Cattle hoof processing machines


Dairy cows kept in a cattle farm must periodically clean and trim their hooves, for which a special machine is used to process cattle hooves. The need for such a procedure is due to the fact that the stally cows move little, as a result - there is no natural erasure. The veins are deformed and crack, creating discomfort for the animal and significantly reducing its milk productivity.

Cow fixation machines

Cattle is extremely strong and can cause serious damage to the health of service personnel conducting complex preventive or veterinary operations. To simplify work with cows, special tools are used, the most famous of which is the machine for trimming hooves for cattle.

Such a device:

  • reliably fixes the head and body of an animal without squeezing its internal organs;
  • eliminates the occurrence of stressful situations in cattle, affecting its productivity;
  • allows you to securely fasten the limbs of animals and conduct special operations with them;
  • enables one person without assistance to trim hoofs.

Using the machine for fixation, the workers of the livestock farm can inspect and trim their hooves in 150 or more animals within one working day.

Characteristics of fixing machines

Machines for fixing cows from different manufacturers are made using different technologies, but have common properties. This allows their use in barns of any design. They are collapsible or easel, and may also have special wheels that allow you to easily move the device around the barn or take it out to the open space.

An industrial machine for fixing cattle has the shape of a rectangular pen with a length of 2.5 m, a width of 1.1 and a height of up to 2 m. It is made of stainless or galvanized steel and should not have sharp corners that can injure an animal. To fix a cow's body used on chains attached wide leather belts that can support the weight of a large animal.

Hoof trimming is fast and convenient.

For a preventive procedure, the cow is pushed into the machine, where her head is securely fixed with a special frame. Wide leather belts are wound under the chest and hind legs. With the help of mechanical or automatic lifts, the animal lifts a little and the body weight is transferred to the belts (the cattle must barely touch the floor with their feet).

After that, with the help of special belts, the legs of the animal are securely fixed on special metal supports and the operator is given the opportunity to carry out the processing of the hooves with the help of a Bulgarian, a hoofed knife, a cutter or a milling cutter.

Having a gray color, the old hoof is extremely fragile, it cracks and breaks easily, causing the limp of an animal. Experts in a matter of minutes are able to remove the old horn until a white band appears above the young horn, which has a light yellow color and increased elasticity.

How to make a fixing machine for cattle do it yourself

Farmers and private entrepreneurs, containing a small number of cattle, it makes no sense to purchase an expensive industrial machine for cattle. It is much easier to make it yourself, setting in close proximity to the barn.

First you need to prepare a flat platform with the dimensions of 1.55 x 1 m, along the perimeter of which to dig four pillars with a diameter of 150-180 mm. The height of the pillars should be 1.9-2 m.

On three sides at a height of 1 m from the ground, the pillars are fixed with wooden logs or round bars, leaving free space for the rear wall through which the cattle will be driven into the machine.

Two hooks are driven into one of the side logs, and wide strips of a conveyor belt cling to it. In the opposite log you need to make a rotating attachment. They will allow you to tighten the straps using a crowbar or mount, transferring to the tape the weight of the animal fixed in the machine.

Special pads with grooves are cut into all pillars at a height of 35 cm, in which the limbs of cattle must be fastened.

The constructions of the machines for fixing cows and treating hoofs can have various structures, including the use of electric motors, which simplify the process of raising and fixing the animal.

Regardless of which of the cattle fixation machines you will use to trim the hooves of cows, such a procedure will certainly improve the health of your animals, allowing you to increase your milk productivity.

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