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It is necessary to use equipment for slaughter of cattle in all large-scale farms. Private livestock breeders working “for themselves” may never encounter this side of farming activity. But, if there are hundreds of heads in your farm, then you need a slaughterhouse organization. We will tell you what equipment should be purchased, how to organize a slaughterhouse, as well as enlighten on modern developments in this area.

Immobilization cameras

In the article “How to kill a cow,” we mentioned that for ease of immobilization, animals are driven into a box of stunning cattle. These boxes have standard sizes: 162 cm in length, 175 cm in width and 75 cm in height. You can easily stun bulls and cows in them, because they practically can not move.

These boxes are convenient because they are easy to clean: they do not have hard-to-reach places that impede washing. Stunning Boxing is a simple and reliable design that makes it possible to quickly and easily cope with the immobilization of animals.

After a pistol is shot into an animal - the most common method of immobilization, the cattle are transferred to a slaughterhouse, where further processing of the carcass takes place. In some slaughterhouses, carbon dioxide is used to immobilize animals. Boxes are ideal for these purposes, but the gas itself is used infrequently due to the complexity and unprofitability of the technology.

Standard equipment slaughterhouse

All cattle slaughterhouses have standard equipment. Advanced slaughterhouse can be equipped with additional equipment. It only speeds up and simplifies the process, but it is possible to do without it, unlike the following installations:

  • device for stunning;
  • skinning platform;
  • base for viscera with intestinal receiver;
  • lifting installation;
  • Libra;
  • cooling tunnel;
  • band saw;
  • video and ultrasound scanner.

Each link is a separate line that performs its tasks. Thanks to a strictly debugged system, a properly equipped slaughterhouse works like a conveyor and performs all the work associated with the primary processing of carcass and recycling of waste.

Characteristics of a standard modular complex

We have just talked about the standard modular slaughter of cattle, designed to carry out operations quickly and clearly. Well-established production allows you to speed up the process of slaughtering animals.

But in order to install such a module on your farm, you must comply with all the technological requirements. The requirements for a room for the installation of a slaughterhouse complex start with the dimensions: the room that accommodates the box is 1220x244x554 cm.

To prevent meat production from failing, the module must be connected to a 380V line. Be prepared for the fact that installing a modular slaughterhouse will require serious energy costs: 24 kWh in summer and 28 kWh in winter.

Boxing organization and their specialization

Each shop-box has its own specialization and is necessary for specific tasks. The first block for stunning cattle we have already mentioned above - slaughter begins with it. It is equipped with a device for stunning, spatula tub and a slaughter unit.

The second box is processing and finishing. The third box is equipped with equipment for cooking feed. The fourth is a workshop for the extraction and processing of fat. Thus, with the right approach, you get a waste-free production.

Of course, it is better to entrust the organization of slaughter of cows to professionals who are capable of arranging the apparatus as efficiently as possible. The cost of such a specialist will quickly pay off, because with proper installation and location of equipment, it will work for a long time and without failures.

Description and advantage of mobile workshops for cutting

Mobile slaughterhouse is very popular in large farms - a workshop equipped with all facilities and necessary equipment. The main advantage of such workshops - they are fully equipped.

Bribes and the fact that to work in the mini-slaughterhouse for cattle does not require a large staff. Companies engaged in the production and installation of these, supply to the place already practically ready slaughterhouse, requiring only a connection to electricity and sewage.

It is also important that mobile installations meet all sanitary and hygienic standards. Farmers raising cattle, represent how difficult it is to pass this control, when organizing a workshop. In addition, regardless of the standard equipment, additional installations may be included in the workshop, based on the desires and needs of the farm owners.

The main feature of mobile slaughter is the possibility of transportation. If the farm for some reason moves to another place or closes, this part of the production can be transported or sold.

Complete mobile slaughter

The exact amount of equipment for mobile slaughter depends on the level of farm performance. But even large livestock farms enough of its standard equipment. Thanks to the modern system and the high-tech processes by which the work is built, farmers receive a quality product.

The meat of animals obtained at such a slaughterhouse meets all quality standards. But the most important thing is that calves and adults do not suffer in the process of killing, because the process proceeds as quickly as possible and painlessly for animals.

The list of equipment included in the standard mobile slaughter is as follows:

  • tubular box for stunning;
  • folding ramp;
  • sloping ground;
  • fence under the place of carcass extrusion;
  • container for receiving carcasses;
  • a device that lifts the carcass to the line;
  • sleep compartment with stunning unit;
  • bundle and ordinary hooks with subhuk;
  • scaffold for the miner;
  • scaffolding for hanging and hanging;
  • scaffold under the skinner and the skinner itself;
  • nutrovochnaya platform;
  • automatic carcass transfer;
  • monorail type scales;
  • washstand of contactless type;
  • knife disinfection;
  • overhead conveyor belt;
  • cart TF 100 liters .;
  • saw with counterweight;
  • lifting platform for sawing;
  • drainage;
  • a stack of 500 × 200 and 150 × 150;
  • slot channel;
  • container cart;
  • arrow.

As well as a 9m module (2 pcs.). It includes: electrical wiring with a flap, floor drainage, air conditioning and heating system.

Little about saws

One of the most useful tools in a slaughterhouse is a band saw for butchering. It is band saws that are most suitable for cutting meat, both in workshops and in small industries (restaurants, catering kitchens).

The tape saw works in the automatic mode that is especially important from the point of view of safety. The operator only lays the carcass on the tray. Further, under the influence of a pusher or a moving part of the table, the meat enters the cutting compartment. From there, the good pieces leave in a special container, and the waste is sent to another container.

The band saw is controlled by one operator. Moreover, specialized knowledge to work with it is not required. It is simple and clear to manage. Wash the machine after work is very simple. For all this, band saws are considered indispensable in meat production.

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