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In this article we will explain how and what to do if a cow oats up shreds. The stomach of ruminants is a complex, finely organized system. Any imbalance leads to problems that need to be urgently addressed. Otherwise, the cattle may stop giving milk or give the owner other inconveniences. She risks even die from overeating. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly know how much and what kind of feed should be given to cattle.

Why overeating is dangerous for cows

Crushed grain is a high-calorie product and is useful for cattle. However, everything is good in moderation, and if you overdo it with portions, or the Burenka has reached the feed storage, do not expect anything good.

In the rumen of the cow, where food first comes in, live special bacteria. They help to digest food, and the product of their vital activity - gases - come out from the animal with belching. But, if the feed is too much, the microorganisms will not cope with their task, the stomach will "turn to pieces" or stop altogether, and the gases will begin to accumulate.

In such cases, the contents of the stomach rot, pathogenic microflora is activated, and the beneficial bacteria die. Toxins from decaying food begin to enter the blood of the animal, which will poison the body.

Since crushed corn, barley, and other cereals contain a lot of carbohydrates, a large amount of lactic acid is released during their improper processing. There is an acute lactic acidosis. Lactic acid, spreads with the blood and destroys the liver.

If you do not help the cow or tighten it, the animal may die within a few days.

Symptoms of your cow eating too much

If the animal has eaten too much crushed grain, signs of abnormalities in the digestive tract will appear very quickly:

  • the cow stops chewing the cud;
  • the left side is swollen in it - a thimpani of the scar develops;
  • she becomes lethargic and restless;
  • possibly excessive drooling.

If the owner has already started the problem, the animal feels even worse. The cow does not eat, lies without getting up, grit its teeth. The nasolabial mirror (upper lip and nose area) is dry. If the animal tries to get up, you can hear a moan. The temperature usually does not rise.

Hope that everything goes by itself, can not in any case. In the absence of proper treatment, cows and calves who have devoured crushed feed die in 3-5 days.

First aid: make the stomach work

First, you need to drive a cow that has migrated - perhaps an active movement will solve the problem. But if it does not help, immediately call the vet.

It so happens that there is no specialist, or he is far to go. In this case, the animal will have to save.

The most effective washing of the scar, but it can be difficult to implement. A special probe or rubber hose is taken about 4 cm in diameter and 2.5 m long. It needs to be smeared with any ointment or fat, and then shove the cow into the scar through the esophagus 1.5 meters. In order not to get into the trachea instead of the esophagus, watch the smell from the hose - it will smell like cicatricial contents.

It is best to round off the edge of the hose, which will introduce the cow in the throat. Through it we fill 3-4 buckets of water. Then just drop it down, and the water will begin to pour back. Then you can pour into the scar of a sick cow scar content from a healthy individual.

Also, several times a day, an animal is given 3 tablespoons of ordinary soda diluted in a liter of water - to remove acid from the stomach. In addition, give baker's yeast: 250 g dissolved in a bucket (8-10 l) of water. You can repeat the procedure several times a day.

Good help cucumber pickle. It is given twice a day for 10 liters.

In severe cases, the scar is punctured with a special needle, but this manipulation should not be carried out without having special knowledge and experience.

Drug treatment of the effects of overeating

As for drugs, the cow must be given enzymes that will help the stomach digest the feed. Well proven macerobacillin. If a cow has been ill for more than a day, she should be given an antibiotic to suppress harmful bacteria in the rumen. You can take tetracycline tablets of 100 mg twice a day.

To restore the correct work of the scar, ruminator means will be useful: hellebore tincture, tympanol. They can cause vomiting in an animal, but this is not bad, so the stomach will clear.

The veterinarian may prescribe injections of vitamin B1 (thiamine) for 2-4 g. In severe cases, the animal will have to put droppers with calcium chloride and glucose.

Keep in mind that for the treatment of calves dosages of medicines may be different.

Remember: to avoid the sad consequences of overeating shredded meat, it is important to observe the nutritional standards of cattle and not to store food where cows can reach them.

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