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In beef cattle, limousine breed of cows is so popular that animals of this species are still used to breed new beef types. Trust in them is due to excellent fecundity, unpretentiousness, a high degree of acclimatization and a stable weight gain. Cows can easily transfer calving, and calves are born strong and healthy. But their main advantage was and remains tasty meat.

From past to present

The history of limousin cattle began in the late 18th century. It was then that their first representatives appeared in the small French province of Limousin. It is believed that the cows and bulls of this species are descended from Aquitaine cows.

In Russia, more precisely in the USSR, the first specimens of the Limousin species appeared in 1961. It is noteworthy that animals are raised exclusively for meat. However, bulls and cows of this breed are often used by breeders to breed new species of both meat and dairy cows.

Limousin breed cow meat is a high-quality, expensive product used to prepare restaurant dishes of the highest category. But tasty meat is not the only attractive feature. Animals are often exhibited at exhibitions due to the attractiveness of the exterior.

External features

The breed of cows is able to present a limousine in color the entire palette of golden brown shades. The addition of animals perfectly matches the meat type. General characteristics of livestock has the following distinctive features:

  • massive, dense body;
  • body widening in front;
  • strong legs of medium length;
  • udder poorly developed;
  • subcutaneous fat accumulates in small quantities;
  • hooves and horns of light tone;
  • horns are short, grow down;
  • short head with massive forehead.

Limousine cows often have folds on the short neck. In height, animals reach 1.4 meters. Life expectancy with appropriate care - up to 16 years.

The weight of an adult bull limousin breed reaches 1100 kg, which is almost twice the mass of cows of this species.

Numbers - the best performance indicator

The description of productivity indicators should be started with product characteristics. After slaughtering the individual, the farmer gets up to 65% of the most delicate dietary meat. Fat content is only 10% of the total mass. For clarity, for 1 kg of bones in the carcass of limousine cattle accounted for 6.5 kg of juicy meat.

Early maturity is an important feature of the meat breed, to which limousines fully correspond. The calf is given for slaughter already at the age of 8 months, since it is gaining in weight up to 450 kg. The young of this species is growing rapidly. On the day the baby can recover by 1100 g. Such an increase stably remains up to 15 months.

The fact that cows are of the meat type does not detract from their dairy characteristics. In the year with one heifer, you can get up to 1800 liters of milk, 5% fat. This is a relatively low figure for dairy breeds, but for meat types - such performance is considered high.

Everything you need to know about proper feeding.

For limousine breed cows to develop properly, they should be properly fed. There is about 70 kg of feed per adult per day. Such high food costs are associated with the rapid development of the animal and an intensive set of muscle mass. Lack of food in bulls leads to a loss of growth rate, while cows decrease milk production.

Bulls and limousine cows are unpretentious in eating. It is recommended to feed them with the same products as other breeds of cattle. The basis of the diet of animals is hay, silage, beets, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke and potatoes. In the warm season, the hay is replaced with fresh grass. Making up the ration of limousine horned, it is important to remember one rule: the amount of hay per individual should not exceed 10 kg per day.

Before giving vegetables to animals, they are recommended to be peeled and boiled. In this form, they are better absorbed. Water in the drinker should be changed at least twice a day.

Fruitful and hardy

A feature of cows limousine is their high adaptability to climatic conditions. The popularity of the breed is due to the fact that the cattle do not have to be kept in "greenhouse" conditions. In addition, breeders have the following advantages:

  • precocity of calves;
  • the opportunity to receive meat from young stock;
  • quality products;
  • high adaptive abilities;
  • endurance;
  • high reproduction;
  • well developed immunity.

Unlike many breeds, limousine cows have maternal instincts that are acutely developed. If the cattle are properly cared for, they will demonstrate excellent fertility results.

Maintenance and care

Cows and bulls limousine unpretentious - and this is a big plus. But there are a number of recommendations needed to achieve the best performance. So, animals do not like confined spaces, so the stalls should be spacious. One cow is recommended at least 6-8 square meters. m. square. The pens should be kept clean. It affects the atmosphere in the herd and helps prevent many diseases.

Bulls breed limousine features strong hardening. They do not like the heat, so the barn should be regularly aired. But make sure that when airing does not occur drafts. Animals of this species are allowed to walk in the winter, if the walk will be short.

Caution should be exercised in contact with the Limousin breed. Animals are famous for their capriciousness and unpredictability. One-year-old steers often show aggression and disobedience. This behavior can be seen especially vividly when moving cattle from pastures to pastures. During this period, breeders should be vigilant.

Now you know everything about the Limousin breed and can appreciate the animals. Write comments, we always welcome the opinions of our readers.

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