Creams and ointments for udder cows


Veterinarians recommend using a cream for an udder of cows, so that on their delicate skin there is no irritation, it does not peel off and does not become chapped. The quality of the milk you get from it depends on how you treat the cows on your farm. It should be remembered that it is the udder that often becomes a source of serious diseases, which can later lead to a lack of milk and the inability to raise offspring.

Good cream - the guarantee of health of cows

Most of the day animals spend on pastures. At this time, the udder of the cow is exposed to various influences. It is blown by the wind, scratched by grass, insects sit on it. All this does not contribute to the fact that the skin of the animal remained healthy.

The health of the female can also be affected by poor housing conditions, or simply by bad weather, which together can cause mastitis or other udder diseases in the cow. On the delicate skin microcracks are constantly formed, which are infected, causing infection.

In order to prevent the formation of wounds and cracks on the udder of cows, veterinarians recommend the use of special creams. They help soften the skin, moisturize it and destroy harmful bacteria.

General idea of ​​the means

The basis of any cream for udder is petroleum jelly. About the positive properties of this component is known not only to breeders of cows. Any ointment made on the basis of petroleum jelly makes the skin soft, promotes healing of wounds and has no contraindications.

In addition to vaseline, vitamins, supplements and nutrients are part of the udder ointment. Among the disadvantages of an udder ointment can be noted its unpleasant smell. Every farmer caring for the animals he contains must have such a means in his arsenal.

The cost of ointments for lubricating the udder is low, which pleases breeders. This is due to the fact that the composition of ointments include standard components, and production is based on simple and easily accessible technologies.

Cream "Lyubava" - a general description

Veterinarians, recommending cream for cows, opt for the Lubava ointment. It contributes to the healing of microcracks, increase elasticity and elasticity, as well as soften the udder cover. If irritation or inflammation appears on the udder, then Lyubava will help to cope with them.

In summer, the cream prevents burns and reduces itching from insect bites. This contributes to the fact that cows tolerate milking more calmly, because they have reduced irritability. According to veterinarians, the use of Lyubava ointment helps to reduce infection with mastitis by 20%.

The safety of the ointment does not cause doubts, both for animals and for people contacting with it. On the contrary, the tool has a beneficial effect not only on the skin of cows, but also on the skin of people, making it soft and elastic.

Recommendations for the use of cream "Lyubava"

The use of the cream does not cause difficulties, and there are no special recommendations, as well as restrictions on its use. Apply the ointment is allowed both before the milking and after the completion of the yield. The only difference is that if the Lubava is smeared after milking, then the udder should be washed and wiped with a dry towel.

Before use, the cream is applied to the hands of a massage therapist. He begins to rub it into the udder of the cow with soft massaging movements. Rub the ointment until it is completely absorbed into the skin of the animal. Take special care when applying the cream in the nipple area. If you take too much, remove the excess with a dry paper towel.

Due to its composition, the cream is easy to apply. It absorbs quickly and is odorless. It consists of only natural ingredients. Due to the thick consistency, it is economical, and the low cost only adds positive reviews to the ointment.

General information about the cream "Dawn"

The composition of the cream includes only natural ingredients that not only do not harm the skin of the milkmaid, but also have a softening and moisturizing effect. Do not be afraid that the cream particles will fall into the milk - it is absolutely not dangerous to understand this, it is enough to get acquainted with the composition.

It is important that the cream contains no harmful components at all, and the ointment itself does not cause allergies in animals or in people who come in contact with it. Proof of this is the fact that there is no specific recommendation for dosages - the cream can be applied up to several times per day.

Before smearing cream "Dawn", it is recommended to wash and dry the udder. The peculiarity of the composition of the ointment does not allow completely rubbing it into the skin, so you should not torment the animal trying to achieve this effect. It is enough to put a small amount of means with the easy massage movements.

The components that make up the cream "Dawn"

Beta glucan is present in the composition of many creams, as it has a healing and protecting effect. In addition, it produces a rejuvenating effect, strengthens and soothes the skin, as well as being an anti-inflammatory agent. Vitamins “A”, “D” and “E” contribute to the restoration of the skin, increase the protective function of the epithelium and saturate the cells with oxygen.

Sulfur-containing substances prevent peeling and itching, antioxidants increase the rate of recovery of the skin and protect it from sunlight. Polyenic acids have protective and antibacterial properties, and carotenoids prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Cofermen plays an important role in the processes of oxidation and synthesis occurring throughout the body. Proteins are involved in all processes of the body, contribute to the maintenance of nucleic acids at a certain level and the rapid healing of scratches, by increasing blood clotting. Folic acid is involved in the development and growth of the immune and circulatory systems, and biotin prevents the appearance of age spots.

Recommendations on the use of ointment "Dawn"

Due to its rich composition, the range of action of the Dawn ointment is quite extensive. Especially it is necessary to highlight its impact on improving blood circulation and increasing skin elasticity. Those who work with cows say: "I smear the dawn of the Dawn" regularly, because the ointment promotes the healing of wounds and scratches. "

"Dawn" helps to reduce inflammation, protects the skin of the udder from germs and sunburn. It is important to know that the cream has an analgesic effect, which helps to reduce the irritability of animals in the process of milking and relieves pain if the animal received a wound or bite.

It is this cream prescribed veterinarians for any injuries of the udder or infectious diseases. It should be understood that the tool can only treat minor injuries, in case of serious injuries, complex treatment is prescribed.

Description and properties of the cream "Burenka"

Another good tool that veterinarians recommend to use for the lubrication of the skin on the udder - ointment "Burenka". The cream has many beneficial properties:

  • increases the tone and elasticity of the epithelium;
  • gives the skin softness;
  • reduces irritation and inflammation of the udder;
  • inhibits inflammation;
  • used to heal wounds if the skin starts to crack;
  • is an antiseptic;
  • prevents erosion.

A distinctive feature of the cream "Burenka" is its soft texture. The cream is applied by hand, but it does not harm the skin of the milkmaid. Most veterinarians prescribe it as a prophylaxis for mastitis. Ointment is released, as well as "Dawn" or "Lyubava", without a prescription, and you can buy them both at the pharmacy and at the veterinary store.

Folk recipes

Despite the quality care of the udder, cracks can form on the nipples of cows. To prevent this, you can use special ointments, bought in a pharmacy, or prepare the cream yourself.

A good protective cream is a mixture made from sunflower oil, paraffin and beeswax. Put the oil in a water bath and wait until it boils. Add the remaining ingredients and leave to boil until they are completely dissolved in the oil. Remove the ointment from the heat and wait for it to cool completely before lubricating the udder of the cow.

In the event that the udder of the animal is already damaged and inflammatory processes have begun, it is better to use another means. Take bee honey and vodka one tablespoon, mix and rub the udder of the cow. After the composition is on the skin, bandage the udder with a warm, clean cloth and leave it overnight. If in the morning you did not notice any improvements, you should immediately contact a veterinarian.

The use of cream - prevention of diseases of the udder

The body of cows is a delicate system that should be carefully looked after. Particular attention should be paid to the udder of the animal, since many serious diseases are associated with it. The use of creams based on natural ingredients helps to soften the skin and protect it.

If you use cream to lubricate the udder of a cow, this will help prevent animal mastitis. This is due to the fact that while you apply the ointment on the udder of the cow, you make massage movements. Massage - the best prevention of mastitis. Another disease, the prevention of which is the use of creams for udder - is furunculosis.

The cause of this disease is poor animal hygiene, as a result of which infection penetrates into cracks and scratches on the udder. If you regularly use creams, then you keep the udder of the animal clean, contribute to the speedy healing of wounds on the skin and prevent infection.

In this article, we talked in detail about why, why, and how to use an udder cream. Like if the article was useful for you.

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