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Interest in outstanding persons has not bypassed animal husbandry: the biggest bulls and the smallest cows are listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Among the variety of hoofed bulls, bulls are impressive in their size. Having become domesticated, these huge massive animals retain and increase their size, thanks to human care and breeding processes. But there are also cows growing only with a large dog, which became such thanks to human care too.

Wild Forest Giants

The largest bull in the world is found in the dense thickets of South Asian countries. These are Indian bison, or bulls, gaurs. They are often found in mountain forests or in bamboo groves in small groups. Sometimes a small herd may consist of young bulls alone, but more often it is a dozen cows, calves and several males. The old cow usually becomes the leader of the herd. Many adult males go and live apart.

Three-meter handsome men with huge curved horns reach a weight of one and a half tons and have almost no natural enemies. At the same time, their numbers are critically small, - animals are listed in the Red Book. This is due to poachers, as well as changes in natural habitat conditions and the tendency of Asian bison to infectious diseases. Large losses cause the population of gaura plague and foot and mouth disease.

The most impressive among home

The largest of domestic bulls are found among the representatives of the ancient breeds:

  • Kalmyk (distributed mainly in the former Soviet Union);
  • Charolais (large beautiful breed of French origin);
  • Chianine (Italian meat breed, different in white body color and black tail);
  • Shorthorn (the oldest English breed of cow with short horns).

Not each of these breeds initially differed impressive size. For example, kyanine is a breed with a thousand-year history. However, large calves began to be born when their genotype was enriched with a breed of Podolsk cows. Now Italian porcelain bulls, so named for their color, - one of the largest, most powerful and strong representatives of bovids.

Major horned celebrity books of records

Swiss porcelain bull Donetto became world famous at the age of 8 years. In the last century, he occupied the first place among the relatives with the greatest weight of 1780 kg and height of 185 cm at the withers. Originally from Italy, this handsome Chianine breed had a cream color and a good temper.

In the XXI century, the palm passed to the giant of the Charolais breed from England named Field Marshal. He walked around Donetto in height, reaching 190 cm at the withers. The last recorded weight of the new record holder has not yet exceeded 1,700 kg. However, its annual weight gain reaches 100 kg, so Field Marshal has every chance of becoming heavier and bypassing its predecessor in mass.

The giant has such a good-natured character that its owners see no danger in him and do not even think of depriving the muscular huge bull of his main weapon - the horns.

England - the birthplace of giants

One of the Kingswood farms of cattle in England is proud to show its competitor for the record, the black and white Trigger, to tourists. Four meters in length, almost two in height - these are not the final parameters of the freesian bull. Fate in the face of a neighbor who did not let a young bull go to the meat gave him a long life and great fame.

Fern Animal Shelter is also famous for its cloven-hoofed pet. Found by a six-day calf, this freesian foundling named Chile gained 1300 kg of weight and reached a two-meter height. These are the figures that make up his world record for 1999. The giant's horns are cut down just in case, although his character is calm and peaceful. Even outwardly, Chile looks like a huge cow.

Slavic champions

Ukrainian celebrity named Repp also belongs to the largest bulls in the world. Now Repp weighs 1500 kg and functions perfectly as a bull-maker. His offspring is several tens of thousands of calves every year. Insemination is done exclusively by artificial means, because the bull Reppa has a nasty character: jealous, touchy and unpredictable. Even in the absence of horns that had to be cut down so that at least one could approach the giant, Repp looks very daunting.

The largest weight indicator in Russia belongs to a bull named Danube. He also has almost two meters tall and weighs 1250 kg. Danube - Ural breeding bull hereford, raised in the Chelyabinsk region. His offspring can set new records, because there are calves, adding 2 kg per day.

Two record extremes

Interest in cow records, as a rule, revolves around the amount of milk produced. But there are among the cows and their giantess. The largest cow in the world named Blossom, according to the Guinness Book of Records, currently lives in the United States. In terms of parameters, it is slightly less than the largest males of its tribe: with a height of 193 cm, the weight of a cow is 1300 kg. This representative of the Holstein breed is barren, but it has its Facebook page.

Another famous Burenka is named Manikyam and received registration in the Guinness book for its height of 62 cm. This baby lives in the family of an Indian farmer and environmentalist. Despite good care, she has not grown in her 8 years of life.

The owners of the smallest cow assure that she is unusually intelligent, and consider her a member of the family. The cow has an indefinite breed with some features of vechurov - a dwarf Indian breed.

Advantages of miniature vechurov

Small cows of the Vechur breed are widely distributed in India. They grow to about a meter in height and gain no more than 200 kg. These animals decided to give the newlyweds to the wedding.

Now the population of miniature representatives of the cattle is protected, a few years ago the breed was on the verge of extinction. In India, large donations are made to maintain and breed vechurs.

Indian stunted cows have many advantages in terms of animal husbandry:

  • long life expectancy;
  • unpretentiousness and adaptability to a tropical climate;
  • good health;
  • valuable milk with medicinal properties (up to 4 liters per day);
  • undemanding to feed;
  • easy calving and almost 100% survival of calves;
  • concentrated manure as a useful fertilizer.

New direction in animal husbandry

Breeds of cattle, characterized by small size, for a long time used by local residents in accordance with the traditions and served as a wonder for tourists. In addition to Indian vechurovs of small breeds, the most famous are the shaggy long-horned Scottish Highlands; humpback ceylon mini zebu and australian horny mini-anguses.

The main feature of miniature cattle breeds is to maintain productivity. Every day they give about 3 liters of tasty milk, and the meat of dwarf cows and gobies has excellent taste. Almost devoid of fat, it has dietary properties and is indicated for many diseases.

Recently, dwarf breeds of cows began to spread far beyond the historical habitats. More and more European and American farmers are paying attention to them. Even in good old England, known to the whole world for its meat giants, a dwarf cow appears in cattle yards. The immeasurably lower labor and feed costs make breeding miniature breeds a very attractive business.

Tell us about your attitude to mini-cows. Maybe you are already breeding them or would like to start? Write about it in the comments.

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