How to milk cows with your hands


In the old days, even a child could show how to milk a cow with his hands. But now, not many people have this skill. From our article you will learn from which side to approach the cow what needs to be done before, and what after milking. We will tell you what tools are needed, get acquainted with the methods and features of milking. And also we will reveal the secrets of how to prevent a decrease in the volume of milk and health problems in an animal.

We will figure out how to prepare for the milking process

The first step is to establish contact with the animal. The cow is a very sensitive creature. She gets used to the milker, recognizes his voice, touch and even smell. Come so that the animal can see you, the unexpected appearance may scare him.

Approaching the burenka, stroke her, talk to her gently. Then the cow is recommended to bind. If necessary, she can confuse her hind legs with a rope so that she does not kick and also fix the tail.

Before milking the cow, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of hygiene. On your hands and clothes, the udder of the animal, the dishes are a lot of bacteria that can spoil the quality and safety of the milk produced. In this regard, you need to:

  • clear stall from manure;
  • it is desirable to ventilate the room;
  • prepare a clean mug, enamelled bucket;
  • wear a clean robe or apron, headdress (cap, kerchief);
  • wash your hands with warm water;
  • wash the cow udder with household soap and water.

Water should be about 40 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to the temperature of the animal's body. Using a fluid with a higher temperature may cause the milk to roll.

After washing, the udder must be wiped dry with a clean towel. Also dry your hands dry. For convenience, it is recommended to sit on a stool to the right of the cow, place the dishes under the udder, it can be fixed with your feet.

An important stage - udder massage

In order to stimulate milk flow, the milker should massage the udder for about a minute. At this time, the cow produces hormone, relaxing muscles and nipple sphincters. Thanks to this, you can milk all the milk completely.

Neglect of the massage will lead to the fact that the amount of milk will inevitably begin to decline.

The procedure consists of light strokes of the right and left parts of the udder in width and length. At the same time, you can inspect the mammary gland of the cows for damage and seals.

Massage allows you to prepare the animal, to ensure the full return of milk, increase milk production, prevent mastitis.

Milking methods and their features

Milking a cow is done either with two fingers - a “pinch”, or five - with a “fist”. The first method is more traumatic for the animal and can cause pain. But its use is reasonable for heifers, because their nipples have not yet reached the standard size.

If you are compelled to milk the cow by the first method, you should pinch the nipples with your thumb and forefinger. Fingers in this position move from top to bottom, pumping milk into a bucket or other dishes. Movement should be cautious, soft, effortless to avoid injury to the udder.

Now it's the turn to tell how to milk a cow with a fist. Place your palm on the nipple, clasp it with all your fingers. In this case, the index finger should be located under the thumb. While you do not press on the nipple, it is replenished with milk.

Then you must proceed as follows. Thumb and index finger squeeze. So you block the nipple cistern, so the return of the milk will not occur. Then alternately squeeze the middle, ringless fingers and little finger, pushing the milk into the dishes. Open the fist so that the milk comes back to the nipple.

How to milk a cow is up to you, but in any case it is recommended:

  • milk milk three times a day (at 5-6, 12-13 and 18-19 hours), which will lead to high milk yields;
  • do not bend the nipple;
  • do not allow the milk to fall on the fingers;
  • The first portion of milk, literally a few streams, decant into a clean mug to reduce the number of bacteria in the product;
  • drain the milk to the last drop to avoid stagnation and mastitis;
  • make vigorous movements with a nipple compression rate of 70-100 per minute.

Be sure to milk all nipples. This is due to the structure of the udder. It consists of the shares divided by a partition, therefore milk from one share does not come to another. Remember that we milk the front parts of the udder first, then the rear ones.

Post Milking Actions

When you feel that the milk has stopped coming to the nipples, you can consider the main milking of the cow finished. Again, it's time to pamper the buren with a massage. But this is not just your gratitude to the animal, but also concern for its health. Your task is to understand whether the milk is left. First, massage from the base to the apex and from the edge to the center of the right half of the udder, then similarly - the left half of the breast. Milk again if necessary.

Then the udder is wiped with a dry cloth and smeared with melted butter or a special cream to prevent cracks.

Caring for the health of the cow is a guarantee of high yields.

The way you take care of your cow, directly affects its productivity. Special attention should be paid to the health of the animal. After all, coarse, sloppy milking can lead to udder swelling, mastitis, narrowing of the nipple canal and, as a result, tightness.

Non-compliance with hygiene measures - to furunculosis, inflammation of the udder, cracks. All this may require the intervention of a veterinarian. But following the rules described will help you avoid problems.

When it comes to large-scale milk production, milking machines are indispensable. But if we talk about subsidiary farming with one cow, we can give preference to the manual method of milking a cow.

We hope that the article was useful for you, in your comments below you can reflect which way you like more.

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