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The article will tell you what kind of mesh is needed for rabbit cages. To ensure good sanitary conditions, it is placed on the floor of the house. Inside such rabbit dwellings, which are perfectly breathable and reliably protect their inhabitants from outside external penetration, animals feel calm and safe. Mesh bottom structures are easier to clean and disinfect. But for the favorable maintenance of animals in the arrangement of the home should follow some rules.

Types and advantages of slatted floor

The design of rabbit cages with a wooden body involves a mesh facade with a door and floor. Often the bottom is made of wooden slats 3 cm wide between which there are gaps of about 2 cm. This size is due to purely practical concern for the safety and health of animals. With wider gaps between the boards, the bedding and the bunny's feet will fall through.

The floor of the grid for rabbits is sometimes complex, that is, supplemented with wooden structures. At the same time, an inclined plywood sheet is connected to a horizontal grid with square cells with a side of 2.5 cm. Such a floor device helps maintain cleanliness.

If a metal grid is used for the floor, then the size of a single cell directly depends on the paws of the animals inside. Average values ​​are 2–3 cm. In addition, it is important to use wire not thinner than 2 mm. This prevents possible injury to the limbs of the animals.

Choosing galvanized

The recommended mesh for rabbit cages should be metal welded. Such designs with a wire with a diameter of 2 cm are durable and safe for eagles of different sizes.

The mesh can be completely uncoated or polymer coated. In the first case, the wire begins to rust quickly, and in the second - has a high cost due to the use of polymeric materials.

Aluminum wire should not be used as this soft material deforms quickly. In addition, eared animals easily gnaw through this light metal.

The best option would be a galvanized mesh, which is characterized by quality, reliability and durability. Despite the high price, this cellular flooring material has the following advantages:

  • durability and reliability that guarantee the integrity of the integral structure;
  • resistance to corrosion and rotting processes when interacting with a wet environment;
  • the possibility of washing with the use of chemical, abrasive products;
  • ensuring unimpeded access of light, air.

Thus, it is easier to maintain a clean, favorable sanitary-hygienic climate inside the boxes with a mesh-type floor. Such cells are compact, lightweight. They are easy to mount with your own hands on the basis of detailed instructions.

Varieties of rabbit cells mesh type

Depending on the materials used, the design of rabbit houses can be divided into two types. In the first case, the main elements are wooden frame and metal mesh. The floor in such cells is a wooden, iron lattice or a combination of these components.

These types of rabbit houses are designed more to keep animals outdoors. In the second case, the mesh cage consists entirely of metal and is more suitable for indoor use.

Cells of high-quality mesh must have the correct geometric shape.

With your own hands you can make the structure of the grid with a frame or without this element. In both cases, such structures are strengthened by covering. Frameless constructions based on props, which in appearance resemble bird cages, are suitable for a room.

Sizes of cells for adults and kids

Based on the rules of keeping, breed, species of eared animals, it is important to determine the size and design of rabbit houses. When creating cages for rabbits with your own hands, it is necessary to take into account the vital needs of these animals.

For example, young stock that is raised for slaughter is contained in groups of 6-8 individuals. At the same time in one head should account for 0.12 square meters. m of living space. Breeding animals require 0.17 squares of free space.

The optimal size of a cage house for an adult rabbit should be 80x44x128 cm in width, height and length. Thus, the area of ​​the floor mesh with a wire thickness of at least 2 mm is 1.024 square meters. At the same time, the floor cells for rabbits should be within 16x25 mm, while for adult individuals 25x25 mm are allowed.

Necessary tools and materials for independent work

To make a rabbit mesh cage yourself, you must use the appropriate quality materials. First of all, you need a galvanized mesh ... This material is cut into pieces, after which a complete structure is assembled from the parts obtained.

To connect them you will need fastener rings or staples, nails, "screws" on the tree. To close the rabbit house outside, it is recommended to use latches, awnings, plastic edges.

In a cage under the net for rabbits on the floor it is necessary to install a pallet. It is better to make of tin or galvanized iron. For partitions, roofing it is recommended to use plywood. Separate cells are installed on frames from the corner, shaped tubes or wooden bars, therefore such materials will also be needed.

For productive work, tools such as a tape measure, a pencil, a screwdriver, a screwdriver, a saw, a hammer, pliers, a hacksaw, and metal shears will become necessary.

Cage fabrication steps

After determining the size of the grid construction in the first stage, it is necessary to make a wooden frame, doors that are installed using canopies. Then set the bolts.

Special attention is required durable and safe for eared inhabitants of the mesh material for the floor. Paws of an animal should not be injured. Carefully cut the rabbit net should be carefully attached to the frame with screws.

To collect litter under the mesh base of the cage, a pallet is installed. Such a two-level floor design ensures the cleanliness of the floor in the rabbit house. The upper part of the cage is made of a grid with large cells, which can be covered with slate to protect it from the sun and precipitation. At the last stage, the feeding trough and drinking trough are installed.

Design features of the mesh floor

From the very beginning it is necessary to strictly adhere to the technology, use a galvanized grid of the desired thickness and size of the cells. Mesh bottom necessarily need to strengthen the bottom with a wooden beam or galvanized steel profile. This gain should be set in 400 mm increments.

For the rabbit with rabbits, an integrated floor construction is used, consisting partly of plywood or plastic and a galvanized mesh with small cells. The bottom must be attached to the second row of the lower cells. A special metal sheet for food waste and excrement is installed at the bottom.

From the front wall when installing the floor you need to make a gap for the pallet. This element of the bottom is made of galvanized sheet steel.

The pallet blank must be on each side 2 cm larger than the mesh size prepared for the bottom. The edges are bent at an angle of 90 degrees and carefully trimmed from burrs.

We collect with our own hands

Start making the rabbit house should be with the preparation of the source material. Strictly in accordance with the size of the drawings need to cut two identical parts of the front and rear panels. For a frameless cell, two identical fragments of the side walls are prepared.

It is better to start assembly from the stage of connecting vertical side grids. For this, galvanized wire is used, which is bent at the ends in the form of staples. On the grid on the front side, you need to cut a hole for the door, which should be sheathed around the perimeter with a plastic edge.

The larger door is made of a different grid, attached with rings, and the latch is installed outside.

For winter maintenance, it is better to use plywood sheets cut to the walls with insulation, which are attached and removed as needed from hooks. In addition, the outdoor cage must be equipped with a waterproof roof, which consists of two layers. Directly above the grid, a sheet of plywood is installed, above which a slate is mounted with a gap of 40 mm. In conclusion, set the trough and drinking bowl.

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