How can you bring a cow into the hunt


The situation when a cow does not come into the hunt is familiar to many breeders and is deservedly considered a very alarming signal. After all, the number of heads and the milk productivity of cows depends on the level of herd reproduction. The visual absence of sexual desire is not always a sign of illness or infertility. More often - it is the inexperience of the owners. Next, we analyze the process of heat in a cow. Plus, you will learn about the causes that cause it.

Cycle have cows

In healthy cows, the cycle continues for 21 days, plus or minus two days. The process itself is divided into three parts - it is preparation, the active stage of arousal and the final period, which is most suitable for successful fertilization.

At the preparatory stage, cows change behavior. Animals roam along the fence and moo strongly. Vaginal discharge transparent and insignificant. Inexperienced breeders immediately rush to bring the cow with the bull. But you can not do this, the sense of such mating or artificial insemination will not, because the egg has not yet emerged.

In the second stage, the cows are also active, but behave a little differently. Figuratively speaking, the cows become in love and affectionate. They rub and lick their fellows, and can also stand on them. Discharge abundant, but still transparent. The probability of conception in this period is not more than 50%, so it is better to wait.

In the third stage, the cow stands silently and waits for fertilization. The discharge becomes pink and viscous. This behavior lasts up to 20 hours and the probability of a successful conception approaches 90%.

Why not see the hunt

In active cows, one of the first causes of failed insemination is the breeder's mistake. Just too early to let the bull to cow. But what to do if the hunt is not visible? The owners, as a rule, write off such a condition on the features of the breed or any disease.

Of course, both of these reasons are real, but believe me, they are rare. Much more often, the passivity of cows is caused by shortcomings in the maintenance, feeding and use of various kinds of drugs. Below is the main list of factors that can cause passivity of cattle:

  • fatness of cows, denoted as BCS and measured in units;
  • foot diseases;
  • a serious lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet;
  • hormonal drugs can cause passivity in cows;
  • sometimes age is the cause;
  • stress is one of the main reasons;
  • condition of the barn - floors, bedding, pens;
  • seasonality factor;
  • mistakes in hunting identification.

How BCS affects hunting

BCS or Body Condition Score is a characteristic of the level of nutrition. Gradation goes from 1 to 5 units with quarters. You need to worry when this indicator is in area 3, and when BCS = 2 it is already a disaster. Such a burenka is not like jumping and butting, she doesn’t have enough strength to move.

The functions of the ovaries with such a low fatness of the cow are strongly depressed, respectively, the probability of normal conception tends to zero. There are three reasons for the loss of fatness - firstly, few calories in food, secondly, too high milk yield and, thirdly, illness.

The first reason is eliminated simply: take samples of feed and carry to the laboratory. There they are examined for calorie capacity and make up a suitable diet.

If a cow gives more than 60 liters of milk per day, then it is useless to increase caloric content, everything will burn like in a firebox. Here it is better to wait until the Burenka slow down the milk and increase a bit of fat. And after that she will show you a real hunt. Well, a sick cow should just be treated.

Musculoskeletal system

Any disease of the legs in a cow leads to partial or complete inhibition of sexual activity in about 30 - 40% of cases.

To eliminate this cause, you will need to do a little analytical work on your farm. Check all walking cows for diseases of the musculoskeletal system inherent in the region or specifically your farm.

Be sure to check the condition of the foot baths and the quality of the solution in them. Feel for the presence of fever and pain all joints in candidates for pregnancy. Pay attention to the gait.

A separate item are the hooves. If your cows do not suffer from clear hoof diseases, the reason may be bad pruning. Check in person when and how the hooves of cows on the farm are trimmed and, if necessary, correct the errors.

Other physiological causes

High calorie is good, but the food still needs to be balanced in vitamins and minerals. Lack of some group of trace elements leads to inhibition of the sexual activity of the cow. Here, if it is not possible to change the diet, then you need to pierce the vitamins.

Particularly zealous breeders, wanting to systematize the time of calving, inject serious doses of arousing to a cow. So, the pathogen is a good thing, but everything should be in moderation. In general, the exciting and hormonal drugs should be prescribed by a veterinarian, and strictly dosed.

Strangely enough, but it endures the cold of cattle better than the heat. In winter, the main thing is good food, then the cow will warm itself. And in the heat of the cows, the embryo most often loses, a mini-abortion occurs, which leads to the disappearance of the hunt.

With regard to age, with a good balanced diet and attention of the staff, the reproductive period can actually be extended by a couple of lactations. Although this rule also applies in the opposite direction, simply speaking, the cow ages faster without attention.

Stress factors

Stress is almost the main enemy of cows that have come to the hunt. Any loud sound or the appearance of strangers scare the animal. The nervous system of cattle is very vulnerable. Cows are not able to get used to the constant noise, even if they hear it from a calf age.

Another stress factor is the condition of the floor, in this case we are talking about concrete floors. It is noticed that a smooth concrete floor in cows after the third genera leads to a decrease in sexual desire. The cow is not a skater and she does not like to slide on the concrete. Therefore, update the old or cut new anti-slip grooves.

Forced prolonged standing in one place also leads to stress and, consequently, to diseases of the legs. If there is not enough space, ensure a soft and dry bedding, let the cow lie.

There is a golden rule - forced sludge lasts no more than 2 hours, and milking should take up to 1 hour.

Methods for determining hunting

When the hunt came to the cow, it must also be identified and diagnosed stage, otherwise the time will be lost and the calf will not appear. There are several ways to determine hunting. But, since now we are talking about the activation process, we briefly touch only the most popular methods.

The most reliable and proven is the use of a bull-probe. The male even determines a sluggish cow.

You can use pedometers. A small device is worn on the leg of the cow and data is taken from it daily. With the onset of hunting, the motor activity of the cow increases, and this is immediately noticeable.

The cheapest, but no less effective, is the use of an ampoule with a dye. Such an ampoule is glued to the back of the cow and, if the bull jumps, the ampule will burst and a stain will remain on the back.

Affordable hunting stimulation

If all of the above conditions are met and the factors are taken into account, and the process does not begin at all, then it makes sense to stimulate it. To begin with, let's look at how to bring cows into the hunt using accessible and simple methods.

The first thing to start with is an active massage of the ovaries and a massage of the uterus. The procedure is done rectally, through the rectum. The intensity of the massage should be high, but limited in time, no more than 5 minutes. According to the same scheme should knead the vaginal region of the uterine cervix.

The effect of the massage will be much higher if sodium bicarbonate, better known as a hypertonic solution, is poured into the vagina. Here at 0.5 liters of distilled water is 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate.

The probability of fertilization of a cow will increase, if you wash the uterine neck of the vagina with warm water and sugar (concentration 10%) for a quarter of an hour before insemination. The same effect gives sodium-chlorine (1%), as well as 2% soda solution.

Drug Stimulation

The most commonly used hormonal stimulants, such as serum and blood of mares (FFA and FFA), as well as gravity hormone. The standard dosage of these hormones is 2500-3000 units. They give good results, but the hunt caused by this method should be monitored, and the veterinarian should. After all, with the exhaustion of a cow or an overdose of hormones, these same drugs will cause medical castration.

Recently, a fairly high-quality Spanish drug Estrofan has appeared on the market. It is used in combination with vitamins and traditional preparations. On average, estrophan gives up to 65% positive results.

The whole course is designed for 10 days. On the first day, we prick a surfagon at a dosage of 50 micrograms with vitamins. After 7 days, the main drug, estrofan, also comes with vitamins. On day 9, we again inject a surfactant, but already 25 μg and without vitamins.

On the tenth day, but not later than 16 hours after the surf tank, artificial insemination is carried out. The remaining 25 micrograms of vitamins with a vitamins can be injected 14 days after insemination.

Couple of words about pregnancy

All sorts of tests and probes to determine pregnancy in cows now there is enough. But so far none of them gives an absolute result. The only sure sign is the absence of hunting 3 weeks after natural or artificial insemination. The pregnancy itself in cattle lasts 285 days, plus or minus two weeks.

As you can see, bringing a cow into the hunt is far from an easy task and cannot be solved with the help of medicines alone. Only an integrated approach can ensure guaranteed and stable success.

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