How to fatten calves for meat in a short time


Breeding cattle is a lucrative business, so the question often arises how to feed a bull for meat in a short time. This can be done with the help of special drugs that are added to food and drink. They contribute to an increase in body weight, accelerates the growth of animals, but it is completely harmless to their body. Apply these additives can be in the farm and at home. The main thing is to correctly calculate the dosage.

Basic rules for fattening livestock

In order for the calf to gain weight faster, it must eat properly. It is recommended to have a special notebook and note in it how much a bull weighs and what feeding methods are used. Feed should be given three times a day at regular intervals. Each farmer decides how to feed the bulls, but there are certain principles that must be followed.

In the first two months, the animals need to be given only milk, and then begin to gradually introduce wheat cereal and good hay. In this case, it will be possible to achieve rapid growth of bulls and eliminate problems with the stomach.

From 3 to 6 months, cattle require a large amount of protein to gain muscle mass. They can be obtained from vegetables, crushed grains. From 7 months on the diet of the animal injected about 10-15 kg of dry or fresh grass per day. Every day its quantity needs to be increased. If you use this method of fattening, the calf will begin to gain up to 600 g per day. The animal will not suffer from hunger, but will not receive excessive amounts of feed.

The best age for slaughtering calves is 1.5 years, but with more intensive fattening the periods are shortened.

Fodder feeding

Quickly fatten the bulls at home, you can use special additives. The probiotic "Laktobifadol" effectively works. It must be added to food during each feeding, up to slaughter. At the same time, animals need to be fed three times a day: at 6, 14 and 22 hours.

It is best to fatten the bull on crushed grain feed. Its daily volume should be gradually increased:

  • in 2-3 months - not more than 0.6 kg per day;
  • at 6 months - a maximum of 3.5 kg daily;
  • in 12 months - up to 9 kg per day.

When using this scheme, the weight of bulls by the year will be about 500 kg. When the cattle reaches 14 months of age, they should receive up to 10-14 kg of grain fodder daily. This norm is observed up to 1.5 years, when the weight of an animal reaches 650 kg.

Such feeding allows you to gain an increase in weight up to 1.6 kg daily. It is best to pick fodder from equal proportions of barley and wheat. You can use only one type of grain, but in this case the total weight of bulls will be slightly lower. This method is very effective and cost-effective. The amount of meat produced can be increased to 60%, which will significantly affect the cash profit.

Feed additive "Supermix"

The feeding of the bulls is positively influenced by the additive "Supermix". About 150 g of this product is required per individual per day. The exact amount must be calculated according to the instructions, since it depends on the age and weight of the livestock.

"Supermix" can be used on the farm and at home. The supplement contains growth stimulants, minerals, vitamins and flavors that increase palatability of the feed.

Regular use of "Supermix" allows you to get a big weight in the shortest possible time, reducing the fattening period by 1.5 months. In addition, it will be possible to reduce the total amount of feed that is required to grow a bull. He will eat not 1 ton of feed, but about 750-800 kg.

In this supplement there are no harmful substances that may adversely affect the health of the animal. But in order for the meat to get a marble look, “Supermix” needs to be added right up to slaughter.

Are antibiotics effective?

The fattened cattle will weigh more if antibiotics are used. When using them throughout the month, the weight will be 4-5% more. After 3 months it will be possible to achieve an increase of up to 15%. This result will remain until six months, and then the bull’s body mass index will begin to decrease. By the year it will weigh only 8% more than when fattening without antibiotics.

Experts are still arguing how best to administer antibiotics. During the experiments, it was found that with intramuscular injections and the infusion of medication through the mouth, the bull gained less weight than when adding an agent to the feed.

If the decision is made to stop on injections, then they should be done twice a day. Streptomycin and Penicillin are commonly used to stimulate growth. In most cases, calves will quickly grow in size. Their appetite will increase, and they will be able to produce hay already from 5 months.

However, not all animals antibiotics are the same. Sometimes tetracycline drugs are not effective. Cattle grows slowly and has a small weight gain. This happens when the dosage of the remedy is chosen incorrectly, taking breaks in taking the medicine or the diet is unbalanced.

Food prebiotic "Prestarter"

The Prestarter prebiotic has proven itself well. It consists of all the necessary minerals and vitamins, prebiotics from cellulose. The drug not only accelerates growth, but also has a positive effect on immunity, improves the digestive function and the development of precursors.

Feeding prebiotics should be started as early as 4 days after birth. Up to 7 weeks, the drug should be mixed with milk and given to calves in this form. If accelerated animal rearing is practiced, Prestarter is used throughout the entire period. It is added to food in a specific pattern, which is indicated in the instructions.

It is necessary to read it carefully in order to understand how to feed the cattle for rapid growth, otherwise there will be no result. Depending on the breed, calves gain up to 600 kg of weight. On the day they need to be fed 4 times at regular intervals. When using "Prestarter" animals should always have enough drinking water.

The use of biostimulator "Krezacin"

Today, farmers often use the Kresacin biostimulator, which reduces the time required to fatten animals and increases their appetite. When using this tool, the average daily weight gain of livestock increases to 15%. "Krezacin" can be added to the feed only after six months.

The drug is completely harmless and does not accumulate in the body. This is a synthetic agent that is completely soluble in water. It is added to feed or drink livestock. On 1 kg of weight not more than 0,010 g of "Krezacin" is required.

The tool has a good effect on the quality indicators of meat. The volume of pulp increases by about 6%, the energy value by 5%, the protein content by 3%, and the dry matter content by 2%. Meat retains moisture well, so less heat during heat treatment. In addition, if you use "Krezacin" in the spring, the goby, fattened by him, is characterized by increased sexual activity.

Additive "Ivan Ovsinsky KORM"

"Ivan Ovsinsky KORM" is a growth promoter for cattle. Calves gain weight faster, their appetite improves, protein digestion and digestion works well. The use of the drug can reduce feed costs by up to 10%, but at the same time significantly increase the weight of animals and their productivity.

The additive is used according to a specific scheme. It is used from the 20th day of life in the calculation of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of animal weight. The drug is added to liquid feed or drinking water. A month after the start of the reception, you need to take a break for 1.5 weeks. After that, the drug is used for one more month, but already at 0.12 ml per 1 kg of weight, and again a break. Then - at 0.14 ml per 1 kg during the entire growing period.

"Ivan Ovsinsky KORM" accelerates the cultivation of animals and improves their productivity. When using the drug for 4 months, the weight of calves will be about 15% more than normal feeding.

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