How to assemble a milking machine with your own hands


It is more profitable to assemble the milking machine with your own hands, using the means at hand, because the purchase of special equipment requires a considerable amount of money from the farmer. Such special equipment has proven itself in farms with a small number of cows. But its assembly requires the observance of general rules that will not harm the health of cows with a significant increase in their dairy performance.

Design is the most important build process.

If you decide to make a milking machine with your own hands, you must understand that it will not be possible to assemble such a complex device from some scrap materials. Acquisition of finished mechanical assemblies, hoses, and containers will be required. Of them, and will be assembled homemade milking machine, not inferior in its performance characteristics of industrial equipment.

All milking equipment has a general structure principle and necessarily includes:

  • power supply for connecting the electric motor and the power plant itself;
  • hanging equipment with a pulsator responsible for the frequency of squeezing and relaxing the nipples of a cow;
  • collector responsible for the removal of milk from the udder;
  • suspension node with teat cups;
  • flexible thread, which reliably connects hanging equipment with air motor;
  • hoses responsible for creating a vacuum and transporting milk;
  • containers for collecting the finished product;
  • tachometer to monitor the operation of milking equipment.

The scheme of the milking machine provides for the mandatory use of the power plant, which can be manual, electrical or mechanical.

Choosing the design elements of an improvised machine for milking cows should be guided by the recommendations of specialists, their financial capabilities, the size of the barn and the number of milk cows contained.

Powertrain selection

When keeping one or more cows, in most cases, farmers have to milk the animals by hand. This is a physically difficult process, leads to fatigue of the milkmaid and is not able to guarantee absolute compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Proper assembly of the milking machine reduces labor costs, simplifies the milking process, increases the productivity of cows. Mechanical power plant allows the use of physical force of 1 person, but it is a bad way out because it does not relieve the load from the breeder.

Electrically driven power devices are often made from vacuum motors. They are practical, easy to manage, but they require the availability of electricity, which may cause recurring problems in rural areas.

Diesel engines are considered the most practical and efficient mechanisms that regulate the launch and operation of such a system. They are reliable and subject to the rules of operation can work for many years.

A very significant disadvantage of them is the use of engine oil and diesel fuel, which can leak, polluting the farm, which inevitably affects the quality of the milk produced. In addition, this motor produces a loud noise, affecting the well-being of animals and introducing them into a stressful state. Therefore, it is best to mount the power plant in an isolated room, ensuring its connection with the suspension assembly with the help of long hoses. You can also use homemade or industrial silencers.

Choosing the most gentle cows equipment

Reflecting on how to make a milking machine yourself, do not forget that this equipment should not bring even minimal harm to the health of the cow. Improperly manufactured devices can provoke the occurrence of mastitis and other physiological abnormalities.

An individual cow milking machine imitates the movements of the calf's lips, which sucks milk, and the udder release should be maximized.

The teat cups are made of solid material, covered from the inside with soft rubber, tight to the udder and ensuring the creation of the vacuum necessary for carrying out the process of rapid extraction of milk.

When creating at home a milking machine for cows, special attention should be paid to the quality of such glasses, which will be attached to the nipples and should not lead to their cracking.

Experts recommend using transparent rubber or plastic for milking glasses and milk-carrying hoses to control the milking process and stop it in a timely manner by moving the suspension unit to the udder of another animal.

Industrial pulsator and collector better to buy in the store

Extremely important elements of the milking machine are the pulsator and collector, which are responsible for extracting milk from the udder and transporting it to a special container. If you decide how to assemble the milking machine, and plan to make these two essential elements of the system yourself, you can make a gross mistake that can lead to negative consequences.

The improper operation of the improvised pulsator and collector can injure the cattle, cause a state of stress, and even the most productive cow will reduce its strength.

It is best to purchase ready equipment of domestic or foreign production, the most suitable for you in price and power, connecting it to the general milking system.

Hoses and containers - a guarantee of quality preservation of milk

Some livestock breeders in the creation of milking machines pay insufficient attention to the quality of hoses and containers for storing the finished product. If there are cracks in the hose of the milk line, through which bacteria can enter the milk. Then it is hardly possible to get high-quality products through it. Therefore, the quality of this element should be given special importance when collecting milk lines from elastic transparent plastic pipes of high quality.

When choosing containers for collecting milk, farmers often stop at aluminum cans. They are tightly closed, for rapid cooling of the product are placed in a container with cold water or technical ice, as well as convenient for the direct sale of milk in the markets.

The household can is rather light and easy to transport, but not too durable, unlike iron products, the lack of which is a lot of weight. An alternative solution may be plastic containers that are conveniently stored, cleaned of contamination and transported.

Having purchased and independently preparing all the elements of the milking machine, it remains only to correctly connect them into a single system, which can be supplemented by other devices and control sensors. Using the recommendations of professionals and publicly available technical documentation, it is possible to assemble an extremely effective and necessary device in the household, significantly increasing labor productivity while reducing physical costs.

Make it yourself or buy a milking machine

When deciding to assemble the milking equipment with your own hands, you should weigh the pros and cons well, really appreciating your own technical knowledge and skills.

Having selected a milking plant suitable for your farm in the technical literature, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics of similar industrial models. Selecting the mechanical blocks for the milking machine should take into account their performance, the warranty period of work, the cost, as well as the cost of delivery and assembly.

Tubes with mechanisms and tanks must be securely connected using special special fasteners and bolts that prevent the system from depressurizing and the penetration of atmospheric air into it.

Please note that an improperly assembled system for automatic milking of cows can, during work, cause serious damage to the health of cows, triggering injury to the udder and the development of mastitis.

It is best for the assembly and disassembly of milking machines to use the services of experienced mechanics who can combine the nodes in a single working system.

In any case, only the livestock breeder himself, taking into account the number of cows contained and the prospects for the development of the farm, can decide what type of capacity and type of milking machine he will collect with his own hands and install in the barn.

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