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Folk omens have long proved their authenticity, so they will help you to understand how to choose a good cow. Sometimes our ancestors even relied on superstition, which advised farmers to be attentive during the purchase process itself: it’s impossible to bargain and you should definitely take the change. It is believed that the stinginess or excessive generosity in the acquisition of cows is unacceptable. The rest of the nuances regarding the recognition of a decent individual will be described in detail in this article.

Meat and Dairy Cows

In matters of livestock breeding, it is necessary to choose the purpose for raising cows. The cows are divided into several breeds:

  • dairy;
  • meat;
  • meat and dairy.

Meat cows are not milked, immediately after the purchase they are intensively fed with natural products and, as a sign of gratitude, animals gain weight. The meat of such a chick is tender and tasty. If the main goal of a farmer is milk, then he should choose a milk dairy, from it you can get up to 50 liters of treats per day.

After the final decision, the following action is taken: a campaign on the livestock market. Help with the choice can omens when buying a cow, which will be described below.

Learn how to choose a cow, you can pay attention to the physical condition of the animal. Healthy and young cows at the fair are energetic and distinguished by a deep clear look. The head of a proud chick should be elongated, and the neck should be even. The skin of the dairy cow is smooth, without wounds and cuts. A good individual will be feminine, and this can be determined from its bottom — it must seem very broad, because it is in this part of the body that the genital organs are hidden.

According to superstition, good cows decent seller gives along with pails. The cows should behave quietly and not kicking - this will indicate how simple the animal will be to milk.

The age of the cow and its features

Before you choose a dairy cow, you need to learn how to determine its age. According to national signs, to know how many years borenke, help her horns. The buyer is recommended to look at them and count the turbulence, and add 3 more units to this figure. In this case, it will be possible to understand with certainty how old the animal is.

Milk is produced by cows of all ages, but the most useful delicacy will be “gathered” from a middle-aged cow. Such chicks are already well accustomed to the milking process and do not kick, showing character to a new owner.

It is best to buy a cow that has already harvested 2-3 times.. According to popular belief, such a Burenka is at the peak of strength and has already proved its endurance in childbirth. During this period, the heifer is not yet old, so for a long time it will please the owner with large yields.

Many farmers want to buy the youngest. But an acquired calf can bring a lot of mischief, because such a ladybug has not yet become accustomed to milking and will kick for a long time. The process of habituation of a young animal can take up to 2 months.

Experienced breeders of cows who have a great store of patience and skill can easily acquire a calf and gain the trust of a young animal from an early age. With the process of first milking and the features of the obstinate nature of cows at this age they are familiar, so tame the chick will turn out quickly.

Signs when choosing milk cows

In the majority of folk signs when buying cows come down to how to choose the dairy cow. Pay attention to the buyer is on the udder individuals: it should not be much sagging, on the contrary, should resemble a full barrel.

Also, the cash cow can be identified by its nature. The farmer is advised to approach the cow and offer her a small piece of bread. In the event that the chick sluggishly reacts to the delicacy and approaches it in a razvalku - you approach each other. Immediately after this, carefully approach the animal and try to milk it yourself.

The trickle should be thick, and the resulting liquid saturated. Immediately after this, you need to take a sip of cow's milk and feel its taste. In a healthy cow, it will be sweet, and a sick animal will give out a treat with bitterness.

The health of selected livestock directly depends on the care of the animal. If the previous owner was good at washing and feeding the cow, her udder will be clean and her constitution fit.

Cow after purchase

The purchase of cattle is followed by a period of habituation of the cows to a new home. The animal is very sensitive, so the new owner will have to treat this process with great care.

According to national signs, a cow that has just been bought should be treated to a piece of bread right from the oven door. Then the animal will not miss the previous owner and will quickly get used to the new court.

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