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Choosing a nickname for cows is an important process, especially on small farms. For those who keep animals, the birth of a calf is a real celebration, and the naming of a newborn is a ritual and sacrament for the family. Of course, on large farms this process does not pay much attention, but even there there are their own rules and traditions. Our article will tell you how to choose a calf name, what rules to follow, and what nicknames are considered unfavorable.

Old orders

In the old village, the nickname for the cow was chosen deliberately. It was believed that how you call a cow, its character depends. Before deciding on a name, they looked attentively at the animal, trying to understand what corresponded to their behavior and liking.

Today, the nicknames for animals are no longer of such importance, but in many farms the old traditions are preserved. Farmers using the experience of predecessors find themselves in a better situation than those who give the name to the animal, following the new rules.

Calling a cow or a bull according to character, the farmer begins to perceive him as part of his life, and not as a means to get milk or meat.

Nickname classification

To help answer the question, how to call a cow, can classification of nicknames. With this separation, it is easy to choose a group of names that matches the mood or traditions adopted on the farm. Of course, the most basic classification when choosing a calf nickname is gender.

But there are other classifications that help to diversify the nicknames of animals on the farm. For example, a cow can be called by the month of birth: April, Sentyabrinka, Avgustinka, Oktyabrinka. Bychkov, in accordance with this classification, called March, June, August, November.

It is interesting to look at the names for the cow, taken from the weather: Snowflake, Rosinka, Chickenpox, Droplet, Rainbow, Wind, Snowball, Grad, Buran, Storm. To invent a nickname, use the times of the day when the baby is born: Night, Dawn, Dusk, Dawn. Often the nickname is given by color: Ryzhuha, Pestryanka, Chernuha, Belka, Ryzhik, Chernysh.

If you can predict the nature of the animal, then use this as the basis for the name: Wild, Tender, Freestyle, Gorda, Laskun, Gordyak. Based on the gender of the baby, you can use the name of flowers or plants: Rose, Chamomile, Lily, Cornflower, Narcissus, Gladiolus, Lipka, Birch, Oak, Slender.

Change of nickname

Many farmers use a list of nicknames for cows to figure out what to call a calf. But this practice exists only in large farms, where the livestock is so large that the owner is not so important as the name of the pet.

When private livestock breeders acquire a cow or a bull from a pedigree herd, they often remain dissatisfied with what they called the cow before. Here the question arises, is it possible to change the name of the animal, or it will no longer be able to get used to the new nickname, but will be confused and will stop responding.

Experiencing not worth it. There are many cases in which newly-minted farmers changed their nickname without any consequences. The main thing to remember is that a cow or a bull is easier to get used to simple unsharp names. They perceive the very sound of the name, so when inventing a new nickname, follow its consonance with the previous one - this will ease the addiction.

Nicknames for girls

If you do not know how to call a cow, then use the standard rules and pick up the name alphabetically or look at the list of female animal names. Names for girls are always more interesting than gobies, because they are more sonorous and romantic.

Often choose a nickname for cows trust milkmaids working with animals. This is due to the fact that they are more often than other employees of the farm are located near the cattle. Chick always knows his milkmaid. She trusts her, listens to her voice. It is the milkmaid who can best characterize the character of the cow and come up with a nickname for her.

Of course, in the assignment of a name for a cow, the same tendencies are traced as in choosing any female name. They are not called harsh or abrupt names. On the contrary, their nicknames always sound beautiful and melodious. The name for a cow, often a reflection of the owner or hostess, because in them their inner world and fantasy manifest.

Nicknames for boys

The question of how to call a bull can seriously puzzle, because male names are not as melodic as female names. Giving the nickname to the male, you can follow the recommendations below, then the assignment process will be faster:

  • boys are often named after breeds;
  • use the first letter of the month of birth;
  • borrow nicknames for gobies from famous films, cartoons and literary works;
  • take into account the peculiarities of character;
  • assign foreign names;
  • remember the names of the characters from your favorite series;
  • guided by the place of the bull in the herd.

Remember that the name for a bull is a reflection of its individuality. Take this issue seriously, but not without humor. For example, you can choose a name using the game. Connect to the discussion of all family members, then from the problem this activity will turn into a fun family feast.

List of names in alphabetical order for heifers

We have already said that when choosing a nickname for bulls and heifers, modern farmers are guided by the first letters of their parental names. If you choose a nickname by this method, then having defined the calf's sex, you should open the list of nicknames in alphabetical order, and select one of the options.

Names for animals, chosen without a soul, usually do not survive, and the farmer has to re-invent the nickname of the baby. This causes problems with pet addiction and document alteration if the animal is pedigree.

If the sex of the baby is female, then you can use our alphabetical index. Nicknames of cows:

A: Alfka, Aurora, Openwork, Alaska, Harp.

B: Butterfly, Bead, Cowberry, Bogateyka.

In: Venus, Merry, Cherry, Volushka, Blizzard.

G: Geranium, Gazelle, Graceful, Thunderstorm, Gryaznulka.

D: Dakota, Nobleman, Virgo, Dikarka, Mist.

E: Ezhevichka, Eurasia, Eve, the only one.

W: Pearls, Jasmine, Priestess, Gisele, Josephine.

Z: Glow, Star, Funny, Winter, Golden.

And: Ibiza, Oriole, Toy, Toffee, Emerald.

K: Drops, Button, Coquette, Pupa, Curly.

L: Lama, Lavender, Lady, Lily, Lebedushka.

M: Mademoiselle, Malinka, Baby, Mimosa.

H: Prize, Unrestrained, Find, Nezhdanka, Hope.

A: Ovation, Olympiad, Ophelia, Osinka, Olivia.

P: Cookie, Girlfriend, Help, Polka, Fluff.

R: Rare, Rainbow, Ravella, Ravenna, Revushka, Solution.

S: Sympathy, Cold, Seraphim, Smutyanka, Glory, Daredevil.

T: Quiet, Mysterious, Tradition, Ty, Taiga, Tulitsa.

W: Successful, Diligent, Successful, Good, Smile.

F: Violet, Fairy, Felicia, Fuji.

X: Bread, Chvalion, Hostess, Chrysanthemum.

Ts: Gypsy, Flower, Blossoming.

Ch: Chereshka, Chernonochka, Chepornaya.

W: Chocolate Girl, Tartan, Swede.

U: Twitter, Shchetinka.

E: Elina, Ella, Estonian.

Yu: South, Yuri, Yula.

Me: Amber, Bright, Yara, Berry.

Of course, this is not all existing versions of names for calves. We have brought only the most popular ones to help you decide how the animal will be called. Choosing a nickname, remember that on how we call a newborn, may depend on his fate.

A list of nicknames in alphabetical order for gobies

To believe that it depends on the nickname how the calf will behave in the future or not is up to you, but there is a lot of evidence that the nickname given at birth of a calf determines its character and life path. When coming up with names for gobies, you can use the alphabetical index to simplify your task.

A: Aluph, Amur, Adam, Arnoldik, Aristocrat.

B: Banderas, Bublik, Brave, Cheerful, Bearded.

In: Freestyle, Vorsok, Wolf, Bindweed.

G: Hudson, Guy, Earl, Gambit, Geyser, Gustav.

D: Dikarek, Dichek, Donskoy, Dnepr, Druzhny.

E: Huntsman, Eater, Ermak, Egorushka.

W: Zhivchik, Zhulenchik, Bug, Zhuzha.

Z: Zeus, Zorg, Healthy, Recluse, Nibbler.

And: Frost, Hippolyte, Raisin, Interesting, Sparkling.

Q: Cain, Cupid, Kroha, Casanova, Treasurer.

L: Pet, Lunny, Limousine, Dodger, Leshy.

M: Macho, Mustang, Mephistopheles, Baby, Monarch.

H: Norman, Neptune, Nezhdanchik, Nevezha, Nezhenka.

A: Oligarch, Osemenitel, Othello, Naughty.

P: Prince, Dodger, Obedient, Helper, Donut.

R: Romeo, Wolverine, Revun, Rusak, Remark, Rembrandt.

S: Samurai, Sensei, Meek, Free, Destiny.

T: Tarzan, Tulip, Totem, Tunisia, Native.

U: Ugolechek, Ugorek, Hurricane, Egghead

F: Queen, Fomka, Figured, Faust, Magician.

H: Slyruga, Hann, Ridge, Jose, Choir.

Ts: Tsarevich, Caesar, Flower, Flower.

Ch: Cheburashka, Churchill, Chippolino, Chudik.

W: Shaitan, Chocolate, Hatter, Joker.

Sch: Sherbet, Sorrel, Generous.

E: Elite, Ernest, Edward.

Yu: Jupiter, South, Julian.

Me: Bright, Ardent, Jan.

Prominent nicknames

If you want a cow to get a special nickname, something unique and unique, then you should not refer to alphabetical indexes or other sources of animal nicknames.

Think about what a cow means to you, then its name will come by itself, and become a reflection of the essence of the animal. If you still have difficulties in selecting, use one of the following tips:

  • remember the mythical creatures found in fairy tales or myths;
  • the red-yellow cow is associated with fire, you can take something from the fiery sphere;
  • think of marine life and the underwater kingdom;
  • remember something from space;
  • look through reference books of rare animals and plants.

In practice, inventing beautiful names for an animal is not at all difficult; the main thing is to show a little imagination. Of course, on large farms it is impossible to guess at each nickname, but in small farms it is quite possible.

We hope that you have found the answer to the question and were able to pick a nickname for a cow or bull, thanks to our article.

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