How to cut bulls and cows


Calmly and without emotions, only a specially prepared person can cut a bull. Properly performed procedure will allow you to get high-quality meat and provide an opportunity to implement it at competitive prices. Be sure to require knowledge, good adaptations and endurance, because the type of blood and cramps in an animal is not the most pleasant sight. Most often, special people are hired to kill the bulls, but the owner of the animal must be fully aware of this procedure in order to control and monitor the process. With our help, you will learn all about how to slaughter a bull on a farm.

Cutting tools

To slaughter a cow, you need to prepare tools and fixtures. All that is useful to you for this procedure, there is on the farm:

  • ax;
  • solid beam;
  • thick rope;
  • hook for hanging;
  • knife;
  • a basin of water;
  • rags;
  • oilcloth.

All these things need to be collected in a place where livestock are being killed on the farm. Ax and knife should be sharpened. Choose a rope strong enough to withstand the weight of the carcass. The oilcloth should cover the floor so that the blood of the animal runs on it. Also, she will need to salting the skins.

Before you begin to slaughter cattle, make sure that all devices are at hand, and you do not have to interrupt the process in search of any tool.

Slaughtering Methodology

Before slaughtering an animal, it is taken to a separate room, isolating it from the rest of the herd. Cattle feels that this is her last minute of life and begins to rest. Before you kill the animal, you must stun it. It will be easier if you fix the head by the horns and neck.

In this moment it is important to understand how to stun the cow correctly. More information about the methods of stunning, we wrote in the article "How to kill a cow." If you use the standard method of stunning blow, then beat exactly in the area between the cervical vertebra and the occipital bone. This will stun the animal, but will not damage the brain.

After the brute faints, the cervical artery is cut. Using a rope and a hook, hang the carcass on the crossbar and let the blood flow out. Then the skin is removed from the dead animal, and the carcass is given for cutting.

English slaughter method

If you want to know how bulls are slaughtered in England, then we will tell you about it, but we immediately warn you that this method is extremely cruel and not profitable. The fact is that this method of slaughter is used to get "patented", bloody meat.

It is in England that meat is preferred with blood, but it cannot be stored for a long time, so production is unprofitable. In the English method of slaughtering, a heifer or a bull is stunned, then the rib cage is cut between the fifth and fourth ribs. Furs are inserted into the hole, and air is pumped in.

The accumulation of air in the subcostal wall leads to compression of the lungs and suffocation. This allows you to saturate the meat with blood. But remember that such meat is supplied to order, and not produced on a large scale.

Slaughter without stunning

If you are interested in how to slaughter a calf without stunning, then the Jewish method of slaughter will suit you. To do this, you must tie the animal and throw it on its side. The main drawback of the method is that two people participate in it: one pulls down the animal's head so that the skin on the neck is strongly stretched, and the second makes an incision.

An incision is made in the region of the first and second cervical vertebra with a very long cleaver — twice as long as the neck of the animal. A knife blow to the neck should be of such strength that, on the first attempt, to cut the skin, veins and arteries, the esophagus and nerve endings.

It is impossible to call this method humane, but with the Jewish method of killing cattle, it quickly loses blood and consciousness will fade. True, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart, and the sounds made by the cattle do not caress the ear at all - be prepared for this, having decided in this way to kill the animal.

Skin compartment

After you stabbed the calf and bleed blood from it, you should separate the skin from the carcass. This procedure is not easy and requires a certain skill. First of all, the animals cut off the ears, and the skin of the head is separated from the rest of the section by a section along the neck. To remove the skin from the head, you need to make two incisions: from the left and right side, from the horn to the nostril.

Now go to the separation of the main skin. Putting the carcass on a flat surface, from the chest and up to the anus of the cows make an incision (the skin on the legs is separated separately). After the skin is removed, it is placed on the oilcloth and plentifully covered with salt.

Now it remains only to move the skin in a cold place and put the "wool" side up. Do not feel sorry for salt, otherwise the skin will begin to fade or become very hard. Having done everything correctly, you will be able to transport it after 7 days.

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