When the rabbit builds a nest


Usually the female prepares for the appearance of offspring, but let's see why the bunny does not make a nest before giving birth. In the process of preparing for the decoy, the arrangement of the queen cell is the first care of the expectant mother, since only inside the warm cozy nest the little ones will not freeze. 5 days before the birth of the little rabbits, the pregnant animal instinctively pulls the fluff from itself on its stomach. If the female does not take such actions, then this indicates problems that need to be addressed.

Why the female does not want to build a nest

The life of eared animals obeys instincts. Before the birth of baby rabbits, a pregnant female usually performs specific preparatory actions. It is important to clearly understand how many days the rabbit begins to prepare a place for a roundabout.

The normal course of pregnancy is characterized by the fact that the animal tears down to insulate the nest 3-5 days before the onset of labor. If there is a sufficient amount of building material, then the female builds a nest in 2-3 days. It should be borne in mind that representatives of the rabbit family bear offspring on average 30-31 days.

If, 28 days after fertilization, the rabbit tears down, collects hay, straw, and builds a secluded nest for childbirth from these materials, then this behavior can be considered quite normal.

In place of the rabbit billet set the mother liquor. In the case where the animal does not do this, immediate measures should be taken to remedy the situation. The reasons for such deviations may be the following problems:

  • stressful environment;
  • inadequate feeding, lack of a balanced diet;
  • low quality nesting materials;
  • lack of suitable queen cell.

For successful breeding rabbits, it is important to prevent such situations in time. Effective support for the sukrolnye rabbits provide, relying on a clear understanding of the nature of the above factors.

Stress during pregnancy

Gestation of offspring and okol accompanied by stress and stress for most eared animals. Already giving birth to animals, but not young females, tolerate pregnancy more easily. In young animals under unfavorable circumstances, maternal instinct disappears.

For how many days the rabbit builds a nest, is directly dependent on the environment. Because of the stressful situation, the animal sometimes plucks fluff too early. This material attracts parasites and insects, rolls, so it is better to get rid of it.

If the animal is constantly nervous, then the probability of abortion, miscarriage increases. The bunny rabbit will not build a nest in a place that does not perceive as safe. Therefore, the first signs of pulling out the fluff are a signal to create the most comfortable conditions of detention. Ensure the absence of sharp smells, loud noises, temperature changes and drafts.

Cell cleaning is carried out carefully without sudden movements and the use of aggressive chemicals. On examination, the animal must be taken with clean hands, which have been rubbed by wormwood.

The suckling female is isolated, contacts with other pets are sharply limited. If the rabbit did not make a warm nest, but gave birth, misplaced the litter incorrectly, then the offspring is doomed to ruin. In this case, baby rabbits should be placed under the care of an experienced, calm, nursing female.

Insufficient diet as a source of problem

Malnutrition is one of the factors that directly affects the maternal instincts of pregnant animals. If the sukrolnaya rabbit feels the lack of nutrients, it will not begin to build a nest.

A full diet is a guarantee of the health of the future offspring and the mother. The lack of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates leads to the fact that animals refuse to cubs.

The terms are determined, for how many days before the birth, pregnant eared animals settle the nest. Usually it is 1-2 days. In advance, you need to be prepared to move the rabbits to a more docile nurse. For complete feeding of animals during the carrying of babies, the diet, in addition to nutrients, must contain the necessary vitamins and minerals. The lack of such components will directly affect future rabbits.

In addition, feeding is carried out regularly at the same time, because indiscriminate distribution of food causes stress in animals. At the same time, the amount of feed should be sufficient and for sukrolnyh animals be one and a half volume from the normal rate. On the other hand, you can not overfeed rabbit in any case.

The quality of feed influences the behavior of pregnant animals. Fresh juicy vegetables, chopped cereals, dried greens - the basis of full feeding.

The ripe, frostbitten, rotting ingredients cannot be used for feed preparation. It is important to provide the rabbit constant access to clean drinking water. At the same time it is better to wash the drinker daily.

Quality materials for nest construction

Above in the article it was mentioned, for how many days the rabbit begins to pull out the down, wool, preparing the building materials for the nest. In addition, beginner breeders should be able to choose the right dried grass for the arrangement of the mother liquor.

A suitable material would be high quality hay without mold, parasites. It is not recommended to use herbs, because such components cause allergies in the newly-born pups.

A signal of approaching birth is considered to be the behavior when the rabbit begins to fold straw, hay, and down in one corner. From this point on, control over pregnant animals should be strengthened. In addition, it is time to prepare a comfortable place to go around.

During the gestation of rabbits and until the very moment it is around, it is not recommended to change the cage. Rabbit should give birth in a familiar calm atmosphere. 2-3 weeks before delivery, it is recommended to thoroughly clean and disinfect the house, preparing it for the rabbit with rabbit.

How to equip the mother liquor

3-5 days before the estimated time of okrol, it is recommended to install a nest box, fill it with straw, sawdust, hay, moss. The size of the design depends on the breed of rabbits. The box should have one round entrance located at a height of 2-3 cm above the floor.

Such a device of the mother liquor helps to preserve heat, and the raised entrance prevents the rabbits from spreading. It is believed that birch, oak, maple will be suitable for the production of queen trees, and fruit trees cause allergies in rabbits. Read more in the article "How to make queens for rabbits."

From the outset, you should worry about warming, the absence of drafts, the comfort of the rabbit "house". Such a construction is perceived positively by the pregnant rabbit, who most often equips the nest inside a protected cozy space.

If the female does not find a suitable place for the nest, then she will not tear down her fluff, collect straw and hay, folding in one point. In this case, you should pull out the rabbit down on the belly, spread out this material inside the mother liquor. Do not disturb or frighten the animals during and after the shower, so you must act carefully.

Okrol process

The rabbit is a cautious and timid animal, which feels confident only in a quiet calm environment. Such conditions are suitable for a pregnant rabbit so that it walks without complications. These animals produce their young, most often at night. More information about okrol is described in the article "How do births occur in a rabbit".

When creating favorable conditions, taking into account how many days the preparation begins, childbirth is easy and fast. At the end of the process, the parturient calms down, her stomach runs out and her nipples swell. Mother is ready to raise offspring.

Some eared little animals scatter young, share offspring. This often happens in situations where the rabbit has not made a nest and has given birth. Then it is better to take away from her baby rabbits for up to one day, warming the young with a hot-water bottle. It is recommended that each baby drip condensed milk diluted with warm water.

The female at this time, it is desirable to plant to the active rabbit. After that, the mother calms down. You should massage the nipples of the rabbit and put the cub to them. Usually the animal accepts children.

There are cases when the female has carefully prepared for childbirth, all forecasts are positive. Despite this, not a single bunny is born. This situation may be due to several reasons. If an old rabbit who is pregnant for the first time cannot give birth, a cesarean section made by an experienced veterinarian is required. If this is a false pregnancy, then give sedative decoctions.

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