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Today, many farms use the technology of machine milking of cows. It is very effective and convenient if you follow all the necessary rules. In addition, the robotic method can significantly reduce the time required for milking. When using this method, you need to be able to carry out the correct preparation for milking, timely teach the cows to use new equipment for them, and take into account several important points.

The main nuances of the process

Machine milking of cows is carried out using a special milking machine. Milk is produced by the pressure drop in it. This equipment can be used not only on large farms, but also at home in a subsidiary farm. That's just worth it is not cheap.

Before using machine milking of cows, it is necessary to allow an animal to get used to the equipment. Therefore, the process of using an electric robot for milking should be carried out in stages. When a first-working girl is taught, whose birth has passed without complications, the device can be used immediately or in a couple of days. This should be resolved by a veterinarian. However, it should be borne in mind that manual and automatic milking of cows should not be combined, since this will negatively affect the amount of milk.

Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to examine the udder of the cow, to identify possible mastitis or other diseases. It is also necessary to pay attention to the index of vyivaemost If after using the milking equipment in the udder of the cow, more than 500 g of product remains, then it is best to carry out the manual manipulation. The body of each animal has its own individual characteristics. Therefore, sometimes hauling cows to machine milking is simply ineffective.

The principle of operation of the apparatus

The mechanization of milking cows involves the use of special installations that operate using a vacuum pump. In addition, the system may include a node for additional pressure. The device works on a certain principle. Due to the vacuum, the milk is handed over to the cup, which is put on the udder, and then goes down the tube into a can or bucket. Then with the help of milk lines the liquid is sent to the main tanks. After that, the bowl that you want to rinse thoroughly, removed from the nipples.

Equipment is two-and three-stroke. The first option involves limited functionality: the nipple is compressed, and the milk is pumped out. The three-cycle device for robotization of milking is advanced. When a cow is milked with such a device, each nipple is squeezed in turn and it is given a little time to regain its shape and restore blood supply.

Regardless of what device the farmer uses, milking is done thanks to the collector and the pulsator. A typical device performs approximately 75 movements per minute, and an advanced device makes about 55.

The work of a three-stroke apparatus feels like sucking an udder calf, therefore more comfort for a cow.

What equipment to choose

To tame a cow to a robotic process and milk it as efficiently as possible, you need to choose high-quality equipment. To begin with, the features of the animal should be determined. It is important to understand how easily it gives milk, and only after that to buy equipment.

If possible, it is best to purchase a three-stroke unit. It is most often bought in conditions of large-scale production, when there is no opportunity to individually approach each cow. When milking one cow, which has no problems with the udder, you can use a push-pull unit.

It is necessary to pay attention to the type of motor. Oil motors are more difficult to maintain, because they need to constantly pour oil. In winter, it often freezes, so there are problems with the operation of the device. With dry-type devices also have difficulty. There were cases when they were washed after milking, and milk was often in the engine. If farmers decide to milk the cow during grazing, you need to use equipment of the appropriate configuration. They cool the milk container and facilitate the free movement of the device.

Taming and preparation for milking

It is necessary to think over all the nuances in advance and understand how to accustom the cow to the milking machine. Preparation should begin before birth, until the calf was born. Animals need to get into the room for robotic milking and feed there for several days. At the same time, it is necessary to turn on the devices so that cattle (cattle) can get used to their appearance and reproduced sounds.

Preparing cows for the milking process consists in examining the state of the mammary gland. It is impossible to carry out manipulations if injuries or any reddening are detected. If they are not found, the udder must first be washed with warm water. It is undesirable to use too hot or icy water, because it can cause discomfort in the cows. The result will be a decrease in total milk yield.

Use of detergents is not recommended. Wash the mammary glands of cows with special disinfectant preparations. Hygiene is very important and affects the quality of milk. The udder must be clear at every milking. It must be carefully wiped with a cloth or paper towels and only this equipment attached. If cloth towels are used, then for each cow it should be its own. This will prevent the development of disease.

How to carry out the procedure

Now let's look at how to properly milk a cow with a milking machine so that the efficiency of the process is high. Before using the method of robotic milking in animal husbandry, you need to check whether the machine is working. Using faulty equipment can harm an animal. Here are the basic rules:

  • before milking the cow, do a light udder massage to improve the milk flow;
  • after the procedure, manually squeeze the nipple to get milk to check its quality;
  • then turn on the machine to increase the required pressure;
  • put the suction cups on the nipple so that there is almost no air inside;
  • set the required milking mode, which should last a maximum of 7 minutes with a frequency of about 55 cycles per minute;
  • As soon as the milk stops flowing and the udder softens, the device must be removed.

When it comes to how to milk a cow with a milking machine, it is worth mentioning that doding is sometimes required. Studying animals for this is also done immediately after removing the device. It is necessary to pull the device with bowls down and forward with the left hand, and with the right hand to make a gentle udder massage.

What to do after the procedure

The rules for milking cows are important, but you need to know what to do after the process is complete, and how to care for the equipment. As soon as the milk is finished, the udder must be treated with an antiseptic solution. In addition, it is necessary to regularly wash the milking machine and wipe it with a cloth moistened with a disinfecting solution or a special washing agent for cleaning the equipment.

It is necessary to carry out equipment maintenance on time, to comply with all the manufacturer's recommendations for the model used. Milking machines are not eternal. Their rubber parts become useless, lose elasticity and begin to crack. Bowls cease to fit snugly to the udder, so air can get inside. As a result, milking will not be of high quality, but milk may lose its consumer qualities.

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