosis can be made only after opening, such treatment is considered unproductive and it is carried out in exceptional cases. And this drug is more often prescribed to a person as the main carrier.

In recent years, frequency-resonance therapy has been used to get rid of helminths. The frequency resonance created by a special device, with a high degree of efficiency, destroys the tape parasites in the body, fungi, viruses and bacteria, and also ensures the elimination of toxins.

Some people advise treating helminthiasis with purified kerosene, but we will not recommend it because of the possible intoxication of the whole organism with a chemical substance of artificial origin.

Tincture of male fern

Among the traditional means of healing the body of worms is very common use of the extract of male fern. This syrup provokes paralysis of the muscles of the helminth and its quick death. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use laxative drugs, as well as to carry out the patient's enema.

Within 2 days before the treatment of the pork tapeworm, it is necessary to follow the diet prescribed by your doctor. Before taking the tincture (30 minutes), the patient is given a cleansing enema.

50 minutes after taking the fern, it is recommended to take a laxative medicine. If the chair is not observed within 3-4 hours, then re-installation of the enema is required.

Pumpkin seeds

A great way to get rid of helminths are folk methods that explain how to treat teniasis with commonly available herbal remedies.

For many years, pumpkin seeds have been used to remove tapeworms from the body. 500 g of unpeeled pumpkin seeds should be filled with boiling water. The liquid must completely cover the seeds. The tincture should be heated for 1.5-2 hours in a water bath.

All volume of liquid needs to be drunk within 30-40 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach. For the appearance of the chair the patient must take laxatives. The therapeutic effect of the solution is that it paralyzes the larvae, which must be removed from the body with fecal masses.

Cognac with butter

Alcohol also paralyzes the pork tapeworm, which allows to get rid of it in an unconventional way with the help of brandy and castor oil.

The course of treatment is three days. A fasting patient is asked to consume 50 grams of brandy and the same amount of castor oil.

Traditional medicine claims that from cognac pork tapewith loses mobility, and castor oil, which is a powerful laxative, helps to remove the parasite from the body.

In order not to cause irreparable harm to the intestine, triggering the appearance of gastritis symptoms or ulcers, there are restrictions on the food consumed.

Ways to prevent infection

Most often, the pig chain is infected by people who do not comply with sanitary and hygienic standards and do not follow the simple recommendations of doctors.

The best way to prevent tape parasite infection is to maintain personal hygiene, especially after visiting public toilets and before eating. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use special disinfectant solutions.

Prevention of pork tapeworm includes careful monitoring of the process of cooking meat, which must undergo a long-term heat treatment.

To protect yourself and your pets from the infection with the pig chain, it is necessary to strictly observe preventive measures. It is necessary to protect pigs from contact with extraneous animals and from places of possible presence of parasites.

For more information about the prevention of helminthiasis can be found in the article "Pork tapeworm: ways of infection and symptoms."

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