What to do if the calf will wear: folk remedies


If you are keeping cows, you should know what to do if the calf is bruising, how folk remedies can help the treatment and how to take care of the animals so that the animals do not get sick. Small calves are very easy to catch infectious diseases that can cause diarrhea. It is important not to allow viruses to spread throughout the herd. According to statistics, 70% of young stock are susceptible to viruses due to non-compliance with sanitary standards. Unfortunately, diarrhea can be fatal in almost half the cases.

Causes of diarrhea in calves

Diarrhea in a newborn calf may appear in the first month. The main source of diarrhea in newborn animals is poor-quality colostrum which they are fed. Often it is stale or just cold. A young body in the first days of life is very difficult to adapt to everything around, including food. Therefore, colostrum should be given strictly on schedule, fresh, heated. In addition, in order to avoid infection during feeding, the dishes in which food is served should be thoroughly washed.

If diarrhea in a calf does not appear in the very first days of life, but in the first month, the most likely cause is bacteria causing diseases such as tetanus and escherichiosis. The reasons for the ingestion of harmful substances is a violation of the hygienic regime. If a sick calf is found, it is urgently necessary to isolate it in a separate box. The rest of the "guests" are encouraged to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of infection. The room itself must be thoroughly rinsed with special equipment under high pressure of water and disinfected.

Symptoms accompanying diarrhea

Diarrhea in calves, triggered by the penetration of bacteria into the body can be in the light and complicated degree.

With mild, there is a slight fatigue, short-term changes in body temperature. At this time, the calf eats less. Faeces are yellowish-green with a slight odor.

With severe or acute diarrhea, the animal becomes very weak, lies a lot. Anorexia is observed, the eyes roll, the coat becomes dull and stiff. The calf is hard to breathe, palpitations become more frequent, epilepsy attacks are possible. With this condition, the probability of death increases.

In any case, the onset of diarrhea in calves is recommended to diagnose. Knowing the full information about the cause, terms and symptoms of the disease, you can determine how to treat the patient.

Folk remedies against diarrhea

Today, there are many drugs that can stop diarrhea and prevent the development of infectious diseases in the body of a young cow. But the treatment of folk remedies is also important. Many traditional recipes can replace expensive qualities in their qualities. Before starting treatment with folk remedies, it is worth carefully studying the properties of all the components with which you will treat. Indeed, some methods can provoke complications or cause other diseases.

Owners of livestock farms are trying to treat diarrhea in cows and calves using folk methods. In the early days of diarrhea in very small calves, many of the farmers serve them yogurt. This product creates an environment unfavorable for the development of bacteria in the body, raising the pH to 8 (with an allowable 5-6). In such an acidic environment, harmful substances cannot reproduce.

It is good to stop and strengthen the weakened body can brewed tea with proteins of fresh eggs. In a liter of tea add proteins 3 eggs and salt. This infusion is served calves 2 times a day. Dosage - 7 grams per 1 kg of animal weight.

Help infusions

You can clear the body and save the calf from diarrhea with the help of flax seeds. 50-60 grams of seeds are added to 1 liter of water. The mixture is brought to a boil, then left on low heat for an hour. The prepared mixture is filtered and cooled, mixed with two liters of boiled water at room temperature. A sick calf is served twice a day with 500 ml.

To stop diarrhea in calves, an infusion of onions with a red husk is prepared. On 3 liters of solution take 200 grams of grated onions and 100 grams of vegetable oil. The oil should cover the entire solution. The resulting mixture is poured into a bottle with a siphon. It is given 5 times in a row every hour at the rate of 4 ml per 1 kg of weight. During the period of treatment with colostrum, calves are not watered on this day.

With strong diarrhea, beetroot juice is good. At home, sugar beets are passed through cheesecloth. With this traditional remedy, severe bloody diarrhea can be cured. For treatment, it is necessary to put enemas of 250-300 ml in volume to sick calves, depending on the degree of the disease. The intervals between enemas are 2-3 hours.

Alder cones will also help to quickly cope with the disease. The inflorescences of this plant have astringent and hemostatic effect. Alder is rich in nutrients and is a good disinfectant. To prepare the infusion, 40 grams of the cones are poured with 3 liters of water, boiled and roasted in the oven. For the effect of languor, you can also use a large thermos. Infusion at room temperature watered calf 2-3 times a day, 500 ml.

Dehydration can lead to death

During severe diarrhea, the body of the calf loses 3-5 times more than the norm of fluid. This phenomenon often leads to dehydration and as a result, death occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to try to replenish lost fluid reserves. This can be achieved by using an electrolyte solution. This easy to prepare and cheap remedy will help to cope with several problems with diarrhea at once:

  • restore the supply of fluid and salt in the body;
  • improve bowel function;
  • to establish the proper operation of microflora;
  • restore oxidative processes in the body;
  • saturate with nutrients.

Treatment of folk remedies is always combined with a special regime. Move your pet to a clean box, create dim lighting, provide calf peace. The place where it is located must be warm. Little patient can be covered with a blanket.

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