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The hardy and noble Vladimir horse is in demand among farmers engaged in agricultural activities. Unfortunately, modern technologies and devices are gradually replacing equestrian labor. In the Soviet years there was a period when the number of purebred stallions fell so much that the species almost disappeared. Up to now horse breeding works are carried out to improve the breed, but every year the demand for a horse decreases.

Where did the breed come from

Gavrilov Posad Horse Stud

In tsarist Russia for some time there was no horse at all, which could be harnessed with heavy weight. But the need for it experienced all sectors of society.

In the Vladimir county, animals were raised that are distinguished by their endurance, strength and performance. These horses were provided by Moscow, Vladimir and Yaroslavl.

The horse plant was located in Gavrilov Posad. Since the beginning of the 18th century, it began to engage in the breeding of heavy-weighted individuals.

For many years, breeders could not achieve a positive result, so by the end of the century another stable had been established under the state. All forces in the sovereign's stable were directed at breeding the heavy truck breed.

For this, heavy-stallion stallions were brought from abroad. Among them were the French Percherons, English Suffolk, Arden from Belgium, Scottish Clydesdali, and Shire from Great Britain.

Start of selection

Breeders carefully selected the most resistant, strong individuals and crossed them with local purebred mares. The resulting offspring was again selected by special criteria and crossed.

Over time, the resulting stallions became hardy, adapted to hard work, unpretentious in the care. They also had high exterior data that made them special.

Selection work has been going on for decades. Only by the middle of the 20th century, the working horses of the Gavrilo Posad horse factory turned into the best heavy horse stallions.

In 1936, the stable was disbanded, and in its place appeared Gavrilovo Posad gospromrassadnik. It was during this period that all varieties of the bred horse breed were classified and separated.

The proximity of the sovereign's stable to Vladimir gave the breed a name.

The Vladimir Heavy Draft is a breed of horses that played a significant role in the restoration of our country after the Second World War.

Description of the Vladimir breed

General characteristics

The horse of the Vladimir breed, obtained by long selection, has good appearance, dense muscles, high productivity and calm character.

Vladimir representative horses - the best option for use in the household.

Stallion exterior

When choosing a heavy breed, consider its size. The standard of the Vladimir horse is the body length of 175 centimeters, and the height at the withers is 170 centimeters. The chest girth should be at least two meters.

Horse weight varies from 900 to 1200 kilograms. Metacarpa standard long, about 30 centimeters. The head is wide, with a powerful cranium, convex forward, and also a long neck.

The Vladimir horse is heavy and healthy in appearance, the blades are a little slanting. The main strength of the animal in the legs - they are quite thick due to the muscles, long and developed.

The horse has a reddish or bay color, and black and brown heavy trucks are considered rare specimens. The lower part of the legs is decorated with white stockings, and the head and abdomen are stained with light shades.

The wool of the Vladimir horse breed is smooth, not very long, but thick. The tail and mane are very dense, voluminous and long.

Character and temper

By their liking stallions are energetic and active. Sometimes it seems that they do not get tired at all. Heavy trucks get along well with people, have a calm and friendly character.

Animals positively relate to children, calmly carry them on top of themselves. During the teams do not kick and do not kick, obeying the occasion. That is why it is not difficult to train a Vladimir horse to hard work.

In addition, the Vladimir heavy truck quickly gets used to all sorts of tasks. For example, to move from place to place boulders of stones or other heavy loads. A developed system of muscles and thirst for work made them resilient.


Initially, the Vladimir heavyweight was created in order to participate in agricultural work, helping farmers in their difficult work. The muscular horse is of no dairy and meat value.

According to the records officially registered in Russia, one drawn horse of the Vladimir breed is capable of carrying a weight, weighing one and a half tons, over a distance of two kilometers in five minutes.

Experiments were conducted. The horses were loaded with a weight of 4.5 tons, after which they were sent to the same distance. With such a burden, they managed in just 12-13 minutes. Of course every time the horses do not load with such a load, but their strength is obvious.

The peculiarity of the working characteristics of the horse was independence from weather conditions. Despite the rain, wind or snow, it will go with the cargo to the goal.

Positive and negative qualities

The advantage of the breed of heavy trucks is their versatility. In addition, the horse has a calm disposition, easily adapts to society, and the period of effective work is more than 20 years.

Despite the weather conditions, the horses will work and carry out the instructions of the owner. For some genera, a mare is able to bring up to 60% male foals, which has a good effect on the further breeding of representatives of the breed.

The disadvantages include a soft and painful back, flat ribs, slowness and a shallow body.

Where is used Vladimir heavyweight

The main goal of breeders is to produce a horse that can carry cargo for a long time. However, the scope of use of representatives of this breed is quite large:

  • transportation and movement of cargo on farms and private households;
  • competitions on hippodromes between threes drawn by sleds;
  • breeding goals as a pedigree hardy producer;
  • nature walks in private equestrian organizations;
  • hunters get a horse for riding a game.

In addition, the horses of the breed of Vladimir heavy truck are of extraordinary beauty, so they are often used for wedding and other photo shoots.

How to contain purebred heavy truck


Horse Vladimir breed feels great in the stall. Separate rooms have a positive effect on the well-being and productivity of animals. If there is no such possibility, the horse will calmly react to the general stalls.

For stall easier to care for. But due to the size of the horse, it must be spacious, which means it will take up a lot of space. Complete isolation from other individuals will make the representative aggressive, wayward, reduce appetite.

To avoid this, it is recommended to install grilles between adjacent rooms. So the horse of the Vladimir breed will see its neighbors, and get used to their company.

Keeping horses in stalls, which are separated from each other by low walls, will significantly save space. Individuals will be next to each other, without experiencing a lack of communication.

Less stalling - if in cold weather at least one horse gets sick, the infection can quickly move to the rest of the livestock. In order to prevent unpleasant consequences, it is better to place the herd in the stalls for the winter.

Dimensions of stalls and stalls

In order for the horse of the Vladimir breed to feel calm and comfortable, it is recommended to make stalls with a height of at least three meters.

In addition, the high ceiling will provide natural ventilation of the air in the stall. Fresh air will benefit all livestock. Be sure to consider exhaust ventilation, which will not form drafts.

For one stallion or mare it is necessary to allocate room 2 by 2.5 meters. It is important to consider that the horse loves the light, so each stall should be equipped with a spacious window. Dark and wet rooms cause visual impairment.

If the windows of the stable are located on the south side, cover them with a light cloth.

Floor and bedding

The best option for the floor will be wooden logs. Concrete is considered more durable material, but it absorbs moisture worse, because of which the damp is divorced.

If the floor in the stalls is concrete, take care of the gutters.

Use straw and sawdust as bedding. This backfill ensures a fresh smell, and the moisture that gets on it will quickly be absorbed.


The optimum temperature at which the herd feels good varies from 8 to 11 degrees above zero.

Vladimir heavy trucks are resistant to low temperatures, but lowering it below 3 degrees is not desirable. In warm weather, the temperature in the stable can increase significantly. To prevent stuffiness, air the room and clean every evening.


As a container for food and water use metal or wooden baths, upholstered in tin. Make sure the corners are rounded. Thus, cleaning and disinfecting feeders will not give you trouble.

Drinking bowls should be metal, the height from the floor to them should not be less than a meter. It is also recommended to use angular containers that go halfway into the common corridor.


An important part of care is taking care of the cleanliness of the body, mane and tail of the animal.

Comb horses for draft need for hair growth. For a better effect, treat the mane and tail with special lotions, so they will be less confused.

When you leave, do not make mistakes that can lead to sad consequences: do not sit at the horse's hind legs and do not make sudden movements.

Wash horses of the breed of heavy truck twice in seven days. To wash prepare warm water, pay special attention to the feet.

Hooves and legs are treated with soda solution once a day, towards evening, when the horse has finished chores. The procedure prevents skin irritations and hooves inflammation caused by dirt.

Dirt, pebbles and earth are scraped off with special crochet hooves. They are carefully examined for cracks and chips. Treat wounds can be hydrogen peroxide.

Pay attention to the teeth and the animal. Regularly should be their examination for the presence of inflammation, infection, caries. Every six months, invite a veterinarian who will accurately determine the condition of the horse.

Stable cleaning

Before harvesting, the entire herd is brought to grazing. The first step is to collect manure and wet parts of the litter. All of this is taken to a compost pit or they order a car for export. Next, fall asleep new hay and sawdust, clean the trough under the food and water with warm water.

Cleaning should be no less than once every two days, so one adult horse is able to postpone a litter up to 12 times a day and pour out seven liters of urine. Dangerous fumes will harm the health of the herd.

Feed and water

Thoroughbred horses are fed three times a day: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. To maintain muscular strength and good health, the diet should consist of apples, oats, hay, bran, carrots, as well as essential minerals.

For an adult individual the optimal menu will be:

  • 8 kg of oats;
  • 16 kg of hay;
  • 2 kg of roughage;
  • 2 kg of apples;
  • 3 kg of carrots.

In addition to three meals a day, it is important to give each horse salt in briquettes. And for the prevention of ulcers - grass hay.

Before giving oats to a Vladimir breed horse, provide it with water. In one day, an adult horse can drink up to 80 liters of pure water.

Prospects for breeders

There are barely a dozen factories in Russia where heavy horse breeds are bred. Of all the herds, only a hundred marks fall on the Vladimir horse. However, the prospect of breeding a bit, but there is.

An elegant appearance and calm character widely spread the horse in circuses, in the tourist field, as well as in the field of equestrian tourism. Children and adults are happy to take pictures with a handsome, ride him on horseback or just feed.

Also, the horses of the Vladimir breed became a real decoration of city parks, they are harnessed into carriages and entertain passers-by with skating.

Well, the last reason for getting these horses, is to participate in sports competitions, where you can earn money.

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