Why does the rabbit scatter or eat up her bunnies


The article discusses why the rabbit scatters rabbits immediately after a baby, and sometimes eats offspring. Such postpartum behavior is unacceptable, because the multiplication of the herd is the key to the success of the farm. It is necessary to ensure the survival of baby rabbits. Usually, eared females have a well-developed sense of maternity, and, moreover, animals are herbivores. Their inappropriate behavior is caused by various reasons, which will be discussed later.

Offspring protection instinct

Krolchikham inherent maternal behavior. They have developed the instinct to protect the offspring, which itself is not able to take care of itself. This is manifested even 3-5 days before the start. The female strenuously prepares a nest of blades of grass and down (plucked from herself). At birth, she helps babies to get out of the amniotic membrane, snacks on the umbilical cord.

However, females have another feature. They devote little time to their little rabbits. During the day, the mother can care for the cubs 1 or 2 times for several minutes, sometimes at night. From the outside it seems that she left the young and does not care.

This behavior is typical for rabbits. The female spends most of her time alone, diverting the attention of predators from rabbits. At such moments, do not worry about the young, if they sleep well and are full. Hungry cubs make loud noises and behave restlessly. In this case, you need to take action. Below, we will see why the rabbit eats its rabbits, throws them and throws them out of the nest.

Abandoned bunnies

After a rabbit, the rabbit is prone to throwing her young, and there are reasons for this. So do young primiparas who sit in the corner and do not react to offspring. They ignore the rabbit and sometimes even throw it out of the cage. This behavior is affected by:

  • the presence of a male nearby (this is a signal to the beginning of the hunt);
  • noises;
  • taken out of the rabbit's nest by hand (without using disposable gloves);
  • mastitis and because of this failure to feed the young.

Ignoring calves is sometimes due to stress. The above factors in this case also indirectly affect her condition. When a baby happens, and babies are born, the rabbit perceives any interference as a threat. Even the help of the owner is estimated as something undesirable. If the female has thrown offspring, then sharp extraneous sounds influence it. Frightened by the noise, the animal is unable to care for the cubs.

If the reason for not feeding is mastitis, then the females simply discard the offspring (eat it) or ignore it, as it hurts to feed. With extraneous, unfamiliar smells, the same thing happens.

Hormonal failures and hunting period contribute to the fact that the animal tramples the young, randomly runs around the cage, scatters the kids.

Why does the rabbit eat rabbit

In rabbit breeding, there are cases of eating the young female, although not often. Sometimes she can just nibble a calf or cripple. It is not always intentional. One of the options - the actions of females at okrol. She gnaws on the umbilical cord and inadvertently bites the bunny's stomach.

Also, the female sometimes accidentally hurts her head, trying to clear the baby from the shell. The bunny rabbit can damage the cub by pulling it out. At the same time bites off the limbs and ears.

When spontaneous abortions rabbit eats little rabbits, considering them something extra, unnecessary. The same happens if one or more cubs are trampled. The female gets rid of bodies that can attract predators. She "utilizes" sick offspring in the same way.

If the rabbit is tormented by thirst, she can eat the young, especially the weak or maimed, trying to compensate for the lack of fluid in the body. In a stressful situation, her behavior leads to similar consequences; the female kills the young, as the instinct of nest clearing wakes up.

Eliminate the causes of cannibalism

If the rabbit ate rabbit - this is a deviation, as the animals are herbivores. Without identifying the causes of such females immediately rejected. They do not participate in further reproduction due to the risk of relapse.

When the reason for eating or scattering offspring is established, they are trying to eliminate it so that inappropriate behavior does not threaten the young. If the female is young and injures the babies while cutting the umbilical cord or during other manipulations, it usually goes away with age.

The most important thing is to monitor the amount and quality of water in the drinker. At the same time, the bunnies are provided with a balanced diet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. When the female is exhausted, she feels that raising babies is impossible and throws offspring.

Caring for a female who has become homemade must be carried out by the same person to whom the female is accustomed. You can not dramatically translate it to another food, disturb the harsh sounds, the presence of other animals and people. In a stressful situation, the rabbit can crush the offspring, trying to close it with his body from the "danger".

You can not change the litter in the mother liquor and take the pups in their hands for no reason. They will absorb the human smell and provoke the aggression of the rabbit.

Transplanted to another female

If the rabbits have maligned breasts and cracks appear on them, then feeding becomes painful. Therefore, immediately after, or before, they can be massaged and oiled. But when the mother does not allow the young, then they are transplanted to another female or begin artificial feeding.

If the rabbit throws out rabbits from the nest, does not feed them because of hormonal disruption and “hunting”, then she is provided with mating with the male. If this is not done, then she will not calm down and the children will suffer. In the case of successful mating, the rabbits again recall their maternal debt.

Returning to why the rabbit eats his little rabbits, we denote the necessary actions of the owner. Make sure that there are no dead or frozen animals in the offspring that have fallen out of the nest. If they are, then be sure to be disposed of from the cell, so as not to provoke eating. At low temperatures in the room, cells and queen cells must be properly prepared so that it is warm and comfortable. And do not forget about water and nutrition.

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