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Using a growth stimulator for bulls is a quick way to increase the muscle mass of an animal. But many farmers are still suspicious of the medical method of stimulating growth, despite the fact that its use provides quick results and the ability to reduce the fattening period of calves on the farm. In our article we will talk about the possibilities of growth stimulants, explain to you how they work and try to convince them that their use is perfectly safe, both for calves and for people.

Growth Stimulant Value

Breeders face a difficult task: to raise calves and get an effective herd. Under the efficiency means the compliance of animals on the farm with specified standards. From birth, the calf must receive the right care and the necessary dose of vitamins so that its development proceeds at a normal pace.

But over time, it became necessary to accelerate the growth and development of babies in order to get results in a shorter period of time. Growth hormones have become the solution to this problem, allowing farmers to increase work efficiency and increase the economic profitability of meat and dairy production on the farm.

Due to the use of hormonal preparations and vitamin supplements, which accelerate the growth of gobies and cows, the indicators of milk yield and meat productivity increase on the farms due to the accelerated development of young stock. All this became possible thanks to the correct approach to breeding calves.

Growth Promotions

To understand whether cattle supplements should be used to accelerate their development, it is necessary to examine how they work. Despite the fact that today there are many dietary supplements and medicines that help speed up the development of young animals, they are divided into only two groups: internal and external influences.

Drugs that affect the body of calves from the inside, give the opportunity for kids to develop more intensively. They only accelerate the processes in the body without disrupting the natural course. Their action is similar to antiviral drugs that help the immune system cope with the disease.

The second group is drugs of external influence, which influence not the processes in the body, but the final result. With their help, the calf is gaining weight more intensively, but his body remains unprepared for the changes taking place.

Effect of animal growth stimulants on the human body

The main problem with the use of hormonal drugs for the rapid growth of young animals is the fear that the meat and milk of such animals will become unsuitable for human consumption. And then all the work to accelerate the development of animals will become useless and cause damage.

To prevent this from happening, you should give calves only proven products made from natural ingredients and allowed by the veterinary community. Such supplements for growth do not harm animals, as they help the natural processes occurring in the body without making changes to them.

Natural drugs help increase the production of thyroid and androgenic hormones that affect the growth of the animal. However, their number still remains within the acceptable limits, if not overdoing with the dosages. Check them with a veterinarian.

Effect of antibiotics for young growth

Effective growth promoters for cattle are antibiotics: penicillin, streptomycin, somatotropin. In most animals, their use entails only weight gain, but they act differently on young heifers and gobies. Researches show:

  • calves grown on antibiotics developed faster;
  • the youngsters quickly switched to hay;
  • calves showed increased appetite;
  • individuals lagging behind in development recovered faster than those calves that did not receive antibiotics.

These studies clearly confirmed the effectiveness of the use of antibiotics in growing calves.

But medications always remain medications, and before using them, you should consult a veterinarian, who will tell you the rules for the use of drugs and their dosage.

Antibiotic Risk

Uncontrolled use of drugs for the growth of cattle can cause irreversible changes in the body of calves. Therefore, before using antibiotics, be sure to consult a veterinarian. But even with proper use of the drug, it may not give the expected result.

Antibiotics can not harm the body, but not help him in development. There were cases when calves were given drugs, but no changes occurred in the body. Kids continued to grow at the same pace.

The causes of the "inaction" of antibiotics can be very different. Most often, the problems lie in the wrong diet, long breaks in the use of drugs, or that the dose was less than what the body needed.

The role of vitamin supplements in the development of babies

In addition to antibiotics, for the growth of calves, special vitamin complexes have been developed, restoring the vitamin balance in the body and helping babies to grow strong and healthy. They affect the overall health of calves and strengthen their immunity.

Calf can receive such supplements from 3 weeks of age. They help his body fight infections, strengthen muscles and help strengthen bone tissue. There are quite a few such vitamin supplements and you should consult with a veterinarian when choosing them.

Only a specialist can tell exactly which vitamins the animal lacks and on which area the emphasis should be placed. But, despite the fact that all vitamin supplements have their own specialization, there are a number of common for all drugs that characterize a high-quality supplement: potassium, cobalt, iodine, macronutrients.

Additive "Biovit-80"

To understand the work of containing calories supplements for calves, you need to know which ones are important for the growth of animals. An important role in this process is played by the B vitamins, which influence the development, normalization of metabolism and the rate of formation of new cells.

Among all the vitamin supplements that develop cattle, as well as help to maintain his health, the drug Biovit-80 is popular. It stimulates young growth and prevents diarrhea. It is for this reason that the complex is especially valued in the livestock society, since diarrhea is one of the most problematic diseases of the calves.

"Biovit-80" is allowed to give calves at the age of 3 weeks. If you do this in accordance with the recommendations specified in the instructions, then you can prevent diseases such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella.

Vitamin complex "Eleovit"

The complex of vitamins "Eleovit" contains everything that calves need for rapid development, without harm to their body. The main thing is to strictly observe the dosage. Prick the drug is allowed to calves aged 6 months, strictly following the instructions. One of his injection for animals from 6 to 12 months can be done every 2-3 weeks.

Youngsters up to a year injected the drug in small doses, 2-3 mg. The uniqueness of "Eleovita" is that it can also be given to adults as a preventive measure, increasing the dose to 5-6ml. But, if you give the drug not as an additive, but as a medicine, strictly follow the order of its use.

The high popularity of "Eleovit" lies in its composition. The drug includes a number of vitamins: B, D3, B1, B6, K3. In addition, it includes folic acid, pantothenic acid, nicotinamide, cyanocobalamin and biotin. All of these components, in addition to stimulating growth, can improve the formation of tissues, prevent the occurrence of rickets and normalize metabolism.

Popular manufacturers of vitamins for young

Most often, calf growth supplements are injected intramuscularly. All vitamin complexes can be divided into two groups: synthetic and vegetable. Their use allows babies to become an adult bull or cow in less time. But it is important not to harm the animals and use only proven drugs, which include:

  • "Katozal";
  • "Cyanofor";
  • "Gamavit";
  • "Roborant";
  • "Aminotol";
  • Fosprenil;
  • "Nukleopeptid".

Special attention should be paid to Nouokleptid. Not only does the product consist entirely of natural ingredients, it also helps to normalize the metabolism, restore hormones and support the immune system. It is a recognized leader in calf products containing vitamins.

We told you about how vitamin complexes and antibiotics work, accelerating the growth and development of young animals, and we hope that you have no questions or doubts related to this topic.

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