Running cow: what is it


In this article we will explain what a cow run is. This is the name of the process of stopping milking before calving. The period of pregnancy and childbirth takes away a lot of strength from the animal. It must gain mass, replenish energy, rest. This is necessary for the birth of a healthy calf and the formation of high-quality lactation in the future. The need to use the procedure is most often needed when the Burenka has high milk yield. There are cases of self-launch, but only in cattle with short periods of milk production.

Time to run cow

In the question of how to properly run a cow, you need to adhere to the time frame and make sure that she is provided with everything necessary during pregnancy and at the time of calving. Also note that the willingness to fertilize lasts only a few days. At the end of this time, contact with the bull will not work.

A farmer must calculate his strength, because it depends on how many times in a year he can run an animal - one or two. The most convenient way to do this is during the cold season, as in the summer the ration mainly contains fresh green food that promotes milk production. The organization of this process requires careful adjustment.

If cows had high productivity, then time is needed to restore the udder. A kind of rest is needed for two months. When the fetus grows, then the mammary gland changes. If the cattle is not very healthy, then the number of dead days can be reduced, but this is not necessary. In both cases, the launch should be as smooth as possible. In the case of self-starting, it is not necessary to maintain lactation, but rather to correct the food and content.

Proper gradual launch

Diligent farmers and other cattle owners should be prepared for changes in the lives of their wards. To get a full-fledged offspring and to establish lactation, you need to properly start a cow in front of the hotel. This means that the milking process stops and the dry period begins. It has a positive effect on the health of the cub and his mother.

It is best to stop her milk for 40-60 days before the birth of calves. The number of days can be increased to 70-77, if the cow was started for the first time or gives a highly productive milk yield. This method allows the milk to absorb the beneficial trace elements that the calf will receive in the first months after birth.

The dry period can be accompanied by stress in the animal, because the diet, milking, grazing on pasture changes. An approximate cow launch plan is given:

  • milking in two sets on the first day;
  • milking once in the morning for the next two days;
  • two more days they milk a cow only in the evenings;
  • on the sixth day they milk only in the morning;
  • the seventh day is one evening milking.

Udder requires special attention. Extraction should be to the last drop, and to avoid mastitis massage is used. When hardening shares need to seek help from a veterinarian.

Meals during this period

If the cattle before the start gave large volumes of milk per day, then juicy feed and heavy drinking are removed from the feed, and the concentrates give no more than 1 kg per day. However, you can increase the amount of straw and hay. Changing the diet and transfer to a new stall creates a stressful situation, which greatly reduces the production of milk.

If the whole process takes place in spring or summer, then gradually reduce, but not completely remove, the grazing time in the pasture. It will be enough 4-5 hours. There should not be an abundance of juicy grass. If the launch occurs in normal mode, then a decrease in the udder will be noticeable. Most often it takes from 5 to 8 days.

When there is approximately a week before calving, legumes and grass hay are included in the diet. Concentrates give about 900 g, and if the individual is well-fed, then exclude completely.

Instant start

If the economy is large, then applying the method of gradual start is too troublesome. This is best done thoroughly at home, when there are not many heads of cattle and they can be given due attention.

Under farm conditions, a cow cannot undergo such lengthy procedures, since it incurs losses. Cattle, giving a large amount of milk, does not start gradually. During the dry period, lactation continues anyway. If you reduce the milking, as indicated in the parent scheme, it will necessarily lead to mastitis. For such cases, a one-time launch was created. It can still be called medication.

When and how to start a cow with this method, only a doctor can say for sure. The owner only needs to know that this technology is absolutely safe for the animal and greatly facilitates the transition to dead wood. There is a specific procedure that must be followed.

First of all, 50 days before the calf should appear, the food changes: you exclude succulent feeds, reduce them, and add hay. 10 days after the evening milking, milk is collected from each nipple for analysis. It helps to identify different pathologies.

Use of drugs

On the day of launch, the cows before the hotel are thoroughly given out, washed and dry udder.

After that, it is disinfected and anti-mastitis drugs are injected into the mammary gland through the nipple with a syringe dispenser. Wide spectrum antibiotics are used. One of them is "Nafpenzal DC", whose single-dose is designed for one quarter of the udder.

When the medication is injected, you need to hold the nipple for 2 minutes, and then massage for a high-quality distribution and absorption of the substance. After which the udder must be sanitized again.

The antibiotic does not have a negative impact on the fetus and in the subsequent lactation period the cow gives a greater amount of milk.

After the introduction of the drug milking stops. The first days, the udder may swell, but this is normal and it goes away itself. After this, the cow can be transferred to dead wood.

Proper and full-fledged cows run is an exception to mastitis and culling of animals. If you follow the described rules, you will receive not one liter of tasty milk, as well as healthy offspring.

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