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When mastitis is detected in a cow, treatment at home with folk remedies can be started immediately. There is a perception that animal diseases, like human ones, have adapted to medicinal herbs and today cannot cope with them without serious chemical drugs. However, no matter what anyone says, when dealing with mastitis, folk remedies are as relevant as they were hundreds of years ago. They are almost always part of a comprehensive treatment for inflammation of the mammary glands.

The basis of the folk treatment

Even the grandmothers of our great-grandmothers knew that drafts were destructive for both the cow after calving and the newborn calf. Diseased cattle were kept in a clean and warm room. Dry straw litter was changed regularly, and manure was cleaned every day. These general rules for keeping animals with mastitis remain relevant to this day.

In addition, a cow suffering from inflammation of the udder, both then and now try to milk every three to four hours, excluding juicy feed from the menu and limiting the amount of water.

All of the above can be safely attributed to the experience that has been accumulated by generations of livestock breeders. So, this is the basis of popular methods of dealing with the disease. On the treatment of modern medication is described in the article "Mastitis in cows: treatment at home." By folk methods is understood the use of various decoctions made with your own hands, lotions, ointments that help alleviate the condition of the cow. These recipes were probably made up of illiterate people, but experienced in their work.

Cabbage leaves and starch porridge

After reproduction on the planet more and more new viruses, traditional medicine cannot really cope with the treatment of some serious diseases. But in the case of mastitis, her recipes give an excellent effect in the initial stage of the disease or as part of complex therapy.

The recipes for the treatment of mastitis in cows after calving are most often used:

  • vegetables - onions, carrots, beets, cabbage;
  • products - honey, milk, starch, vegetable oil, vodka, goose fat;
  • plants - figs, eucalyptus, Japanese acacia, calendula flowers, daffodil bulbs;
  • herbs - yarrow, nettle, plantain, coltsfoot;
  • tea mushroom.

For example, for anesthesia and removal of puffiness will help rice starch, which is diluted to a thickness of sour cream. On a clean gauze or cloth, you need to apply this gruel and attach to the sore part of the udder for 3-5 hours.

A similar effect has a compress of carrots, which should be grated. Especially famous for their ability to relieve fever and inflammation in any form of mastitis cabbage leaves. They are attached to the udder for the night.

Onions and Kombucha in the fight against the disease

No wonder the people call onions a remedy for seven ailments. In addition to many other diseases, it helps cure mastitis. You need to take a large onion and bake in the oven. Then crushed with a knife, receiving approximately two tablespoons of mush. It remains to add a tablespoon of honey and the same flaxseed oil. Mixed mass is applied to the udder for three hours in the morning and evening. Instead of flaxseed oil, you can use sea buckthorn oil or camphor.

In the early stages of mastitis in cows, kombucha relieves inflammation.

It is believed that he came to Russia from China in the XIX century. He was called the elixir of immortality. However, this is a myth, but its beneficial effect on the sexual function of female individuals has been proven by experts. The most popular tea kvass, as it became known in Russia, received during the Russian-Japanese war.

To facilitate the condition of the cow during mastitis, the fungus is crushed, evenly distribute the pieces on a thin fabric and apply a compress to the diseased breast. Also made "stuffing" of figs, which is steamed in milk. Using one of these methods, you can achieve the removal of inflammation on the third or fifth day.

Healing herbs to relieve inflammation

To remove the heat and inflammation of mastitis that occur after calving, using infusions of medicinal plants on vodka. They have a disinfecting effect. For example, take one part of the seeds (beans) of Japanese Sophora, put it in a glass dish and fill it with vodka in a ratio of 1: 2. Readiness time is three days. Insist should be in a dark place. This tool is useful to wipe the udder before applying any compresses. We will tell about two of them.

The first is made from Hypericum, Calendula flowers, Chamomile and Lilac. Each plant is taken in two tablespoons. Mix and take three tablespoons of the mixture of plants. Put in a glass jar 0.5 l and pour boiling water. Insist until medium has cooled to room temperature.

The second lotion is made from clover. Need half a cup of dry grass pour boiling water (volume 0.3 l). Wrap the container with a towel and leave for 20 minutes.

The proposed compresses should be applied for three hours. To do this, folded in several layers of gauze, moistened with infusion of herbs and fixed with a bandage on the udder.

Favorite beets and carrots

Contributes to the removal of inflammation collection of an equal amount of thyme, burdock, burdock roots and lavender. The proportion is 2: 2: 3: 1, respectively. Brewing need three tablespoons of the mixture on a half-liter jar for 30 minutes. After filtering cool. Should be used for washing the udder or compress.

By the way, the burdock mentioned above and in the leaves is very useful for mastitis. It can be applied to the udder as a whole, like mother-and-stepmother sheets.

Vegetables that cows and calves love to chew can also be beneficial for mastitis. Carrots or beet tinder grated. Then add honey and mix. This mixture is coated with the udder and wrapped. The received means needs to be stored in the refrigerator, but before the use to maintain one hour in the room.

Ointment Cooking Recipes

Brewing grass and making an infusion is easy, whereas treating mastitis with an ointment of your own production is already aerobatics. Here are some recipes.

Ointment of eucalyptus, clover and Sophora

It is necessary to take four tablespoons of eucalyptus, Japanese Sophora, clover and mix everything. This mixture is the basis of future ointment. Then three or four tablespoons of the collection is poured with a glass of boiling water and kept on low heat for three minutes. In the strained broth add 100 g of butter, everything is well mixed. We must wait until the mixture cools and takes the form of a liquid cream. They should smear both healthy and diseased udder lobes.

Psyllium cream

Plantain seeds crushed with wooden pulp, moistened with warm water. Thoroughly stir everything and grind to obtain a slurry. Apply two or three times a day on the inflamed parts of the mammary glands.

Starch & Oil Remedy

Mix two tablespoons of potato starch with a spoon of vegetable oil (olive, sea buckthorn, rosehip oil, sunflower). If the resulting substance is watery, you can add more starch. There are no exact proportions, everything is done “by eye” to get a cream convenient for applying to the udder during the massage.

Daffodils in flour

Narcissus bulbs finely chopped and mixed with rice or rye flour. The proportions are not important, the main thing is to make a batter. Here you can add ghee to soften the skin of the udder and prevent cracking. Readiness after mixing occurs after 12-24 hours.

All submitted ointment is usually applied twice a day for two to three weeks. Be sure to before applying the udder completely free from milk by hand milking.

Application tips

All ointments and solutions, which are based on medicinal herbs, can not be used for the treatment of hot mastitis. Ideal - room temperature or 2-3 degrees higher. Check the "norm" can be, causing a little money on the back of his hand. Higher temperature creates favorable conditions for the multiplication of infection.

It is obligatory to filter all broths, and to bring ointment to a uniform consistence without lumps.

For compresses, use a sterile cloth or bandage.

Keep funds should be in a dark cool place no more than three days from the moment of preparation.

Remember that the running forms of mastitis folk remedies can not be cured. In these cases, they are used only as supplements to chemical drugs.

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