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Horse Budennovskaya horse - one of the most frisky breeds that can be found in Russia. Initially, the horse was designed to perform power tasks, so it does not take stamina. In addition to their distinctive character and character, representatives of the Budennovsk breed have many other characteristic features. Horses will be excellent assistants for riding and will be able to show themselves at the racetrack. Details in the article.

The history of the origin of "budennovskoy" horse

The need for breeding strong horses

The question of creating the most frisky horses matured in Russia during the wars of the first quarter of the twentieth century. Heavy equipment only entered military operations, and the cavalry in the old manner decided the outcome of the battle. Therefore, in parallel with the development of industry, it became necessary to breed a strong breed of four-legged fighters.

In the fall of 1920, Don breeders received an order from the Horse Breeding and Horse Breeding Department to remove for the needs of the army a hardy breed of horses for cavalry.

Then they consulted not only with breeders, but also with the military - they first of all knew what characteristics horses should have during their combat service.

Fast selection work

When cavalry horses were bred, it was extremely difficult to find material, because many stallions were lost in the war, so horse breeders received horses from different parts of the country with a special stamp and documents confirming their pedigree.

And it is not known how quickly the survey of breeders would progress if the work on breeding was not organized by Marshal S. Budyonny. Thanks to his abilities, the breeding of horses was carried out in the shortest possible time and as efficiently as possible - very quickly a breeding herd was collected to improve genetic data.

For breeding horses Budennovskoy breed of genetic material "shared" Handsome, Kokas and Inferno. The results were finally presented in 1948. Then, by order of the USSR Council of Ministers, a new breed, Budennovskaya, was recognized.

Legendary Stud

Two horse farms of the Rostov region — they were engaged in breeding horses — budennovtsevs. First Cavalry Army and them. CM. Budyonny. Yulovsky stud has already been disbanded, but "budennovku" bred at the plant to them. S. Kirov, "Steppe".

At the initial stage, the plant of the First Cavalry Army was inferior in terms of horse farm SM. Budyonny. After all, the famous thoroughbred Switch has appeared at the Budyonny plant. Working with him was hard, since the offspring had significant defects.

At the same time, at the factory of the First Cavalry Army, selection was conducted not among stallions, but among fillies, allowing the creation of a powerful womb fund for the development of offspring.

As the results showed in the future, this approach made it possible to get horses that show the highest results in horse racing. Today the plant of the First Cavalry Army is the leader in its industry.

Main characteristics

Common features

The Budennovskaya horse has representatives of red color, while the color range varies from the rich color of sandstone to the terracotta color. In animals, the suit has a rich golden hue inherited from the Don ancestor.

Horses are used as a sports breed. They can be involved in different disciplines due to their versatility and endurance.

The Budennovskaya breed is the third largest among sport horses. You can also use horses for riding. Horses look great in cinema.


Budennovsky horses with all their appearance give riding horses - they are difficult to confuse with horses of other breeds. Withers sufficiently developed, there is a powerful back of the head with a beautiful uniform bend. The chest is different in power, the croup is elongated, the back is kept straight.

The horses are tightly folded, with developed muscles that are vividly visualized under the skin. The height of the animal at the withers varies from 160 to 178 cm, the average height is about 166-168 cm. The girth in the chest is about 195 cm, and the metacarpus is 21 cm.

The head inherited its shape from the English ancestors - it is refined with a straight profile. The legs are well developed, the joints are strong. The hind limbs look small, but the leading joints are developed, which compensates for the lack of hind legs.

The body is large in size, the bone is quite massive - this provides high levels of endurance of the Budennovsk race of horses. A significant part of the representatives has a red color, sometimes - with a golden hue, but darker representatives are rare.

Intra-pedigree types

The Budennovskaya breed has three intrabreed types:

  • characteristic,
  • Oriental;
  • massive.

The first type is a combination of signs of Don and purebred riding breeds. Horses are large and externally massive, with developed muscles. They are capable of strength work.

In the eastern category, the influence of the Don ancestor is felt. Smooth lines, soft forms - these characteristics give a special elegance and grace. And horses of golden color look very solemn and can be used for exceptional cases.

The massive subtype has major representatives. The costal arch is expressed, the body is slightly elongated. Outwardly, these horses look rude and inferior to their graceful congeners in agility, but give a head start in endurance.

There are also mixed subtypes - this is a characteristic-eastern and eastern-massive type. Each plant has its own representatives Budennovsky horses with characteristic features - color, size of the head, smooth outlines, and so on.

Character and character

By nature Budennovskaya horse docile and patient. Animals perfectly adapt to adverse situations, they endure exhausting jumps and long workouts, while maintaining a positive mood.

In the races, the Budennovsk participants showed themselves to be intelligent animals.

Overly harsh animals are rare. As a rule, they are problematic already inside the herd and it is not difficult to notice such individuals. Such descendants appeared mainly from the Rubilnik, who gave foals ambiguous in their characteristics.

Horses Budennovskaya monogamous breed. They become attached to one owner, they do not like a negative attitude towards themselves, and changing a rider becomes a serious stress for an animal.

Lifestyle in the natural environment

In nature, Budennov horses usually live as herds, but do not occupy a large territory. In most cases, relations in the herd are marked by calm and goodwill between representatives of the herd.

But sometimes some mares differ in their waywardness. Herd tolerates such females for some time, after which they can be driven out of the herd.

Due to the younger generation, a new herd is being formed, since young stallions live separately from their parents. Kids appear from September to November.

Endurance horses

Representatives of the Budennovsk breed due to endurance won multiple victories in competitions of European and world level.

Breeders argue how active sport affects Budennovsk horses. It is believed that the horses are exhausted and shrink from increased physical activity, because such a lifestyle is unnatural for this breed.

In another opinion, due to exhausting workouts, horses become sensitive, pampered.

At the same time, horse breeders who constantly work with Budennivtsi note that over the years the horse has not become worse, and the number of trainings and competitive races does not affect the indicators of its endurance.

In addition, representatives of the trained generation give excellent offspring - muscular, hardy stallions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the breed are:

  • lack of aggression, malleability, patience;
  • endurance and agility;
  • exceptional external data;
  • enthusiasm and enthusiasm for performances and races;
  • unpretentiousness in care and food.

Among the shortcomings we note:

  • notice the front legs;
  • clubfoot;
  • straight hind legs shape.

Field of use


The use of budennovtsev is possible in various areas. Due to the natural characteristics and distinctive features of Budennovsk horses are used in equestrian sport, for hunting and active recreation, horse riding. And also as the main tool of hippotherapy - rehabilitation through communication with horses.

The horses are valued by domestic breeders. Many foreign companies buy these horses. Interested in racing horses Budennovskaya breed and professional athletes. For them, animals are a way to achieve results, so athletes are well aware of the characteristics of horses and choose them with pretentiousness.

As already mentioned, Budennovsky was originally intended for military purposes and used in cavalry. With the onset of peacetime and the development of heavy weapons, the Budyonnovsky horse is used for peaceful purposes, mainly in sports.

Due to the physical data before, animals were used in horse racing and racing with an obstacle, because they overcame barriers well. Today they are used in triathlon and smooth horse racing - despite the massiveness, the horses gallop briskly.

Budennovsky horses in equestrian sport

Almost all members of the breed were selected in smooth racing. The tradition has survived to the present time. The endurance and speed of the animal were tested on race trials. An important role in equestrian sports is played by the low yield of the Budennovsky horse's neck.

Due to the characteristics of the Budenovsky horse, you can perform:

  • in jumping
  • triathlon;
  • high school riding.

Considering the potential of Budenovsky horses, they are exported, and in Russia they are favorites of equestrian sport, being, in fact, the main breed for racing.

Famous budennovskie horses - the domestic golden gene pool

Budennovskiye horses are not only the glorious name of the whole breed, but also the name of individual representatives who showed their capabilities to the world.

The speed record was set in 1950, when the mount Zanos covered three hundred and nine kilometers in 19 hours. Records also set Ibar, Bedouin, Corset, Banker, Fireplace, Blick.

One of the most titled representatives of Budyonnovsk is Reis - he won the Olympics in 1980. Reis - "pupil" breeder Seleznev. He overcame obstacles well, but Rock, Ruby and Robinson showed good results.

The Horse Symbol also distinguished itself - the golden-red handsome became the winner of exhibitions in Moscow, and his offspring showed excellent results at the races.

On the content and breeding

Nutrition and training

Budennovsky horses are unpretentious to food. Most of the time animals spend on the air, without any problems they get pasture, they are not picky about food.

In the household of the horse feed on hay, greens, grain, coarse food, vegetables. A favorite delicacy is a sugar cube.

This is a herd breed. A part of the horse’s life is spent in a herd, after which they are trained and tested at races. Budding representatives are selected and trained separately. It happens at the age of two to five years.

Selection rules

When breeding exceptional young stock, it is weaned from the herd and gradually accustom to the stall - a new room where the horses are kept in pairs. Every horse gets a nickname.

After the adaptation of the horses, they teach basic movements, achieve the right reaction to commands, the ability to walk with a reason. Successful representatives are selected for further training and training, giving the opportunity to participate in the breeding of Budyonnovka.

Since animals live in nature as herds, even when domestication they do not bring trouble to the owner.

Is it possible to earn on budennovskoy horse

Budennovskaya horse breed is valued in the world, so breeding horses will become a lucrative business, if you properly and responsibly treat this.

Purebred horse for sale costs a lot of money - about 350,000 rubles. But half-breed individuals are inferior in price - up to 150,000 rubles.

To sell breeding horses, we need documents confirming the pedigree of the animal. First of all, a passport issued by the selection department of VNIIK (All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding).

Budennovskiy horses - exceptional animals. Write in the comments if you ever managed to communicate with representatives of this breed or watch them at the races. Share the article in social networks so that as many people as possible learn about these horses.




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