Bull sperm collection and control


To obtain high-quality sperm products from bulls manufacturers, you must perform a number of conditions. First you need to prepare the room in which the procedure of semen collection will be carried out. Depending on the temperament of each representative of cattle, a method of supplying it to the machine and sound accompaniment is selected. And only after all the preparatory activities, work is being done to collect the seed from the animal.

Preparing the sperm room

The enclosures for taking measures for the collection and control of seed liquid of cattle should consist of premises for processing livestock, playpens for collecting sperm, washing, sterilization room, sterile box, laboratory room and storage of ejaculate.

In order to obtain high-quality bull seed, the room in which the procedure will be carried out and the laboratory and technical buildings are washed with high water pressure. Indoors, the floor, walls, and machines are cleaned, and all necessary appliances are disinfected (2% caustic soda solution).

Then, for three hours, the area of ​​the upcoming work is irradiated with bactericidal devices. Usually used for this lamp BUF-30 or BUF-60. Their quantity should be calculated on the basis of 1 W per 1 cubic meter of space.

Shortly before semen collection, dust is precipitated by humidifying the air by spraying a weak disinfectant (40% formaldehyde).

Devices for the procedure

To get sperm from a bull, you need to prepare a special container - an artificial vagina. Previously, it creates all the conditions required for the successful capture and further preservation of seminal fluid. The creation of favorable conditions also affects the production of the ejaculation reflex in an animal (temperature regime; corresponding pressure on the penis; soft sliding, preventing the physical and psychological trauma of the bull).

The composition of the vagina includes a cylinder with a nozzle for filling with water and supplying air inside, a special chamber of rubber tubing and rings tightly clamping the base of the chamber.

A certain pressure in the vagina must be maintained. Throughout the process of collecting sperm, it should remain in the range of 40-60 mm Hg, and the temperature variation allowed in it is from 40 to 42 degrees.

Phased work

With the vagina is necessary to do the following steps:

  • the base of the cylinder is clamped with a cuff, which is provided with rubber with a spongy structure;
  • the chamber is thoroughly washed and dried, then it is embedded and stretched on the edges of the cylinder over the cuff;
  • as soon as they finish removing the folds and the camera sags freely, the tension is stopped;
  • rubber rings are worn over the folded edges of the rubber chamber and pressed well;
  • 150-500 cc of hot water (50-60 degrees) is poured into the artificial vagina, and the disinfected sperm receptor joins;
  • then take a sterile glass rod and evenly treat the inside of the vagina with a lubricant;
  • air is pumped into the compressor until the wall of the rubber tube is closed over the entire area.

Preparation of the animal for the procedure

Before the procedure, wash the cattle well with baby or green soap under the pressure of water with a permissible temperature of 18-20 degrees. Usually, animals take sperm after feeding (it should take at least an hour).

For the convenience of the procedure, you can use the machine mechanical action. You can take sperm using the method of mounting on another healthy animal, which corresponds to the height of the sire.

The approach to the machine (dummy) is carried out with the help of stick-carrier manipulations. On the dummy bulls hold for about 5 minutes. Prepared vagina should be brought to the groin of the animal at an angle of 40-45 degrees, and to carry out the careful introduction of the penis into the hole.

Incorrect angle of the vagina can cause stress in the animal and cause microcracks in the glans penis. At the same time, the hematotescular barrier is often violated and the production of autoantibodies to spermatozoa stops. Insemination performance is reduced by 10-15%.

Ways to get quality ejaculates

When a seed is released, the artificial vagina rotates at an angle of 90 degrees. The ejaculate obtained is subject to mandatory sealing by special welding with a certain temperature regime, for example, with the device "Lightning-1".

After that, the sperm receiver used in polyethylene is cut off with the contents of the ejaculate (the sperm receiver of glass closes), is labeled and transferred to the laboratory.

To achieve better ejaculates, bulls need to make 1-2 visits to the machine without ejaculation. It takes about 20 minutes to walk cattle in the periods between the fence of the first and second ejaculate.

In order to avoid inhibitory reactions in bulls, the machines and procedure sites should be changed. It is also helpful to use idle drives and massage the testes.

Methods to increase the amount of seed produced

To produce the highest quality sperm bulls, you need to influence their sense of smell, touch and visual reflexes. Creating favorable sound signals increases the volume of seminal fluid and the concentration of spermatozoa in it.

Control of technological processes during the collection of the seed ensures quality sperm production from the bulls of producers. And also allows you to increase the volume of seminal fluid to 7 ml, with a concentration of 1.78 billion / ml. In case of violation of the technology of semen collection, the quality of sperm decreases markedly, and these parameters become equal to 1.5 ml and 0.1 billion / ml.

The use of other bulls as a graft helps to increase the concentration of ejaculate up to 30%, and the number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate up to 45%.

Carrying out the procedure in the presence of another bull also allows you to increase the volume of sperm by 25-30%, while the number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate can reach 70%.

When the bull reaches full arousal, the result of insemination of cows with the help of the sperm allocated to them increases by 10%.

Pros and cons of artificial seed intake

According to statistics, to fertilize 1000 cows, you must have at least 25 bulls in the farmstead. Such a number of male individuals to take for breeding is unprofitable, even on large-scale production. Abroad, to minimize costs, 95% of cows are fertilized by artificial insemination.

In Russia, this procedure is more difficult. This is due to the complex and expensive equipment for the collection and storage of sperm. But with careful preparation and with the observance of all standards of the procedure for collecting sperm, in our country it is possible to obtain high-quality seminal fluid from the manufacturing bulls.

If you have experience in conducting such procedures, share with us the results achieved in the comments under this article.

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