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Applying artificial insemination of rabbits at home, the owner takes control of the breeding process. Most often, this method is used on a production scale, but for personal farming a similar technology is used. This is done in order to reduce the cost of maintaining producing rabbits, as this is spending on enhanced, balanced nutrition. And there are several such animals. However, the method requires taking into account the physical condition of animals and their features.

60 females are inseminated

Among farms that grow rabbits for meat, there is not much information about artificial insemination (AI) of animals. However, this method is well studied, there are many publications and scientific articles.

In the provinces of Italy, from 1986, they began to carry out artificial insemination of rabbits with a commercial purpose (meat direction). The service, which is engaged in this activity, is equipped with everything necessary for collecting sperm. It determines its quality, diluted and stored. The males from whom they take the material are suitable for health reasons.

In 1986, more than ten Italian farms were inseminated with 9152 bunnies. And if you take the next year, then there were a total of 20,386 artificial insemination procedures at 41 farms. The work is constructed in such a way that an average of 60 females inseminate in 1 hour. It all depends on the skill of the master.

By 1987, the activity has improved. 25 farms showed good results - improved selection of producers, improved sperm extraction and work with it. Carefully goes through the control of the state of rabbits.

In the face of large farms

First of all, males are selected for artificial insemination of rabbits. They are evaluated for libido (manifestation of sexual reflexes), the rhythm of collecting sperm, for a strong build. Until the moment of taking the seed in the diet add reverse, milk, eggs, fish and bone meal (3-4% of the nutritional value of the diet).

And the collected sperm fix:

  • quantity;
  • Colour;
  • density;
  • sperm motility.

If the fluid is benign (without pus, blood and urine impurities), then it is diluted with a triple buffer solution, in which egg yolk and antibiotics are added. The ejaculant can be made thick (1: 9), medium (1: 7) and liquid (1: 4) - four parts of the solution for one part of the sperm.

Diluted as necessary, depending on how many females are required to fertilize the material obtained from one crawl. Undiluted ejaculant dies much faster.

Taking material

To obtain seminal fluid to the producer rabbit, a single and calm female is placed, who will act as a "dummy". The male wipe the lower part of the abdomen and pelvic limbs with a damp cloth.

With the help of a special device, in the form of an artificial vagina, they collect sperm. The device is placed under the rabbit (in the area of ​​its genital organs) and the body of the male easily gets there. When the release of sperm has occurred, the crawl with a squeak falls to the side.

Next, the seminal receptacle is sent to the laboratory, and a new material is taken from the male in 5-10 minutes to the next sterile container. Manipulation is carried out with the former rabbit or take another. A producer crawl is allowed to take sperm 4-5 times a week for a year.

The resulting seminal fluid is studied in a special room at a temperature of 20-22 degrees. In the same place the bactericidal lamp joins. The parameters described above are evaluated, and after that, as necessary, the solution is diluted. On farms, the resulting cooled liquid is stored for no more than 24 hours.

Introduction with syringes

When artificially inseminated rabbits use special syringes. The right female is selected. If she didn’t come into the hunt, then ovulation is stimulated by the hypothalamus hormone GnRH (dose 20 μg per 1 rabbit). Accordingly, with a large number of heads in production, records are kept of insemination information. Record the name of the farm, repeat AI, breed of the animal, therapeutic measures, the use of hormones.

During insemination of rabbits, they are placed on their backs and fixed. If an employee is experienced, he clamps the rabbit with one hand and manipulates the other. Sometimes you may need the help of a second person who will hold the female.

Special syringe recruited diluted sperm. Then a long tip is inserted into the vagina parallel to the body of the female. Content is injected with pressure into the deep part of the heart. 0.2-0.3 ml of warm material is enough for one female. The result of insemination will be noticeable for 5-7 days.

At home

Artificial insemination of rabbits at home is similar to how it is done in large enterprises. A suitable, active male is selected that will cover the rabbit dummy well. Animals must get along with each other.

The farmer will need special equipment. This is a seminal receptacle into which a crawl ejaculant is collected, a syringe equipped with a test tube with disposable tubes for insemination of the female. Consumables are also required - cotton wool, alcohol (for disinfecting surfaces), as well as a solution, test tubes and a syringe for diluting sperm.

Several test tubes and special rubber balloons (for an artificial vagina) may be required. The presence of a microscope will be an advantage to consider sperm motility.

All that will be used in seeding and in insemination of a rabbit must be heated to a warm state (tools and fluids).

Take the ejaculant and inseminate

Krol and rabbit come together. The male should begin to make forward movements. The farmer places in front of the rabbit (between the hind legs) an artificial vagina, so that the rabbit's sexual organ falls into it. After a few moments, the ejaculant will be received in a test tube.

After that, the seminal fluid must be diluted with a special solution indicated above. It is collected with a syringe and mixed with the seed. The resulting mixture with a gun is inserted into the vagina of the rabbit.

A female should be ready to bear offspring. Evaluated her physical condition. She is not exhausted and is not obese, has no diseases. The female should come to hunt. Then she is ready to go all the way around and feeding the young.

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