Harness and muzzles for bulls


Young cattle should be taught to order from an early age, and the halter for the cow helps in this. Calves can bite and injure the owners, because by force and power they are quite equal to adult individuals. The muzzle for the calf is an invention, also indispensable in the field of agriculture. You can purchase the product in the online store or make it yourself. In this article you will learn what these devices can be, and which one should be chosen in a particular case.

Types of muzzles for cows

There are a number of features in feeding calves. Breeders actively use the muzzle for calves, which is designed to ensure that the young are not attached to the udder of the cow, and accustomed to feeding with white bread with salt and milk. The reason for the purchase of this device is also a weaning from a cow udder. The product provides an opportunity for the owner to care for animals, without being exposed to the danger of being bitten.

There are several types of muzzles. They can be made of solid leather, individual belts, plastic with holes, or a metal mesh grille.

Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Some materials for muzzles become wet, lose their former shape, wear out or are not intended to be washed at all. The most suitable models are fixtures made of metal mesh. They are distinguished by hygiene, durability, safety for animals. Also, products can be upgraded, thereby adding aesthetics, as well as improving the technology of the design itself.

There are a number of ways of making muzzles: casting, assembling individual parts, forming from leather. In most cases it is necessary to use special tools (strain, shears for cutting on metal).

The most effective way is cutting, forming a single structure.

Production of muzzles for cattle should be focused on the most optimal size and suitable shape of the product for safe operation in the economy.

The process of making a muzzle using simple materials

The main prerequisite for the production of a muzzle is the need to wean the bull from the udder. This device allows the owner to limit the animal in undesirable actions. How to make a muzzle on their own, few know. Listen to the recommendations of experienced breeders.

For hand-made production you need to purchase the following:

  • dense cotton fabric;
  • tapes;
  • quite thick and durable threads;
  • a pair of straps;
  • clasp.

In order to avoid accidental errors in determining the dimensions of the product, a measuring tape should be used. First you need to perform accurate measurements of the bull's muzzle. It will be necessary to calculate the distance from the nose to the back of the head, the length of the muzzle and the volume of the animal's mouth ajar. Then prepare the pattern for the future fixture. Next - cut pieces of matter, given that the width must be made 4 times more than required.

Collect all the details and begin to sew the muzzle by hand, using ordinary thread. You can also carry out the process through the sewing machine, if it is available. At the end of production, a strap is sewn to one end of the device, and a fastener to the other. Bulls have great strength and power, because of this they should wear muzzles, even when animals are in the pen. By adhering to these product recommendations, you will spend a small amount of time and get excellent results in the form of a quality holding device for the bull.

Features bridles and halters

Fixing an animal to care for it is the main purpose of the halters. The devices allow you to clean, handle, bind cows in the process of group housing. Usually the device consists of two parts: one is designed to be fixed on the back of the head; the other is to cover the muzzle.

If you want to make a self-made halter yourself, it has worked well in a private courtyard. Products can be made from leather, nylon, cotton fabric. The use of this device greatly facilitates the care of the animal, while not interfering with his eating. The device consists of a durable canvas tape, crossbar, ring, carabiner, fastener. Before use, it is necessary to thread a dog leash in the ring, which will allow the farmer to control the behavior of cattle.

The bridle allows you to control, indicate turns or stop the animals during movement. Most often, the material for the manufacture of leather acts, so the device requires special care. After use, it must be removed and allowed to rest. Rinse the parts thoroughly with clean running water, wipe dry with a cloth. Once a week it is possible to make greasing with fat cream.

In order for livestock to be adapted to the household, accustom him to work with the help of bridles and halters from an early age.

Thanks to the retaining devices the owner has the ability to set the direction of movement of the bull and independently regulate its pace. These products will help you to fully control the behavior of cattle.

Making a bridle for cattle do it yourself

In the production process of the bridle, a material made of a mine conveyor belt is used, which is highly durable. The long part of the device is a belt 90 cm long, its end is wrapped in a ring with a diameter of 5 cm and nailed in with rivets. The ratchet part is 40 cm in size, made of a leather belt of a soldier and is connected from two sides to the rings. The short element of this product is 30 cm, it is fastened with a buckle and buckle, which includes a belt and fastens at the neck of the animal.

The lower part of the bridle is made of welded iron chain, which is attached to the ring, moving when turning the head of the animal. For quick disassembly and replacement of the chain should pick up high-quality connecting links.

In the middle of the ratchet part there is a handle attached, for example, from old furniture, to which a carabiner and a ring, which is located on the nose of a bull, join. This allows you to constantly keep the little ring in a suspended state, providing the possibility of feeding the animal without interference. The bridle of cattle allows you to effortlessly turn the head of the bull in the desired direction.

Halter - an indispensable product when walking cattle

The checked adaptation by means of which it is possible to operate the bull without problems, is the halter. Thanks to this product, you can turn the head of livestock in the desired direction. For the manufacture of halter calf should take a canvas collar and secure the crossbar on it. In the middle of the muzzle we catch a ring on the collar to attach a leash to it. In this case, the head of the animal should easily pass into the resulting hole.

The device fastens behind the ears and allows the bull to drink water and pinch grass. When putting on the crossbar fits to the muzzle, a dog leash clings to the ring, which allows the calf to be led in the direction required by the owner. The principle of the halter for animals is the same as that of the ring in the nose of cattle, but only without the slightest pain. The sizes of all parts are selected for each individual individually.

The purpose of the calf sled

Harness for bulls can be intended for one or several animals. Usually there are such elements in a harness:

  • yoke;
  • traction leather belts;
  • nail pin, adjusting the size of the yoke;
  • rear transverse thrust;
  • the union of the two halves of the yoke;
  • cross belt;
  • holes for cotter pin;
  • mount traction belts.

With the help of harness bulls at an early age are accustomed to transport various goods. Because of this, cattle is a great helper in the household.

The locking device allows you to fully control the trajectory of movement. If the product breaks, it can create a danger to people and animals that are close to the bull.

There is strong pressure on the team, so it is important to pay special attention to the manufacturing process. The main requirement for the elements of the harness - they must be very strong, reliable and quality made. The performance of these animals in the farm is completely dependent on the details of the equipment presented.

Hand-made calf collar production

To make a calf collar with your own hands, you must use rubber or leather, nails, washers, rivets or bolts with nuts, a steel tube of small diameter, and a hammer.

First you need to hold the iron rod in a vice and make a ring out of it into which the nail is inserted. After that, a square clasp is made and the quality is welded.

Next, from the metal tube to make a hack. For this, 2 holes are made in the strap and a slot is made with a knife. Insert the clasp into it, and the "tongue" will move freely.

At the next stage, the rivets are made; a plate with pre-drilled holes is placed under them. When the collar is almost ready, you need to make a loop into which you can push the extra belt. Take the old chain, remove one link from there, put it on the strap and rivet. On the other side of the device, every 3 centimeters, punch 6-7 holes for secure fastening. Collar for Burenka ready.

In the household without a collar for a cow can not do. It can also be made of nylon tape (should give the device strength), rawness (eliminates the occurrence of discomfort, rubbing and damage in cattle), steel (provides a reliable, safe mount).

Collars for bulls sometimes provide spikes, because the males have incredible power. Therefore, they can be forced to obey only with the help of pain.

In any case, when caring for a household, it is important not to forget about responsibility for the health and safety of the animal. You need to be humane, careful and not allow his suffering.

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