Is milk and meat of cows infected with leukemia dangerous for humans?


You must understand what is leukemia in cows, and the danger of milk from infected cows for humans. The main question remains: is it possible to eat the meat of an infected individual? A person cannot get directly from a leukemia cow. But to catch leukemia through the use of infected products is very simple. And it is extremely dangerous for farm personnel as well as for regular customers.

The focus is in the blood

Before answering the questions, is it possible to drink milk from leukemic cows and is it safe to eat the meat of infected cattle, it is necessary to understand what is animal leukemia? Leukemia, or blood cancer, is an incurable disease of the viral type. In case of late diagnosis, it causes epidemics on farms, as a result of which there is a massive slaughter of livestock.

The virus carrier of the disease affects the animal's DNA, which leads to irreversible effects in the body. The main focus of the disease is in the circulatory system of cattle, that is, the infection spreads throughout the body with blood. This development of the disease leads to the formation of a tumor in the animal and a decrease in immunity. As a result, the cow becomes susceptible to many other ailments.

Three stages of the disease

Cow leukemia is an insidious infection that can only be determined by conducting special tests. There are three stages of the disease, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • incubation period - with good immunity, the cattle can last for a very long time (externally, the cow will look completely healthy). The disease at this stage cannot be identified;
  • the second stage is characterized by a change in the blood of an infected individual (the level of leukocytes increases). It is possible to diagnose the disease only by laboratory;
  • the last stage - cows appear tumors.

The easiest way to identify the virus in the study of milk of animals. It is important to constantly check dairy products obtained from cattle.

Remember that leukemia is very quickly transmitted from one individual to another. It is important to identify the disease in a timely manner and prevent an epidemic throughout the farm.

The danger of milk leukemic cattle

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to drink the milk of a cow suffering from leukemia will be unequivocal: "No." Indeed, in the milk of an infected individual there are bacteria that, when ingested, provoke leukemia. For this reason, you can easily become infected.

Milk of a sick animal should not be consumed by calves, since the effect will be similar. After drinking contaminated milk, the calf will catch a terrible virus, which at this stage is not treatable.

There is an opinion that you can drink the milk of an infected cow if you boil it beforehand. This is one of the most dangerous delusions, since even after boiling such milk is dangerous. After drinking it, you risk not only your own health, but also endanger the lives of citizens who sell the drink.

The decision will be made by specialists

As for the consumption of the meat of a sick cow, it is not all that simple as with milk. Leukemia virus dies at a temperature of 60 degrees with proper heat treatment. However, there are some nuances that must be known before deciding on the use of the product.

Firstly, one should start by saying that only those animals whose disease is in its initial stage are allowed to eat meat. In this case, the animal's body has not yet begun to change. Therefore, meat is relatively safe for humans.

The second point that is worth knowing is that the slaughter of infected cattle is carried out only under special supervision. And the decision about the possibility of eating meat is made by experts. Depending on the level of spread of the disease, employees may allow the sale of meat in fresh or processed form, or completely ban it. In any case, they will make the appropriate decision only after analyzing the product.

The best medicine is protection.

Unfortunately, the cure for leukemia has not yet been invented. Considering the level of danger and problems created by the infection, it is recommended to carry out a number of procedures to prevent infection. What measures can be taken?

  • when buying new animals, make sure that neither they nor their ancestors were infected;
  • New cattle are recommended to be kept separate from the main herd;
  • conduct a series of tests and make sure the "clean" novices;
  • if it becomes clear that an individual is ill, it should be isolated from the main herd immediately;
  • it is recommended to treat calves with disinfectants;
  • a number of preventive measures should be carried out throughout the herd, and not on individual animals;
  • bulls are recommended to be examined every three months;
  • cows are tested before and after calving, with an interval of 4 months.

Remember that leukemia is a serious disease, and do not neglect safety measures. If you drank or ate the food of an infected individual, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

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