Why does the rabbit nibble the cage and what to do about it


Let's see why rabbits gnaw a cage and whether it is dangerous for their health. Often eared little animals sharpen their teeth with the help of available tools, in this article we will tell how to wean them from such a destructive habit. After all, eared behavior can be caused by separate internal, external factors or a complex of reasons. It is important to identify the main ones and take adequate measures in time. This will prevent property damage and unwanted noise at night.

Danger of harmful rabbit habits

Eared animals are bred and kept for different purposes. Most grow them in order to obtain dietary meat and high-quality fur. On the other hand, more and more of these animals become family members.

Virtually every decorative rabbit retains its instincts and natural habits. If an animal in the yard can harm only its dwelling, then a home animal will prevent people from sleeping by its activity, and by getting out it can damage furniture, wires, carpets and flooring. Keeping eared pets inside a house or apartment requires special attention to their needs, behavioral responses.

It is important to clearly understand how the habit of nibbling a cage is related to the health of rabbits. If the pet is trying to do this, then perhaps this behavior has a physiological basis. But maybe nothing wrong with that, because such reactions are natural for these animals. Their teeth grow throughout life and they need to be ground.

Why rabbits gnaw a cage, and what to do with such behavior, you need to carefully understand, taking into account all the factors of external and internal nature.

About the causes of bad behavior

Rabbits are characterized by active growth, early puberty, the ability to multiply rapidly. In the wild, they instinctively find valuable components of good nutrition. It may be meadow, forest grass, branches, shoots of trees, shrubs, leaves, roots.

When the content of home rabbits their diet depends entirely on the owners. If an animal lacks nutrients, it often tries to make up for such a deficiency.

The following reasons can be distinguished, because of which the animals gnaw on the cells:

  • active growth of rabbit teeth, itching gums;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals in animals;
  • hunger, the need to constantly chew something;
  • boredom, attempts to attract the attention of the owner;
  • the desire to leave the cell, go for a walk;
  • increased activity caused by puberty;
  • poor cell condition.

About those or other reasons for this behavior can be judged by certain external manifestations. For example, if a rabbit gnaws a cage in a place where it defecates, this often indicates a lack of salts and minerals.

When an animal spoils its own dwelling near the feeding trough, one should think about the deficiency of solid feed, vitamins, nutrients. Thus, the factor that suggests why the rabbit gnaws the cage should be determined in each case.

How to wean eared pet from the habit of nibbling the cage

When choosing a rabbit as a pet, you need to be prepared to give it maximum attention. If the animal looks healthy, but continues to gnaw the cage at night, then you need to take certain measures that will prevent this behavior.

There are many recipes for how to stop a rabbit from chewing on a cage. First of all, it is recommended to increase the amount of solid combined feed, cereals, and corn in its diet. If the animal lacks nutrients, it is recommended to enrich the usual feed with vitamin and mineral complexes.

It is necessary to ensure the presence in the cage of a small log, tree branches that can be nibbled with health benefits.

At night, it is recommended to leave your pet with a sufficient amount of feed and drinking water. Useful foods will be in the form of chalk, salt, meat and bone meal. If the rabbit bites, then he should pay more attention, talking, walking with him. In the article "How to disaccustom a rabbit to bite" you will find all the details.

Better from an early age to teach the animal to a specific schedule. Allow him to walk before bedtime. By providing a rabbit with a full-fledged diet, providing opportunities to grind teeth, play and communicate, you can significantly reduce the risks of such unwanted behavior.

In cases where such measures do not bring the desired result and the animal continues to gnaw the cage from the inside, it is recommended to grease the rods and wooden parts with an onion. The smell and taste of this vegetable crop repels animals.

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