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Universal American riding horse was bred by selection, work was carried out in three states of America. It combines a number of excellent qualities, and some skills make it special. For example, walk the gait of wreck from birth. It is a cross between an amble and a trot. American horseback riding can be used for racing and on show-rings, for recreational horseback riding and harnessed in carriages. Read more about this view below.

Inference history

The horse of breed American riding (she is American saddle bred) has a hybrid origin.

In the 18th century, Canadian and Old Aarrāsetset horses were spread throughout the United States. The breeders, in an attempt to refine these breeds, crossed them with English stallions of pure blood. The goal was to derive a population that combines two valuable characteristics: speed and soft gait (mode of progress).

A new species was designed for planters. Every day they spent in the saddle, and they were uncomfortable riding horses with a hard course. But they also did not want to lose speed. At the same time sought to get an animal with a relaxing exterior.

Crossing was successful. Hybrid differed playfulness received from overseas ancestors. From them, he inherited an aristocratic appearance and grace. And the softness of the gait remained from local rocks.

Breeding American horses were engaged in the south of America, where plantations were located: in Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky. Originally a variety called the Kentucky Horse, in honor of one of the states. The name "American riding horse" first appeared in a document dating to 1776.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the species remained popular. And in 1891 was formally registered as a separate breed.

Features and characteristics

These are strong and hardy animals. An essential feature of the breed is the ability to travel long distances.

The horse is able to move on five paces, including the usual step and trot with a gallop. She knows how to go and the course of a complex type - wreck. This is a gait consisting of four bars, where there is a short interval between rates. This method of movement is convenient for the rider who wants to overcome a long distance.

Also, American riding can take a stand, in which the hind legs move back as much as possible, and their tail is raised upwards.

Because of these abilities, American riding horses have been given the nickname “Jack of all trades” in their homeland. And wreck made them famous all over the world.

Most of the representatives of the breed owns the gait since birth, and therefore do not need additional training.

At the same time, the remaining minority lacks this ability. It has to be developed over several sessions. To do this, the rider, while the horse is moving, carries its weight from side to side, while simultaneously turning the head of the animal as well.


The color of horses can be any, but more often there are loin, bay and black suits, as well as gray and red. There may be light spots on the legs and face.

Horse American horse - owner of a medium-sized, with a sharp-cut profile. There are representatives of the breed with a rounded muzzle, which is compared with the mutton. The rest of the exterior description:

  • round eyes;
  • ears - graceful, with direct delivery;
  • the nostrils are large and sensual;
  • the neck is arched;
  • skin is thin and tender;
  • mane - silky to the touch.

The animals have a lean belly and a properly set back, with developed muscles. Together with the loin, it forms a pronounced straight shape. In some individuals, the loin is slightly curved.

Riding horses weight from 450 to 540 kilograms. The height at the withers previously ranged from 152 to 163 centimeters. But thanks to the efforts of breeders, they have become larger. Now the average height reaches 170 centimeters.

Some specimens have an incorrect setting of the legs, but this moment is not too noticeable.

American horse stands out with an unusually raised tail. This is a consequence of anglicization - surgery to cut the nerves and muscles at the base of the tail. Tail hair is left long.

Character and temper

From English ancestors, American horse inherited a balanced and restrained character.

These are intelligent animals that can understand what is required of them by man. They always listen and follow directions, so they are easy to train.

In the American horses laid down dedication, inherited from the Canadian and Oldarragansettsky breeds.

All the energy riding horses put into the work. Animals are hardy and ready to work for many hours. At the same time for restoring their strength enough short rest.

Participation in the ring

Thanks to the ability to walk with the "wreck" gait, a horse from America is widely represented in show-rings. She was even nicknamed "the show peacocks". She often participates in the American "saddle seat riding", which demonstrate riding styles of different breeds of horses.

Before the performance of the horses saddle in a special way. The saddle is located closer to the tail, in the lumbar region, which accounts for the bulk of the load from the rider's mass. So the animal can maintain a beautiful gait, without losing a step.

Before representing the American horsemen in the show-ring, they are shod up in a special way. Use a horseshoe, closing the headstock of animals. They protect the heels of the front hooves, often suffering from hitting from the hind legs.

Thanks to the horseshoes, the legs of animals seem longer, and the landing is higher than it actually is. Such transformations make the course of American riding more spectacular.


The horses of the described breed played a significant role in the American Civil War, which took place in the 61-65 years of the 19th century, helping the generals on both sides of the front. At that time, the breed has not yet received official status.

So, the famous general Ulysses Grant during this conflict went on an American horseman named Cincinnati. Another hero of the northerners moved on the stallion Lexington.

On the other side of the front, the famous southerner Robert Lee traveled on Traveller. The horse's father was the famous trotter named Gray Eagle. The name of his mother, as well as her breed, remained unknown.

In the 90s of the 20th century, Gypsy Suryme became famous. This horse became the winner of nine international competitions, achieved a number of victories inside the country and won the Cup of spectator sympathies at the world level.

Suprim Sultan (in the original Supreme Sultan) is the winner of many competitions, including the famous American Royal and Chicago International. It is his statue that stands in front of the museum in Kentucky. This is the only riding horse from America that has a Wikipedia page. Suprim Sultan is considered the benchmark of the exterior of the breed.

Breed worthy of a museum

The American riding horse is a famous breed. At home, a museum was opened in her honor, located in Kentucky inside the Horse Park. Access here is paid. But once on its territory, you can go to the museum for free. In front of his entrance is a monument to the Superior Sultan, which we described above.

Museum exhibits dedicated to the breed, allow you to trace its entire history. They are not only available for inspection - they can be touched. Some of them are allowed to even ride a horse. Present and interactive exhibits. There is a playground for children.

Organizers regularly update exhibits, making the museum a dynamic. Souvenirs are also available for visitors. At the institution created a library that includes over three thousand publications. The books contain comprehensive information about horses of the described breed. They can find data on the genealogy of animals.

Horse care

The secret of the well-being of the American horse breed is proper care and feeding. The appearance of the horse and its health are directly dependent on the efforts of the owner.

Breed representative breed give only high-quality commercial feed. Hay, grass and oats are also included in the diet. As a delicacy, an apple, carrot, banana will do. American riding adore refined. But it is necessary to give it rarely and in small quantities - sweet is bad for a horse body.

Animals eat slowly. For the horses to get enough, they should be kept at the feeder for about an hour. In less time they will not fill themselves. On horse day, it takes up to 25 kilograms of food, divided into three to four doses.

Watered the animal at the rate of 6 to 10 liters of drinking water per 100 kilograms of weight per day. At one time she is given about 8 liters of liquid.

Animals need to inspect daily, before breakfast. Horses must be vaccinated, once every 1-2 months they are shown to the vet.

American riding horses must comply with the regime. Breakfast at eight in the morning, after 2-3 hours - cleaning and combing. Then the animals are taken to the exercises. After work they must be given water. At one o'clock - lunch and rest. At four o'clock they arrange a second session of exercises, or go for a walk, after which they are watered again. No later than ten in the evening horses give dinner. Next comes rest and sleep.

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