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The low-vacuum milking machine "Farmer" is capable of operating in delicate vacuum ranges. This device has several varieties that have different characteristics. Nevertheless, they are all designed for machine milking of cows or small ruminants. Used mainly in small farms or from individuals with small livestock. The milking time with such devices is significantly reduced, and the process is not difficult.

General characteristics

The use of milking machines "Farmer" allows you to get excellent results in the work of small farms and private land. Varieties 01 and 02 have been developed using a new technology, which allows achieving results in the case when cattle have non-standard forms of udder and nipples. It is very difficult to produce milking of such cows with conventional devices, in which hosiery-type rubber is used.

In the presented devices, the glass model and nipple rubber work in such a way that actions resemble calf sucking from bottom to top. With the help of massage movements, the udder relaxes and the milk flow increases.

Since milking machines "Farmer" AD 01 and AD 02 have a vacuum pressure of 30 to 50 kPa, this provides many advantages:

  • traumatic livestock situations are significantly reduced;
  • the milking process is simplified and takes place much faster than with the manual method;
  • milk quantity and quality increase;
  • energy saving occurs;
  • equipment wear is significantly reduced.

Also to the advantage can be attributed to the fact that the whole process is under control, thanks to a transparent glass.

Udder is not injured

Milking machines HELL 01 and HELL 02 are similar in their configuration. Their main difference is that the mass of the part that is in limbo is much easier. Animals almost do not feel heaviness on the udder. The rubber element that is put on the nipple is made of silicone mixtures. This technology allows you to work without injury. In addition, massage actions are performed.

With the "Farmer" AD 01 you can immediately start working without additional investments. Two cows are milked with it at once if there is another set of milking equipment. The whole process for one animal takes 6 minutes, and up to 20 cows can be milked per day.

With the milking machine AD 02, up to 8 cows can be milked per day. If the previous unit engine performance 12 cubic meters. m per hour, then this 4 cubic meters. m per hour The milking time of one cow is the same - 6 minutes.

In both devices, the consumption of oil has been reduced, and a special system has been developed that will not allow milk to get into the pump cavity when filling a can or accidentally tilting.

New development

Milking machine for cows model "Farmer" AD 03 includes a motor-pump based on an asynchronous motor. It comes complete with a vacuum pump. This technology is considered new and quite promising. There is also another difference from the previous models - it is a lightweight equipment. Without packaging it is not higher than 26 kg. All other positive characteristics that HELL 01 and HELL 02 have are also inherent in this variant. Milking occurs sparingly and does not damage the udder.

Also, the Farmer 04 model is considered to be an excellent development. All of its qualities suggest that it is a new generation device. The motor is asynchronous, and using a vacuum pump is quite easy to use. Also significantly increased service life.

There are some other advantages that distinguish the Farmer AD 04 from other models. The device is able to work more quietly compared with those who have a collector engine ("Farmer" AD 02 and AD 03). Its weight reached 40 kg, but, thanks to a platform on wheels for a tank of milk, it makes it possible to easily move the entire structure. In addition, there is a movable rack with rings for hoses. "Farmer" AD 04 is of two options - with oil lubrication and with graphite blades, which work without lubrication.

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Work with the device

There are some generalized rules for using machines for milk production. It is necessary to properly attach the teat cups to the teats of the udder. They should not subside and cause discomfort to the animal. All elements of the device must be stored unassembled and must be securely connected before operation. After completion of the process, the parts are washed. Particular attention buckets and milk cans. Poor washing leads to odor.

The devices are used in a dry place, in barns with sufficient air access and good ventilation. The floor should not be wet. The whole process of milking cattle is usually carried out at the same time.

First, you need to carefully wash the udder of the cow and wipe it dry. On the nipples, starting from the farthest, milking cups are securely attached. After checking the quality of fixing elements on the nipples, the device can be turned on. Upon completion of the milking, it is disconnected from the network. The cups are disconnected, and the udder is again washed with warm water.

Assembly apparatus

Each device has components that may vary depending on the modification. Consider the composition of the device on the example of "Farmer" AD 02. It includes a capacity of 20 liters, a hose, a pulsator, a collector, teat cups, a hose on the lid with a choke. Be sure to have spare parts.

Since all parts are separated before storage, they are put together to work with the milking machine. The vacuum gauge is installed first. Together with the hoses, it is passed through a rubber ring in the body. If the hoses are tight and not flexible, you can hold them in hot water to facilitate the process.

The next step is to place the nipple rubber in the teat cup. This must be done in such a way that it protrudes above its opening. After that, the free end of the main hose is installed on the vacuum closed valve. Exhibited a suitable pressure (on the "Farmer" AD 02 - 48 kPa) without any air leaks. It is allowed only through the rod in the vacuum regulator. The cover of the device should fit snugly to the container, and the pulsator should click.

Inside the nipple gum a stable ripple takes place. If it is not there, then it means that somewhere there are air leaks and they need to be eliminated.

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