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The MDU compact milking machine allows farmers with small livestock of cattle to arrange milking of cows three times a day without the involvement of hired workers. In a private household, the purchase of expensive stationary equipment is unprofitable, and not every livestock breeder is able to assemble it with his own hands. The presence of wheels and compact dimensions make it convenient to move such equipment inside business premises, and fast milking of cattle in their stall is carried out.

Types of mobile units for giving milk and their equipment

Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer to purchase mobile devices capable of producing a different number of cows in one operation.

The least productive MDU 5 has a dry principle of operation, and all other equipment, including the most efficient milking machines of the MDU 3b, uses a closed lubrication cycle, which makes the consumption of engine oil extremely insignificant

Mobile equipment of this type is equipped with:

  • electric motors of various power;
  • vacuum pump with a two-stroke milking system;
  • a device for starting a vacuum unit;
  • fans or oil cooling system;
  • receivers;
  • pressure regulators in milk lines;
  • headers and pulsators.

Milk-supply hoses, the length of which should not exceed 20 m, as well as containers for collecting milk (as a rule, aluminum) are used as additional equipment.

For a modest farm

In recent years, many residents of rural Russia practice the maintenance of a small dairy herd, which provides a steady income at a fairly small financial cost. The only problem remains the necessity of milking the animals three times a day. It takes a lot of time and takes away the physical strength of the breeders.

Mobile systems for milking cattle differ little from each other in design features. The general scheme of the structure of such equipment involves the creation of vacuum in the nozzles and hoses, which is able to suck milk from the teat cups, moving it into a container to collect the finished product.

The pulsators briefly equalize the pressure in the teat drinker, causing the vacuum inserts to periodically compress and expand, simulating the movement of the calf's lips. This principle of extracting milk from the udder practically does not injure the cow, ensuring the supply of the finished product through special (mostly transparent) hoses to the collection container.

Milking machine frames are made of lightweight metal profile. This gives the structure additional strength while maintaining low weight. MDU of various models are convenient in transportation, for which a pair of small wheels is used.

Before starting work, any model of the mobile milking machine must be installed on a horizontal surface, and in models with a closed motor lubrication cycle, the oil level must be above the middle of the special red mark.

Works without repair 15 years

The most practical model for small farms are MDU 2a milking machines that use an oil-cooled engine cooling system. This installation allows you to collect milk from 6 cows during one milking. When complying with the rules of operation, it can work without repair for up to 15 years.

Along with the less powerful MDU 2, the milking machine of this model is very economical, and the working life of its motor is sufficient for high-quality operation of the vacuum pump at a distance of up to 10 m from the installation. Unlike other devices, the MDU 2a does not require the constant addition of oil to the system. It is enough to carry out its full replacement 2-3 times a year.

Special ball safety valves do not allow milk to get into the motor and disable it. When filling the receiving tank, or turning it over, a special ball clogs the valve, preventing the return of milk into the milking machine.

It is strictly forbidden to attach or detach the milk receiving cups from the cow's nipples with the milking machine turned on, as this can cause serious injuries to the animal and contribute to the development of mastitis.

Two fans help

Relatively inexpensive and practical is the portable installation of MDU 5, which is recommended for daily milking up to 5 heads of cattle, although collecting milk from 1–3 cows is considered the most optimal.

In the milking unit MDU 5 the electric motor is cooled with the help of two fans. It works very quietly, without creating stressful situations for animals, and is extremely environmentally friendly, since involuntary spilling of engine oil is not allowed.

Mobile milking machine MDU of this type has a working life of up to 8 years. It can be installed permanently in a small barn. Heat-resistant silicone vacuum and milk hoses have a high level of flexibility and do not crack in the cold, making daily milking quite simple and convenient.

Milking equipment for medium farm

For rapidly developing farms with up to 10 animals, it is advisable to use more advanced milking machines MDU 3b.

With a planned capacity of 226 liters of milk per hour and three times daily milking of 4-10 cows, the device is also able to work without repair for 15 years. A 1.5 kW electric motor allows you to increase the number of cows up to 20, but in this case, you should regularly conduct technical inspections of equipment.

The main feature of the MDU 3b milking machine is the presence of a 1.8-liter transparent tank capacity in which condensate accumulates. Using a convenient tap, condensate can be drained daily after evening milking.

The devices of this model produce little noise, do not cause stress in animals, using for cooling up to one and a half liters of synthetic or semi-synthetic engine oil per year.

Due to the high power, the MDU 3b milking units can also be used as stationary equipment. They can be installed at a distance of up to 20 m from the place of keeping or milking of cattle, equipping vacuum channels and milk lines from plastic or metal-plastic pipes with a half-inch diameter.

For the primary collection of milk and transfer it to the milk line it is better to use transparent tubes made of silicone. They are durable, do not crack in the frost and allow you to timely detect any faults in the installation.

It should be borne in mind that all mobile plants for milking cattle have a similar structure and fundamentally differ only in the power of their power plants, making it possible to carry out the simultaneous milking of various numbers of cows.

The practicality of their use lies in the fact that the farmer has the opportunity to choose for himself the milking machine MRL, ideal for keeping a certain number of livestock. By purchasing more productive equipment, he can plan an increase in his herd of cattle and stable income without a serious increase in labor costs.

Comparative table of performance characteristics of the most frequently used MRL installations:

Remember that mobile milking machines are suitable exclusively for use in small and medium-sized farms, and their use on large livestock farms is unprofitable and not advisable.

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