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There are situations when it is necessary to stimulate hunting in rabbits, but first one must be able to determine the readiness of the female to mate. Animal reproduction is an important stage in rabbit breeding. Everyone knows about the fertility of eared animals, but some subtleties in breeding animals are not always clear. It is necessary to properly evaluate the inadequate behavior of the animal. Sometimes signs of readiness for mating are reminiscent of symptoms of ailments. It is also important to consider the seasons to control the process.

Changes in the body

Before we tell you how to determine the hunt of rabbits, let's find out the features of this physiological process.

The hunting period is the time when the female is ready to mate. So the rabbit's courtship will not be rejected. Ocrolls occur throughout the year. Determining the right moment for mating will help make the crawling at the right time.

In the female, three different hunting options are considered. This may be the first time, either after a baby baking, or if a rabbit has been chilled after the first mating, that is, she has not become pregnant.

In the body of the female is a restructuring associated with the influence of hormones. Changes occur every week during the warm season. In winter and autumn hormonal changes change less often - once a month.

The fact that the rabbit "walks" can be found on the external genitals (vulva). It is located under the anus and resembles a loop. Changes in the body lead to swelling and redness of this area. The period of readiness for mating lasts only one or two days, during which the rabbit can fertilize the female without harm to health.

Behavior changes

Let's talk about how to determine that the rabbit is ready to let the rabbit to her. To start inspect the genitals. Their appearance (swelling and redness) will tell about the beginning of the hunt.

The production of hormones contributes to the appearance of other behavioral signs of hunting in the rabbit. Let us dwell on how to find out, by the actions of the female, that she is “walking”. Common symptoms are:

  • anxiety, running and throwing around the barn or cage, the female goes from corner to corner;
  • friction against walls and other surfaces, pressing to them;
  • fear, bouts of fear or aggression;
  • scattering baby rabbits after a roundabout and refusing to feed them;
  • stretching to full height, lying on the floor.

In the cold season, starting in autumn, the rabbit calms down, unlike in the summer period. Sometimes you can not notice whether it “walks” or not, since sexual arousal is absent.

Make sure that the rabbit in the hunt, you can, if you hold your hand from neck to tail - she will begin to arch her back and lift the back of the body.

No mating

Even during the hunting period the rabbit may not attract a female. If she refuses mating, look for the reason for this behavior. Usually, nutritional deficiencies or poor diets cause rejection of mating. A hungry or weakened rabbit at the instinct level feels that she is unable to bear and give birth to offspring. Poor health and obesity effects.

Conditions of detention also affect the behavior of the female. In this case, she also instinctively feels that the unfavorable situation is not suitable for the birth of calves. This is a high or low temperature in the room, too close cell, poor lighting. Short daylight hours also adversely affects the "mating games" of animals.

A big role is played by the age of the rabbit. When she is not young, her hormonal background no longer works at a fast pace.

Also, the desire to mate affects female pregnancy. Because of this condition, she does not come into the hunt.

If the rabbit refuses mating, then it is checked for the presence of infectious diseases of the genital organs. This is evidenced by discharge from the genital tract (mucus, pus). Refusal of sexual intercourse may trigger ovarian hypofunction. There are a number of hormonal drugs for this ailment.

Sometimes you should not wait for quick mating with the rabbit. Perhaps the rabbit needs time to get used to it. When this happens, she turns her back to the male whenever possible - it means that the time of mating has come.

How to bring a rabbit into the hunt

After the reason for the reluctance to mate is identified, the rabbit is stimulated to hunt. If the negative effect of a short day in the winter period is revealed, then it is extended with additional lighting. In the place of detention provide a comfortable air temperature from -5 to +25 degrees. Also in the warmer months, the cell is carried outside (but not in the open sun).

Proper feeding with vitamins and microelements allows the female to always be in shape. If she has obesity, then you need to reduce the calorie content of the feed. The priority is hay (80%). Rabbits, who, on the contrary, are emaciated, should receive enhanced nutrition. Well stimulates hunting celery.

It is desirable to make the first mating without errors. In order for this process to be successful, the rabbit must be experienced with successful past matings. Knowing that the female is already pregnant, it is better not to let the male to her, as all aggression will be directed towards him.

If females do not walk due to illness, then until the animals recover, it is better not to stimulate the mating process. Poor health requires calling a vet.

Certain conditions are important for successful mating. For example, the female is planted to the male, and not vice versa. The hunting period can be caused by the rabbit cage being in a rabbit cage (but without it). She gets used to the smell of her partner and comes to a state of excitement. For more information about the correct actions can be found in the article "What you need to do if the bunny does not want to mate."

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