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For organizing their own livestock business, a well-calculated business plan for the farm is of great importance. Of particular interest are meat and dairy directions. In this case, you can organize a small family business, in which there will be only about a dozen cows, or plan the organization of a farm for 100 cattle and more. In both cases, you need to start with a clear thought-out actions for each specific project.

The importance of planning an individual business

Before opening any business you need to think carefully about everything. At the planning stage, it is important to identify priorities that directly affect the success of a private enterprise. Creating a business plan for the farm should begin with determining the overall orientation, format of a particular production.

Based on these indicators, it is necessary to study the market, price policy, possible competition, to establish preliminary contacts with potential buyers of manufactured products.

Among them, special attention should be paid to contacts with meat processing enterprises, dairies and leather dressing companies.

Having determined the direction of activity, it is important to make calculations of the area of ​​the optimal territory for managing a particular farm, equipment and building materials.

How to start a business in the countryside

Before organizing a livestock farm, it is important to assess your capabilities, the seriousness of your aspirations. In addition, you need to carefully consider the necessary equipment, make a calculation of a detailed business plan for breeding cattle, which includes financial costs, payback time, profit level. It would be useful and necessary to study the fundamentals of the production of meat and dairy products and the technology of raising cattle. Only based on proven knowledge, you can properly organize an effective business.

From the very beginning such steps should be taken:

  • choose the right place for the construction of the barn;
  • explore the possibility of renting finished premises;
  • purchase the necessary equipment;
  • ensure that the temperature inside the wintering room is not lower than 12 degrees Celsius;
  • take care of the availability of the nearest summer pastures for livestock;
  • form a productive herd;
  • it is better to start with a small farm with a maximum of 50 heads, and then expand the scale of the case;
  • A small dairy with a packaging line will become an important part of a dairy farm, whose business plan is focused on processing its own products.

Actions and means to create your own livestock business

To start a business, you can rent a finished barn and adjacent land. This will require a certain starting capital. To help a novice entrepreneur in organizing a farm for 50 heads of cattle can the state program of concessional lending.

After that, you should register entrepreneurship in the form of a legal entity, open personal accounts to pay for communications. Before starting the work of the barns, it is necessary to undergo an inspection of firefighters, the sanitary-epidemiological service, veterinarians.

The economic activity of any enterprise is related to the financial statements, therefore the livestock complex with a business development plan requires the work of a qualified accountant. In addition, an efficient farm, which seeks to expand markets, provides constant veterinary control. This facilitates the sale of meat and dairy products.

Productive production is impossible without the necessary technology. You will need a tractor with interchangeable attachments, cars that will deliver the products of the cattle farm to the points of sale. In addition, it is impossible to do without a sufficient number of agricultural tools, cans, milking machines.

Company registration, cattle breeding technology

It is necessary to register "LLC" or "IP" depending on the planned production volumes of meat and dairy products. For this, an individual entrepreneur will need a photocopy of the passport, an identification code, a statement certified by a notary, a receipt for payment of state duty. In addition, it is necessary to provide the necessary OKVED codes (01.2 - animal husbandry).

After deciding to breed cattle, it is important to choose the most profitable form of taxation. At the moment, you can work under the simplified scheme (USN - 6% of gross income).

A successful business plan for cattle, which forms the basis of individual farming, is better oriented simultaneously to dairy and meat products. It should be borne in mind that each of these areas has its own unique features. Before opening a dairy farm, the best solution would be to establish interaction with the nearest dairies. This will help ensure a steady sale of fresh produce. Over time, in addition to the dairy and meat business, it is possible to develop the production of hides and wool in parallel for the expansion of business.

The specifics of growing cattle for meat

Before registering the livestock business, you need to study the characteristics of the market in a particular region, the average prices for meat and milk. It is important to calculate the necessary costs. After that, based on the information received, you can try to predict the income of a particular farm.

Growing cattle for meat has its own specifics. It should be noted that the organization of cutting of carcasses and the manufacture of semi-finished products require obtaining permits documentation of the sanitary-epidemiological service, veterinary service, Rospotrebnadzor, state fire supervision.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to provide such papers for the opening of an economy oriented towards the sale of bulls, cows, calves with live weight. Although it is a simpler way to start a business, it is less profitable. Thus, opening your own business in animal husbandry, it is important to take into account all the nuances.

Dairy profitability planning

A plan for breeding dairy cows also needs to be tied to profitability. Revenues from this business are determined by such factors as the productivity of the whole herd, production costs, purchase prices for milk.

A business plan for a dairy farm can only be built with specific data in mind. For example, the profitability of a farm of this type per 50 animals can be calculated as follows.

The average cow gives 5000 liters of milk per year. Thus, from a whole herd under favorable conditions, we can expect 250,000 liters. The wholesale price is within 20 rubles per liter.

To increase economic efficiency, it is possible to equip the processing industry, which will increase the added value of products by 40-50%. For the year in this case, it turns out about 6250000 rubles. By subtracting the necessary operating expenses from this amount, you can get the value of net profit for the year and month, as well as calculate the payback time. To do this, the amount of investment is divided by the monthly profit.

For more information about the planning of two livestock areas can be found in the articles "Business plan of growing bulls for meat" and "Business on breeding cows for milk."

Rent, repair, wages of employees

Calculated costs for the rental, disinfection and repair of industrial, office, utility rooms constitute the mandatory expenditure part of the enterprise budget. A large-scale business requires a full staff, but a small farm will require the hiring of certain people.

For example, a farm for 50 heads of cattle requires the employment of the following personnel (table):

By agreement with the staff, partial payment can be made on farm products.

For the maintenance and cultivation of 50 animals will need a barn with an area of ​​about 1,250 square meters. At the same time, taking into account the increase in production volumes, additional space will be needed. To date, the average rental price is 100-200 rubles per square meter. If repair and disinfection of the premises is required, then an additional 200 rubles per 1 sq. m will be needed. meter.

Arrangement of the barn and territory

Efficient operation of the livestock farm is possible only with the creation of the necessary infrastructure, located on a sufficient area. In addition to the barns, you will need to build or repair open pens, to equip premises for storing feed and inventory. When growing cattle for meat, you need to equip a workshop for slaughter, preparation of semi-finished products. This will require additional permits.

The structure of the barn is required to insulate and isolate all the gaps at a high quality, preventing drafts, flooding, and penetration of precipitation into the room. It is of great importance for the health of the calf and the cow. It is necessary to think over the system of drains, the removal of sewage beyond the barn space, to provide the required number of feeders, drinkers. Special attention is required to install the heating system.

Properly equipped farm is a pledge of effective business for many years.

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