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Full feeding of animals is the key to the success of the farm. Therefore, most pastoralists use cattle premixes, which help to achieve the best results when raising cows. They contain valuable vitamins, minerals, special additives that accelerate calf growth, increase milk yield and increase the muscle mass of adult cattle. In addition, these drugs strengthen the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to various diseases.

The value of vitamins and minerals for animals

The diet of different types of farm animals must contain minerals and vitamins. For the formation of the musculoskeletal system, bones, the construction of organs and tissues of the calf, up to the age of 6 months, mineral substances are crucial. In addition, they are involved in the body's metabolic processes, regulation of metabolism, activate the absorption of nutrients. Thus, the premix for calves must contain potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium. On the other hand, for the rapid growth of the organism and its active functioning, iron, iodine, manganese, and zinc are needed.

Vitamins of group B, as well as A, E, C, K, are also necessary for full growth, development of cattle, increasing its productivity. In the manufacture of premix is ​​important to optimize the quantitative indicators of the components, to determine the correct ratio of vitamins and minerals that will actively participate in the process of biosynthesis.

The principle of action of food additives

Premixes are powdered blends rich in vitamins, important trace elements. In addition, they contain feed antibiotics, antioxidants and macronutrients.

All concentrated additives for the purpose and composition can be divided into two groups:

  1. Premixes for cows, which allow to increase their milk production.
  2. The mixes providing a fast set of muscle bulk cattle. Their balanced composition contributes to a more efficient absorption of nutrients, weight gain meat breeds.

The active substances in the composition of premixes stimulate the immune system, the digestive and hormonal systems of animals. Due to this, growth and development of calves is accelerated, productivity increases and the health of adult cattle is strengthened. The use of premix reduces feed consumption by increasing the absorption of nutrients.

Benefits of premix for cattle

The quality of milk, meat and their quantitative indicators directly determine the profitability of livestock farms. The main components of a successful farm of this specialization are modern technologies of maintenance, the gene pool of animals, optimal balanced rations.

With the help of premixes the following important advantages are achieved:

  • growth of calves accelerates up to 6 months;
  • assimilation of food is activated;
  • healthy intestinal microflora of animals is formed;
  • milk production increases;
  • immunity is strengthened;
  • feeding process is optimized;
  • feed consumption is significantly reduced due to their quality;
  • expenses for veterinary drugs, cattle treatment are reduced.

It can be considered that the vital substances that determine the development and productivity of farm animals are in feed and balancing additives.

Method of use of vitamin supplements

In the modern market, premixes are presented in the form of powder mixtures, which provide intensive growth and development of pets. They compensate for the lack of important vitamins, minerals, nutrients that natural foods contain in insufficient quantities.

Dry mixes are used in the composition of feeds for feeding cattle. The filler most often used is crushed grain, fodder yeast, powder cake, meal. Good feed is achieved by a high degree of homogeneity with mixing. The most common feed recipes are 0.5% and 1% premix concentration. Food supplements themselves are made based on recipes that are developed taking into account the characteristics, age of animals and the conditions of their housing. In addition, the properties of the individual components and their compatibility are necessarily taken into account.

Premix compositions and factors affecting their quality

There are several types of feed additives that differ in their composition. All mixtures are enriched with vitamins, biologically active substances, minerals. But some of them additionally add sorbents, prebiotics and flavoring agents that stimulate digestion. In each case, it is important to properly select premixes, with which you can optimally improve the diet of cattle.

Optimally selected complex of vitamins and minerals improves the immunity and health of animals, significantly increases their productivity.

The quality of premix is ​​directly influenced by two factors: moisture and fat content.

Increasing humidity significantly reduces the quality and effectiveness of vitamin supplements. The qualitative composition should have a moisture content of not more than 10%, and the critical moisture concentration should not exceed 13%. Otherwise, the mixture loses its properties during storage.

Adding fat in the preparation of the premix several times increases the safety of biologically active substances. It is advisable to introduce them into the composition immediately before preparing the feed, which is planned to feed the animals within two weeks. If you do not follow these rules, the shelf life of the premix is ​​significantly reduced.

The value of premix to improve the quality of meat and milk

Nutritional supplements solve the problems of lack of vitamins and minerals, preventing animal diseases. They directly affect the quality of milk and meat. Consumption of mixed feed with the addition of premix allows you to get milk with all the nutrients. Against this background, thermal stability indicators will meet all standards.

On the other hand, a balanced diet normalizes the liver of cows, provides a cleansing of the body from toxic substances and timely elimination of metabolic products.

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