Horses of the Ardenic breed


The broad-bones Arden horse is distinguished by its endurance, speed, strength, excellent immunity and chic build. These are intelligent animals, with a sweet temper, well-understood teams and trainable. The traits of their heroic appearance are impressive. Both stallions and mares - with a wide step of powerful short legs and expressive, relief muscles, with a strong neck, with long hair on a put joint of legs.

Descendants of prehistoric solutra

It is believed that the ancestors of the Ardens heavy-duty vehicles were from the Solutrean era (18-15 thousand years BC). Many skeletons of solutre horses were found among prehistoric accretions on the territory of France.

The great Roman general Julius Caesar in the book "Notes on the Gallic War" described the ancestors of modern ardens as strong and tireless. He believed that they are far superior to others. Such were they before our era. Such modern descendants today.

Their special feature is short stature. At that time, the average height at the withers of the Ardens was approximately 140 centimeters.

In future epochs, probably, descendants were already mixed with other horse types, new traits appeared.

There is another version of the origin of the Ardenian horse breed, according to which the inhabitants of the Ardennes were breeding their closest descendants. Today there are Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

At the crossroads of military roads

Julius Caesar recommended the use of these hardy horses in military affairs, in the army, as a force for carrying heavy loads. In ancient Rome, they became popular.

Arden horses have often seen war and blood at the crossroads of roads that they walked. At first, fast, having bent their necks, they carried at a trot and pace in crusades on their backs the knights of Count Bouillon (11th century AD). Knights conquered Jerusalem.

With the layering of centuries, in a different epoch, their descendants galloped alongside the rulers of the Great French Revolution.

In the Napoleonic era were crossed with the Arab. Young generations were born somewhat higher than their ancestors: height at the withers is approximately 152 centimeters. They Napoleon's troops marched through the snow-covered fields of Great Russia in the war of 1812, trying to conquer the country.

The consequences of mixing blood

In order to improve the characteristics of the offspring in the future, Arden representatives were mixed together with Boulogne and Percheron - derived Oxua (all Oxua - with the TX logo of the neck).

Also, Arden horses were crossed with Swedish horses - they created the Swedish Arden breed. Before becoming a full-fledged breed, the Swedish Ardens were a variety of classic.

Many have experimented by the "blood injection", crossed. This was done to improve the biological qualities of the French Komtua.

The mixing of the Arden horses with the blood of the Brabancons had consequences. The descendants of another steel became excessively massive, the average weight became 550 kilograms.

Unfortunately, nowadays ardens are more often grown for meat: horse meat is widely used in Europe.

"Russian type" lives nearby

Arden horses began to be conquered Russia together with Brabancons - in the 19th century.

Through the infusion of Ardenic blood, the Russian and Vladimir heavy locomotives, which received wide popularity, were brought out.

Selection work and breeding were engaged in Timiryazevskaya Agricultural Academy.

The executors experimented: they crossed, created - they tried to bring out large animals, of massive addition, but with the same mobility, with a wide step and the highest efficiency. Thanks to breeders - have achieved.

The “Russian type” of ardens in the first half of the 20th century was created on the territory of the country under special conditions, therefore it outwardly differed somewhat from the western.

The breeders of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy divided the "Russian type" into 2 lines with different features:

  1. Ural line: powerful enough horses, hardy, with a strong neck, but with a shorter body.
  2. Ukrainian line: less powerful body, able to work perfectly.

Heroic appearance

And the Western ardens of new generations from different tribal lines look somewhat different.

Thus, in the French line of the Arden horses, the height at the withers is 162 centimeters for the stallion, and 160 centimeters for the mare is not the limit. In Belgium, this is the officially registered maximum height at the withers.

But the representatives of all the breeding lines have some expressive features: stallions and mares with a relief body, wide-boned, rather powerful addition, fast.

All — enduring, with strong joints and neck, a large heavy head, with a shortened back, strong legs, and with a sufficiently long hair on a put joint — are excellent assistants in rural jobs.

Weight ranges from 700 to 1000 kilograms, rarely - 500-600 kilograms.

A wide step and rather high activity, a short strong neck, short stature of modern mares and stallions are characteristic features of all representatives of this breed.

Distinctive features

Almost always horses of the Arden breed are crooked. Probably, our ancestors did this so that their chic, overly long tails would not get tangled during work.

In the 20th century, the animal welfare society began to fight this fact. It is clear that the docking of the tail did not allow to brush off insects.

In Europe, for several years of struggle, the animal protection society tried and achieved a ban on stopping. In Russia there is no prohibition, but the refusal to stop the cupping is recommended.

Ardensky horse breed is represented by red, bay, buckthorn, salt, gray suits. Light red and dark bay can occur. Purebred ravens do not happen.

If there are small spots, for example, a white groove or a white asterisk - this is not considered a marriage of appearance.

Arden horses are good-natured, have an angelic temper, are quite effective in training, and teams quickly understand. Their big, modest eyes are expressive and intelligent.

Endurance records

A horse of the Arden breed can walk steadily with a heavy load for more than 4 hours over fairly long distances. Tested many times.

During the day, they are able to walk along a muddy, slippery road for a distance of 25 kilometers with 1,500 tons of cargo.

In 1939, the stallion Spies for 1 hour 27 minutes 22 seconds walked with 2 tons of cargo over a distance of 10 kilometers.

Officially registered records of the Ardens: trotting a distance of 1 kilometer - for 2 minutes 38 seconds. Passing the same distance in increments - within 7 minutes 30 seconds.

And contain - just


The advantages of this heavy truck are excellent immunity and unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention. But the owner will not experiment, because the horse must be maintained according to the rules.

You should know: when the content is recommended to monitor the growth of the bones of the skeleton and muscles of the foal, so that in the future he would not have the disease of the joints.

Hooves after walking Arden horses should be cleaned with a scraper to remove dirt, wash and lubricate any fat cream.

Care should be taken that no cracks appear on the hooves. They can be the beginning of a serious illness - poddermatitis, which only a doctor can treat.

It will be better for the legs if after the walk the owner does not just wash them with water, but lubricates with gels for the joints. This is necessary, because often these gels are effective for the prevention of diseases of the joints and bones.

The mane, the tail and the long hair on the put joint should be washed.


To feed, Arden horses are unpretentious. In the summer, they can feed on their own grass. In winter, animals are given hay, silage, roots, vegetables, fruits, germinated grain. Purchased vitamin-mineral complexes should be added to the feed: VitOkey, Vittri - strictly according to the instructions.

And the last of the rules: it is important for horses of the Arden breed to be given plenty to drink pure water.

Hardworking helpers

These horses are popular in almost all areas of modern life, mastered by horses.

Compliant nature allows you to effectively use the Arden, as partners in equestrian tourism, especially with hiking in mountainous areas. And also - in equestrian sport.

In hippotherapy, these horses, as partners, are indispensable for patients with cerebral palsy, and for the prevention of similar diseases.

Ardens are popular as indispensable hardworking workers in the field of rural field work. And great helpers for carrying heavy loads. Especially for work in the mountains.

In this case, do not say that the representatives of the Arden breed are expensive: from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles.

But, unfortunately, as described above, they are increasingly being grown for meat: the consequences of mixing with Brabancons for the sake of gaining meat weight. Horsemeat is widely popular among European residents.

Of the draft - they are the first

According to many scientists who have devoted their lives to the selection sciences, the thoroughbred horse of Arden is far superior in its characteristics to other draft carriers.

Of the advantages of the Arden breed horses note:

  • highest performance;
  • excellent physical build;
  • unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention;
  • high fertility: many offspring are born, more than mares of other breeds;
  • mobility, activity, wide step;
  • endurance: strong, tireless, can walk with a heavy load over long distances;
  • fairly rapid maturation: a young foal at 2 years old can already work with heavy loads;
  • good-natured, almost angelic disposition, like mares and stallions;
  • with a powerful physical build and fast maturation - a fairly modest diet.

With a chic appearance and many advantages, unfortunately, there is a minus - short stature.

But opinions are different: short stature can be considered not a minus, but, on the contrary, a plus in characterization. Important: why do you need a horse.

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