What you need to do if the rabbit does not want to mate


Consider why the rabbit does not let the crawl, because the performance of the farm or household depends on the increase in the number of livestock. Eared animals are very prolific. The female is able to bring baby rabbits almost every month. It is not advisable to set the breeding process to chance. It is necessary to monitor every pairing of animals. If a female individual does not make contact with a male, then they identify the reasons for such behavior and look for ways to solve the problem.

Female hunt

The rabbit hunting period takes place once a week in the warm season and 1-2 times a month in the cold. This condition lasts 1-2 days. There are signs by which they recognize readiness for mating. This reddening and increase in external genital organs, behavior change, friction on the cell surface.

The article "How to determine the hunt of a rabbit" describes this situation. After hunting, the females come to the hunt within two days, but it is best to give them the opportunity to feed the rabbits and only then allow them to mate.

Although rabbits multiply rapidly, sometimes the rabbit does not allow the male to approach it. Hence, the hunt has not yet arrived or is poorly expressed.

There are other signs of why the rabbit is not covered:

  • health problems;
  • stress;
  • inappropriate age;
  • inadequate detention conditions;
  • lack of vitamins and nutrients due to poor diet;
  • female zazhirela or exhausted;
  • pregnancy - sukroolnost;
  • hostility to the partner.

If the rabbit does not want to admit to a crawl, it turns out the cause and the problem is eliminated.

Health problems

When bunnies are sick, they will not mate. Often, obviously sick animals are rejected, not allowing to multiply.

Rabbits who suffer from mastitis will not be suitable for livestock reproduction. An aging animal is also not able to reproduce at the same speed. In old females, sexual desire disappears.

Sometimes the female gets sick unexpectedly and is treated. Health problems can be identified as. The animal is depressed, eats poorly or sits, crouched in a corner. When the disease has an incubation period during which there are no noticeable symptoms, the bunny already feels weak and will not let the male go.

Genital diseases are a clear contraindication to mating. If the reason for the rejection of the mating was inflammation, then you need drug treatment. Symptoms are different - a rash near the genital loop, swelling, mucous or purulent discharge. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are able to cope with almost any pathology - Baytril, Tetracycline, Bicillin.

Living conditions

Sometimes rabbits do not mate due to poor quality conditions. A tight cage is one of the main causes of animal discomfort. To the female let the crawl to her, they provide a spacious habitat.

The temperature in the rabbitry is also an equally important factor. In the summer, the animals are too hot and this provokes the female to refuse to mate. At the instinct level, she feels bad conditions for posterity. It is necessary to air the room as often as possible and to maintain the temperature there not higher than 25 degrees. The minimum mark is not lower than 5 degrees. It is necessary to avoid drafts. In warm weather, it is advisable to take the cage to the street, but not to the open sun.

The fact of poor lighting is another reason why rabbits do not want to breed. Short daylight hours or lack of windows compensates for artificial light - at least 8 hours a day, and in winter more.

Proper nutrition

Often the rabbit is not covered due to exhaustion. In this state, the female may not come to the hunt, because at the level of instinct she feels that she does not tolerate a single rabbit. Fat animals also refuse to mate.

Overfeeding of rabbits of any sex badly affects the process of breeding. Fat animals are transferred to the diet before giving normal forms and parameters.

Poor, poor food, lack of vitamins and trace elements slow down the sexual cycle. In the summer in the diet, juicy grass and root vegetables are obligatory. In winter, various nutritional supplements with vitamins and microelements are added to food. Before the viscous rabbit is fed with vitamin E. It will help to bear the offspring well.

With an abundant diet, a fattened female (as well as with a meager food an exhausted individual) does not become pregnant and does not wish to mate. But if a thin weak rabbit still becomes sukrolnoy, then this is a high risk of miscarriages, the birth of weak and dead offspring, as well as low milk production.

No sympathy for the male

Consider what to do if the rabbit does not want to mate for other reasons, for example, because of dislike of the male. It takes time to get used to it and wait for the emergence of sympathy. If this does not happen, it is better to choose another "groom", otherwise the female may behave aggressively.

In order to make acquaintance between animals happen quickly, the female is placed in advance in the cage where the crawl was sitting. She gets used to the smell, and the process of dating before viscous passes quickly.

If a mature female walks, then a young, active male is brought to her. These qualities compensate for inexperience, and he is able to fertilize the rabbit. Also, if the female has the first mating, then an experienced manufacturer is placed on it.

Rabbits in the process of molting are not able to want males. In animals, body functions are impaired. During this difficult period they are left alone, avoiding mating.

Fertilized female

If the rabbit does not want to mate - perhaps she is already pregnant. A clear sign of such a state is aggression. The female flatly refuses to be covered - fights, scratches, screams.

The body of the rabbit is designed in such a way that it is capable of carrying two offspring of different ages. This happens if the female sukrololnuyu re-fertilize. This is extremely undesirable. First, the offspring is weak, and secondly, the body of the rabbit is greatly weakened.

It is very important to determine the first fertilization in order not to let the crawl re-enter. Young inexperienced females willingly go to mating with control (repeated) mating, whereas mature ones begin to behave aggressively. The first signs of pregnancy - aggression, nervousness manifest on 5-7 days. Next comes the construction of a nest and great thirst.

After around the rabbit are ready to be fruitful further, almost on the second day. If the offspring is numerous, the animals are weak and not ready for re-mating. Such individuals give rest, at least until the moment of weaning of baby rabbits.

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