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In the heavy process of milking cows, the Doyushka milking machine effectively established itself and became popular among farmers. The farm, which brings good profit, must have modern equipment for the care of cattle and milking heifers. Automated systems are necessary on the farm, as they help to reduce the time of animal service, speed up the process of obtaining milk from a large number of cows. This article will talk about the capabilities of the milking machine.

Types of milking machines

The system for mechanized milking of cows "Doyushka" was created and manufactured in the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk region, at the plant of milking equipment. In addition to these devices, the company manufactures agricultural machinery and various spare parts for manufactured devices.

Milking units "Doyushka 1R" and "1C" are used specifically for milking cattle, namely cows. The difference is that the device "1C" comes complete with comfortable silicone nozzles for the udder of the animal.

There is also a milking system for other dairy animals, such as goats, sheep, and horses, which is called “Doyushka 1KS”. It is designed according to their physiological structure. The model called “Doyushka Tandem” is designed for milking two heifers at once, and the “Doyushka Universal” apparatus has a larger volume than in standard models.

Device Features

The main mechanism in any milking installation is the pump, which in the Doyushka apparatus is a piston. It does not form oily dust, if we compare it with a vacuum one. Its advantage is that it works almost silently and does not need a pulsator.

It is the natural ripple setting - 64 beats per minute, that imitates cow sucking milk for a cow, and the animal behaves when milking.

According to its functionality in the milking installation "Doyushka" there is practically nothing to break, it is so simple to use.

The system is located on a metal frame and can be easily moved using the wheels in the right direction. An asynchronous motor is placed in a copper winding, which increases its service life. Glasses, which are put on the nipples of the cow, are equipped with transparent windows so that the milkmaid can control the process of milk production. Roomy can is equipped with a lid and a special handle for easy carrying.

How does the milking system

The main elements are fastened to the metal frame on the wheels: the engine, the pump and the metal platform where the can or stainless steel milk jar will stand. The plane for installing the flask is equipped with flanges that securely fix the bottom of the vessel so that it does not tip over even if the animal hits it with its hoof.

The engine with the cord and the power switch is installed at the rear. The belt moving the piston is mounted on the metal frame of the system.

To create a vacuum inside the piston pump in a two-liter cylindrical container, the piston moves vertically, which creates the possibility of sucking the milk under pressure. To control it, Doyushki has a pressure gauge.

Milking cups - stainless steel, in the amount of four pieces, equipped with transparent inserts, easy to use, easy to put on the teats of the udder, without causing cows to worry.

System operation and care

A motor or engine, when switched on in a network, transfers the process of movement to a pump through a reducer. The vertical movements of the piston in the cylinder and the existing valve on the lid of the device create a vacuum in the can. Its frequency is 64 pulsations per minute. This is the optimal regimen that gives the cow the illusion that milk is sucking the calf. At times of air dilution, the milk enters the teat cups and then into the flask, when filled, the milking machine is turned off.

The pump, which is the most important element of the Doyushka equipment, needs regular lubrication of the cylinder and piston with grease through special openings. During operation, the lubricating fluid penetrates into the fastening parts of the moving parts of the pump to the frame of the milking system. There are models of milking machines with maintenance-free vacuum pumps that do not need such care.

Milking equipment must be washed after each milking and kept clean, for which special brushes are included in the system kit.

Milking with the milking system

An experienced farmer will prepare a cow before milking, that is, he will wash the udder with warm water and carry out a small massage for better milk flow. The first portion of the product is usually decanted into separate dishes, after which the Doyushka milking machine can be used. Milkmaid should always be on the side of the animal.

Glasses for milking are placed on the nipples, making sure that the metal splitter is positioned on top. In stainless steel glasses, worn on the udder, a vacuum must be maintained, which can be controlled through a transparent window. Capacity for receiving milk must be held by hand. At the end of milking, to relieve the vacuum, you need to unscrew the knob of the regulator.

After finishing the milking, the apparatus is hung on a special hook and the resulting product is poured into the can. On average, milking one cow takes about six minutes, after which you can serve the next one.

Advantages and disadvantages

When buying a “Doyushka” machine, which will be used for milking cows, it is necessary to take into account all the positive and negative aspects of this type of cattle service.

Let's call the advantages:

  • simplicity of design;
  • almost silent work of the device;
  • ergonomics;
  • low power consumption;
  • animal comfort;
  • the possibility of complete control of milking.

The well thought-out design of the milking system, the ease of movement and its stability are a definite plus. Low noise levels at very low costs of electricity and the motor, which does not overheat in operation, also belong to the positive aspects. Convenient milking glasses and a pressure gauge allow you to control the level of milk and the whole milking process.

However, with all the above advantages, there are some drawbacks that you need to keep in mind when choosing. The first is the insufficient length of the cord of the apparatus, the need for an additional extension cord. The second one is a milk tank; a stainless steel can has no transparent window, which makes it impossible to control its filling.

After weighing all the pros and cons, you can evaluate the usefulness and decide how much doyushka milking apparatus is needed on the farm and whether it is worth buying it for your farm.

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