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The cow breeding business is capable of generating large profits for the owner, and modern machinery for livestock farms is one of the most important success factors. Cattle in terms of conducting their business looks particularly attractive. In its own farm, it can be bred, for example, to get milk, to grow bulls for meat or to sell young stock, but this always implies the availability of appropriate equipment.

Stall equipment for breeding cows

The modern approach to the organization of the maintenance of cattle is based on the rejection of tying animals. This means that the owner needs to equip the stalls so that they are in optimal conditions. Each individual encloses its own territory.

The main advantage will be the ability to keep livestock in proper hygienic conditions. Cows will have space to move inside the stall, they can go to the floor without fear for the condition of the udder. Since sanitary conditions will initially be in compliance with all standards, and the owner is only required to continue working in this direction.

In this regard, the correct solution is also to install a hoof trimmer, thanks to which various veterinary procedures are available for cows, including inspection, insemination and hoof trimming.

Animal plates and their advantages

It is important to take into account the biological features characteristic of cattle. So that animals can lie on the floor without fear, care should be taken to purchase rubber mats or livestock plates.

Such equipment for cows in the process of its application to obtain the following benefits:

  • the top layer does not allow the cow to slide due to its corrugated structure;
  • the foundation is solid, durable and stable;
  • the plate shows excellent abrasion resistance;
  • mats resist water well and conduct heat;
  • good disinfectant properties.

An important characteristic of livestock plates is the fact that the cost of this equipment for farms is relatively small, and the effect, above all, economic, is very high. For more information on this type of farm arrangement, see the article "Mats and bedding for cows."

Technical conditions for the maintenance of young animals

The issue of organizing the correct keeping of young stock is also one of the key issues in the livestock sector. If the main task of keeping cows is the rearing of calves and their subsequent sale, then this aspect is simply the most important. But in the case of other goals can not be ignored.

Now for the maintenance of young stock from Europe came the method of arranging houses for young stock, and its popularity is gaining momentum. This option makes it possible to locate the calf on the street and in the room, contributing to its speedy adaptation to climatic conditions. In addition, this calf equipment allows an animal to get the necessary amount of vitamin D due to ultraviolet light.

Automatics for cleaning manure

Among all the other options, this equipment for a livestock farm is one of the most significant, especially if the loose housing method is used. With all the desire animal husbandry can not be imagined without waste and the need to get rid of them.

The equipment is installed without any difficulties and manages the removal of special aisles at the expense of either a hydraulic or cable drive. Chain length can be adjusted at the request of the owner.

Such an installation not only makes it possible to clean manure automatically, but also increases the level of safety of animals, and also does not interfere with their movement. This equipment for barns also allows you to automatically transfer waste to the storage without serious effort and cost.

Drinkers and feeders

The most common are the three types of equipment of livestock farms intended for the distribution of feed.

The first option involves the separation of special grating table and stall. This allows you to significantly reduce feed losses and reliably fix the animal to perform the necessary procedures. The device is called a headlock (the spelling of a headlock is also true).

In the second version, the main role is played by, adjustable in height and acting as a kind of limiter, timber. It is made of metal tube and is located directly above the cow withers. Height can be tailored to the size of each animal individually.

Finally, the option of creating a fence is possible, in addition to which will be headlocks and cages for animal heads. In this case, it is also possible to individually adjust all components of the system.

Drinking bowls can be both group and individual, but they should be mandatory, because the cows drink water in large quantities, especially in the warm season.

Construction of dairy farms

Breeding livestock can pursue different goals, but milking cows will always be one of the main tasks. This is especially important for dairy breeds. But in other areas of development procedure means a lot.

When there are only a few cows on the farm, you can cope with this in manual mode, but if there are a larger number of individuals, you already need the appropriate equipment for dairy farms.

Formerly, the traditional herringbone milking system used to be extremely popular, but today it is being replaced by devices of the carousel type. For large farms, a linear milk line is required; for smaller farms, a portable compact system including milking machines and a milk receiver can be dispensed with.

How to get dairy products - cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, kefir, and what systems for this are used, you can get acquainted in detail in the article "On equipment for processing milk."

Sanitary facilities and ultrasound

A variety of technical means is really huge, you can choose any options. So, it makes sense to equip desbary for livestock farms and farms. It looks like a kind of sanitary inspection room at the entrance to the farm, through which both animals and technical staff must pass.

Of other equipment for farms, which makes sense to consider for the acquisition, you can call the ultrasound scanner. It allows you to raise the issue of ultrasound diagnosis of animal health to a new, very high level.

The ultrasound scanner is quite expensive, respectively, its acquisition does not pay for itself immediately, this should be remembered.

It is rational to acquire an ultrasound scanner only for large farms, when there is a financially reasonable sense in the study of various pathologies.

Animal care and weight measurement

A necessary attribute of the livestock complex is a comb for cows. It is a rigid brush, fixed brackets.

This comb for cows is very easy to use and completely safe for animals.

An important aspect will be the arrangement of weighing equipment. Buying scales for weighing cows is rational for large farms. Less large-scale can do with a special method for calculating the mass. It is based on determining the weight by measuring the chest girth and measuring the slanting length of the cow’s body. Read more in the material "How can I know the weight of cattle without scales by measurements."

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