Dung manure systems on cattle farms


Organized manure removal in barns, allows you to maintain the correct sanitary conditions there. The cleanliness in the stables and in the warehouse ensures the quality work of the staff and contributes to the functionality of the entire livestock complex as a whole. Designing various devices for manure collection and storage should help equip agricultural complexes properly. This takes into account the type of animal, feed and bedding. The construction of a manure deposit is required.

The meaning of manure removal

The maintenance of cattle requires considerable effort in the process of cleaning the places where they are based. Storage cleaning should also be regular. If this activity is started, the sewage will accumulate with increased speed over all areas. This situation causes inconvenience to staff when working with livestock. If unsanitary conditions are present, then this is a big risk of developing diseases in animals and people.

These problems are paramount and should encourage farm owners to build manure removal systems in barns. The following reason for such actions is equally important. Manure is a good fertilizer and enriches the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Its use in personal land helps to avoid additional costs. It is also possible to arrange the sale of waste products, which will give additional profit to the agro-complex.

Various devices for removing manure from the barn are so advanced that they do the job much better and faster than by hand. Each complex can choose a suitable system, depending on the scale of production.

Ways to clean the premises

Manure removal systems in barns are mechanical and hydraulic.

Here are a few different options:

  • machines operating with a chain or screw conveyor;
  • delta scraper type of equipment;
  • self-alloying systems;
  • wash system.

It should be noted that barns can be tethered and loose housing content. Accordingly, the equipment is installed on the basis of this. You also need to consider the floor space, because some systems are suitable only for small businesses. Manure mechanism can be installed in the stables, in the facilities for the pigsty and with the maintenance of cattle and small cattle. Below we consider each option cleaning systems in more detail.

Pollution conveyors

Manure removal in barns with the help of conveyors implies dry mixes of about 20%, and humidity should be about 80%. At the same time, it is installed longitudinally to stalls and can be chain or auger. Businesses should be with limited energy consumption.

Chain conveyor is installed on farms with tethered animals. It allows you to clean bedding manure and at the same time load it into vehicles. The conveyor has two main parts - horizontal, which clears the manure channel and inclined, which takes raw materials and loads into the car. The system can serve up to 110 stalls.

The screw conveyor delivers the waste of cows from a special channel of the barn to a storage tank or vehicle. The device is constructed longitudinally or transversely and works mutually with a system that transports the manure to the canal from the defecation zone of the livestock.

Delta scraper equipment

The system can be used even if animals are kept without a leash. The agro-industry complex can occupy absolutely any area.

During harvesting, manure is collected by open scrapers. They move along open aisles and reach the transverse channel. This method is very effective and the device can be installed in any passage. For animals, the system poses no danger. A particular advantage is that the equipment is able to work continuously and consume a small amount of energy. This is a huge plus in winter, when outside temperatures are below zero, as the excrement does not have time to harden.

The scraper consists of four working bodies, which allows it to clean manure along the entire perimeter of the room: from the middle and from its edges. The action is carried out by the reciprocating movements of the scraper (scraper), which is on each branch of the contour.

Hydraulic system

This method is considered the most complicated and energy-intensive. During harvesting, the humidity in the barn reaches its maximum mark, since a large amount of water is used during work. In large agro complexes hydraulic system is impractical. For many, it will seem costly, since it requires liquid manure tanks and facilities for purification.

In general, the water wash provides a good environment on the farm and a kind of disinfection barn. This helps to avoid various diseases. The system includes a tank with water, a water channel closed by a grill, a damper that prevents feces from flowing out of the channel, as well as a collection tank on the opposite side. Materials must be of high quality and durable.

Using this method, manure is pushed through the cracks in the floor and into the channels. From there it is washed off by water pressure. In liquefied form, it can also be used for watering land with plantations. The liquid fraction creates fertilizer, which includes nitrogen and other important elements.

The hydraulic system is used on cattle farms and pig farms. Keeping animals should be flawless.

Self-alloy method can also be attributed to the hydraulic direction. Manure removal on cattle farms is established according to a special scheme. In the barn under the slope laid pipe channels with a mandatory slippery coating. After that, tees with plugs are installed. The slurry through the canals, which are partially filled with water, moves towards the manure collection basin.

Manure processing

Agricultural enterprises with large numbers of cattle should establish not only a system for collecting manure, but also its processing. The use of this raw material should begin after the separation process - removal of solid particles from liquid waste streams. And this is done in advance to avoid environmental pollution.

As mentioned above, manure, and especially its liquid fraction, is composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds. This means that it can replace any chemical fertilizers.

Special technological systems are designed to process manure from farm complexes. This includes mixing with a mixer, a submersible pump with a chopping mechanism, and a separator for pressing liquid manure. So, the raw material is enriched with nitrogen compounds and other important elements. After the whole process, the liquid is stored in the manure collector, and the solid fraction is used for composting or for the production of bedding in barns.

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