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It is necessary to immediately decide what to do if the calf does not drink milk, because it is necessary for his health. Newborn babies have too weak immunity, so without regular drinking they can greatly weaken, and in the future this will adversely affect the general condition and productivity. In this article, novice farmers will be able to find out how much milk to give, and how to be if there is not enough, or the young ones refuse to drink.

How to feed

Milk contains a large amount of micro and macro elements, vitamins, so feeding off of newborn bulls is the basis of their future health. Milk contains antibodies that are necessary for the calf to maintain immunity. It is very important to give the newborn a drink of colostrum 2-3 hours after its birth.

Juveniles should get drunk enough, no matter how much he asked. From the second day mother's milk is used for nutrition. The first 3 days of the baby are drunk at least 5 times a day, and the total daily intake is about 6 liters. It is impossible to skip meals because the calf is susceptible to infections, and milk protects it. The formation of its own immunity begins only after 4 months and lasts up to a year.

Sometimes the young do not have enough milk for the mother, so another cow can be used to help. But in this case, you need to add to the drink 1 tsp. salt, 1 tbsp. l fish oil and 2 eggs. Often the question arises whether it is possible to feed the calf with goat milk. There are no bans, but it must be diluted with water due to the increased fat content. Also for feeding calves artificial milk from a mixture is used. But it should only be of high quality so that the animal receives enough vitamins.

Some important nuances

If the newborn calf is weak and cannot drink milk on its own, it must be watered with a special nipple. This will allow you to control the amount of fluid consumed. But the procedure should be carried out carefully to drink did not fall into the lungs. Otherwise, the inflammatory process may begin. If animals drink too fast, you need to take short breaks. Sometimes, on the contrary, they cannot master the entire portion. In this case, force them not to force.

To feed a calf with milk from a bucket is possible only from 3 weeks. Not everyone knows how to teach a child to this process. You need to do the following: squeeze the animal between your knees, put a drink next to it, and then wet your fingers in it and let the calf suck. As soon as he begins to grab the liquid, his fingers must be removed and bring the container to the face. It is important to teach the young to lap up in a bucket, otherwise it will constantly look for the owner's fingers. Usually, the goby drinks on its own for about 4 days.

Milk should be no colder than 37 degrees, otherwise problems in the bowels can begin.

Use of fermented milk

To reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases, farmers often sour milk with formic acid. This method has several advantages:

  • no need to constantly warm up the milk before feeding;
  • drinking retains its valuable qualities for 2-3 days.

For the preparation of fermented milk requires 85% formic acid. First you need to prepare a solution out of it. To do this, dilute the medium with water in proportions 1: 9. Then you need to prepare a separate container for milk, which should be enough for a calf for 2-3 days. Best fit bucket 5-10 liters.

For 1 liter of milk you need to take about 25 ml of formic acid solution. Fluid heating is not necessary. It should be at room temperature, but not more than 25 degrees. The resulting product must be thoroughly mixed, and then left for half an hour to complete the process of ripening. Ready milk is poured into buckets before feeding. It can be given to animals already on day 2 after birth.

Non-dangerous reasons for not drinking

There are cases when the baby is brought to the mother's udder, and he refuses to drink. The cause is often a poorly developed sucking reflex. The goby does not understand what they want from it, and cannot independently take the udder. In this case, you should show the direction of the animal and be patient. After a few feedings, he will be able to eat without any help.

If the farmer gives the calf milk from a bucket, and he does not want to drink, you need to train the baby on the technology described above. The animal will taste the drink and begin to eat normally. When a cow lacks milk and the offspring are fed artificially, training will take longer. Juveniles often refuse to drink liquid unknown to them.

Transfer to the mixture should be gradually, so that the body of the calf accustomed to them. If possible, the first time it is best to combine artificial milk with natural. The mixture should be of high quality, and it should be prepared strictly according to the instructions.

Perhaps the goby refuses to drink, because it is not made according to the rules.

What other reasons are there?

Sometimes feeding animals is difficult because of serious diseases. In this case, an urgent need to consult a veterinarian, otherwise there may be a threat to life and health of calves. They often refuse food because of the following diseases:

  • white diarrhea;
  • paratyphoid;
  • pneumonia;
  • enteritis.

These diseases occur when calves are given low-quality dairy products. And, no matter how many they were. The problem may occur even after a few spoonfuls of drinking. Inflammation of the lungs occurs due to poor animal conditions, constant drafts, and low temperatures in the stall. In these cases, you must give the calf medicine that the vet will advise and keep his condition under control.

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