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The article will focus on whether it is possible to bathe ornamental rabbits, and how to do it correctly. Long-eared pets are very clean individuals. In general, they are able to keep their body and fur clean. However, an animal can unpredictably get dirty in something even at home. Bathing for them is a very difficult test and you need to properly approach this process in order not to harm the pet.

Unnatural environment

Bathing a rabbit is a procedure that is stressful and is unnatural and non-standard for such individuals. Of course, in the case of strong pollution, it is not forbidden to do this, but once again you should not expose your pet to a meeting with water.

In animals, there is absolutely no stress resistance and water manipulation can be deadly. Decorative pets are doubly vulnerable. It is not recommended to wash the rabbits also because the slightest draft and a cool room contribute to various diseases that are not well tolerated.

In their natural habitat, in the wild, rabbits will not climb into the water of their own accord. They are able to scrub wool with the tongue, licking it. Moreover, these animals molt every six months. They have old sheds, and new ones grow.

Rabbits who live in an apartment do not get dirty much. And proper care and maintenance of animals doubly contribute to maintaining a neat appearance. This is proper feeding, timely cleansing of the cage and tray, combing during moulting.

Whether decorative rabbits can be washed or not, is a moot point, because if it doesn’t lead to stress, it will result in hair loss in the pet. His undercoat and sebaceous excretions are not ready to take detergents and water. Natural protection makes the fur smoother, more elastic and it is undesirable to wash it off.

Required water treatments

Having figured out whether it is possible to bathe an ornamental rabbit and whether it needs to be done, let us turn to whether it is necessary. There are critical situations when it is necessary to redeem an animal. Ideally, it is necessary to subject to a meeting with water exactly the place that got dirty, and not the entire body of the pet as a whole.

It is necessary to wash a decorative rabbit in the following situations:

  • if poor-quality care was carried out, and the animal was in sewage, while the wool (in particular on the legs) turned yellow and began to produce an unpleasant smell;
  • if the pet is diagnosed with diarrhea and wool gets dirty around the anus (feces stick to it);
  • if an individual gets dirty in a substance that is hazardous to health, which can be licked and this will lead to unpleasant consequences (and even death);
  • if something is stuck to the wool and difficult to clean.

All of these items in their own words indicate that the animals could be established poor-quality care or care. If the first option is revealed, then it is necessary to more effectively clean the cage and habitat of the little rabbit, and even more so the rabbit with babies. In the second variant, the pet's diet should be revised. To avoid the third option, you need to hide all potentially hazardous substances and chemicals.

It is not always possible to keep track of a nimble animal. Unpredictable pollution can happen when walking outside. Below we describe how to wash the rabbit properly and, if possible, not to wet it completely. If the animal received heat stroke, then water procedures are mandatory.

Swimming without stress

So, from the above, it became clear whether it is possible to bathe rabbits. If, nevertheless, unforeseen and excessive pollution has happened, you will have to take a bath, but this should be done correctly. My animal is full only when absolutely necessary.

We will tell how decorative rabbits are bathed without harm to their health. First you need to prepare a bowl of warm water (38 degrees), in which you need to mix a little shampoo (1 tbsp. Spoon). It can also be applied directly on the wet hair of the animal, lathering light movements. When using it, another tank of water is needed for rinsing with detergent. It is impossible for the rabbit to taste it.

Water is poured into the basin when animals are bathing; it is not recommended to use a shower. First, the spray can get into the ears and eyes of a pet, and this is unacceptable. Secondly, the pressure of water can scare dwarf rabbits.

Shampoo or soap is needed exclusively special, bought in a veterinary pharmacy.

Ordinary, for people and even children, will not work, as they have a bad effect on the eared wool. By the preparatory procedure include the closing of windows in the apartment to avoid drafts and cold.

Lathering wool

Now more about how to bathe an ornamental rabbit. The actions are the same if the pet is washed all or partly (soap only the dirty part of the body). The rabbit is gently dipped into a basin of water and watered with the body (or soiled part). You may need the help of another person to keep him.

Wash the rabbit with shampoo, which is soaped evenly. If the pollution is strong, then the water changes several times until the pet is completely washed. The foam is washed off with clean water.

In case of lightly partial pollution, you can wash the rabbit under the tap, adjusting the desired water temperature. After bathing your pet you need to wipe dry with a towel or two (when the first one became wet). You can use a hairdryer with a warm air flow, but only if the crawl is not afraid of it. You can not let a wet animal on the floor, even if there are no drafts. You need to hold it on your hands until it is completely dry.

We told how to bathe a rabbit. But it is important to do everything so that this procedure occurs as little as possible. However, first swimming is always stressful. To make the pet more confident, you can lay a towel under his paws - it will not slide. You should also not take too much water in the basin and it is best to practice partial bathing.

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