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In the article we will tell you how to properly carve a rabbit. After all, buying a whole carcass, you can save a lot. Rabbit meat is characterized by excellent dietary properties. But the different parts of the rabbit meat differ in quality and price. Therefore, it is important to understand which fragments of the carcass have the greatest culinary value, and in accordance with this, it is cut. We will show you what tools to use, and how to prepare portions.

Features rabbit

Rabbit meat belongs to dietary dishes and is well absorbed by the human body. Depending on the breed, adults gain from 4 to 12 kg of live weight. In the skinned and gutted carcass remains only half the mass.

It should be remembered that the following rabbit portions are unsuitable for food:

  • head;
  • skin;
  • entrails, other than the liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs;
  • tips of paws.

The rest of the rabbit meat can be safely roasted, boiled, stewed, baked in the oven. Different parts of the rabbit carcass differ in their culinary properties, so they are used to prepare special dishes. Legs, back part, fillet is better to bake, stew, cook from them kebab, aspic. Ribs, neck, front legs, tail part are perfect for various soups, stews, pilau.

To preserve the best qualities of meat, it is initially necessary to clearly understand how to score a rabbit. Remember that a skinned carcass needs time for the meat to ripen. The first 12 hours is not recommended to put it in the freezer.

Slaughter and gutting

In the household, it is important to be able to quickly kill and carve the carcass of an eared animal without unnecessary waste. To slaughter animals should be the most humane way. Animals are killed in different ways, but the following method is most common.

Rabbit firmly take one hand on his hind legs. When he stops twitching, they beat him hard behind the ears with a heavy stick. Because of the rupture of the spinal cord, the animal dies instantly, without experiencing great suffering.

In addition to this method, there are other options: some prefer to slaughter the eared bird, others use electricity. For more information on how to kill an animal, see the article "Slaughtering a rabbit: how and when."

You also need to be able to properly skin the carcass. After removing the skins start gutting. For this rabbit, you should put your back on a cutting board and make a cut across the peritoneum up to the sternum. Then you have to pull out all the internal organs.

Gutting carcass must be very carefully. In no case can not damage the bladder or gallbladder, because it can spoil the taste of meat. The quality and quality of meat is judged by the color and purity of the rabbit liver. It should be red without light dull spots.

From the viscera, you can use the liver, heart, lungs and kidneys, which are left inside. Offal required to wash, getting rid of blood clots, dry with napkins. The skinned carcass can be butchered further.

What inventory will be needed

High-quality cutting of the rabbit at home can not be done without the right tools, which should always be at hand. The most familiar to each kitchen are a cutting board and a sharp knife.

Raw meat is cut most often on a special plastic or bamboo board. Special scissors for cutting large bones will help to cut the rabbit's carcass into portions. If there are no such scissors, then you can effectively use a kitchen hatchet.

The main thing - do not chop tubular bones, because due to their strength, they can scatter into many small sharp fragments that are dangerous to humans. These tools are preferably used for cutting ribs, spine.

Cutting a rabbit requires care. To prevent possible injury to hands due to sharp bones, it is advisable to use protective gloves. Convenient work will provide deep capacity, where you can put the prepared pieces.

How to carve the carcass

If you follow technology precisely, then you can carve a rabbit quickly and easily. Cut the whole carcass should be as much as possible on the joints with a knife, and should be chopped only in the most extreme cases.

Next, consider how to carve the rabbit into portions. First of all, it is recommended to separate the back together with the limbs. To do this, you need to put the carcass belly down, spread the hind legs to the side. Making an incision on the pulp on both sides of the spine, walk to the bone and eat it with special scissors (cut with a kitchen hatchet).

The hind limbs must be carefully separated from the central part with a sharp knife along the line of the tendons. On the joints, you can cut the shin from the thigh. As a result, at this stage, a carcass with a front paw, two lower legs, two hips, and a tail part are obtained.

At the next stage of cutting the rabbit's carcass, one should carefully separate the front legs with a knife, cutting each of them along the joint into the forearm and shoulder part. After that, you need to go to the body.

Using kitchen scissors to separate the meat pieces with ribs. They get 5-7 pieces. Depending on the size of the carcass, the back is divided into several parts. Soft tissue is cut off from the side of the abdomen, sternum and back. The result is 2-4 loin pieces, 2 pieces of belly, 2-4 servings of meat from the back.

What to do with a whole carcass

Whole rabbit carcass with giblets is a little harder to cut. First you need to break the ankles, cut the tendons to get rid of the tips of the paws with wool. Then, with a sharp movement to tear off the tail. In the area of ​​the first vertebra cut off the head.

In the next step, you need to turn the carcass to the back and make a cut to the chest along a slightly noticeable white line in the middle of the abdomen. To separate the insides from the tissues must be very careful. Special attention requires gall bladder. If these organs are damaged, their contents may adversely affect the quality of the meat.

Uniform red color of a liver without any white inclusions testifies to health of an animal.

It is recommended to get the heart and lungs, and it is better to leave the kidneys and fat inside the body cavity. After that, the carcass should be cleaned of dirt, wash it from the inside. We now turn to how to carve a rabbit into portions.

First you need to cut off the fat side pieces, a layer of boneless flesh from the abdomen. Then you should turn the carcass, make a straight incision along the spine. The filet portion is recommended to be cut into pieces. On the other hand, to give more juiciness to the meat, you can not disconnect it from the bones.

Next you need to carefully separate the joints hind legs. Depending on their size, we separate the lower leg and thigh. At the next stage, it is better to cut off the coccyx part in the lumbar region. Next, using scissors to cut the ribs, divide the back into 3-4 parts.

Fillet cutting

With a clear idea of ​​how to cut a rabbit, at home you can get the right amount of sirloin for the most delicious and delicious dishes. In this case, before dividing the carcass into individual pieces, you need to cut the meat succulent parts.

Before cutting the rabbit, it is better to lay it on its side or back and cut the soft tissue from the abdomen in the direction from the tail to the neck. This should be done alternately on both sides. Then you should separate the back part with the hind limbs. This requires incision of the tendon and fracture the spine. Hind legs can be divided into shin and thigh.

At the next stage, the carcass can be flattened on a cutting board, cut off muscle tissue from the ribs located along the spine. Cut up rabbit meat is divided into sirloin chunks and pieces that are perfect for cooking and stewing. Before cooking, meat must be laid out for at least 12 hours. If this is not done, the unpleasant smell will remain.

How to do everything fast

Now how to carve a rabbit in a few minutes. This method is used when time is short. It is important as a result to get even beautiful pieces.

For such work you need only a well-ground knife and a cutting board. It should begin with the separation of the back of the carcass, making a cut in the lumbar region. Then cut off the hind legs along the articular tendons and divide them into the shin and thigh.

The next step is to separate the front legs. On the remaining carcass along the ridge make an incision. It is important to stick with the direction from the tail to the neck. We cut the soft tissues above the spine, and the rest of the body is divided into pieces about 3 cm wide. We make cuts between the ribs, and we cut the ridge between the vertebrae.

In the process of cooking dishes from rabbit meat, the pieces can still be reduced. When processing a frozen carcass, it is necessary to defrost it before cooking. To this end, it is recommended to put it inside a bowl of cold water and vinegar. To prepare the mixture will need 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar dissolved in 3 liters of water.

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